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The Index to our FAQ's (This page)

Who We are and How We Came to Be Fianna site

How to cite your findings, and copyright issues Fianna site

About FTP, Newsgroups (join some!), Viruses, and Spam! Frauds! and NetLife in General Fianna site

About IRC, and other chat related things, including instructions Fianna site


Things We've Done

FIANNA - Irish History and Genealogy offsite Fianna page
JCowan built and maintains our project from class 325

The Fianna Study Group Guide to Irish Research
Started by Class 33 and still growing!

All noncurrent logs are available!
The final page from class 32
The final page from class 33
The final page from Practical Internet Genealogy
The final page from Intermediate Practical Internet Genealogy
The final page from Writing Family History


Link to US !!


For Classes, Things We Need to Know

Branches, The Genealogy TreeHouse! from Cesario :)

More questions? (about classes) [email protected]

Miss Marthe's classes? Look! More Marthe online at FTM U !   :)


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