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This list only contains Roman Catholic parish names in Ireland and is not considered complete. If your parish is not listed, it may be included in another parish. Please consult "Index to Townlands, Parishes, Baronies and Poor Law Unions of Ireland" for more information. The dates given are those for the earliest known baptism records. There may be earlier marriage records available also.

Civil Parish Catholic Parish Earliest Records Location
Annageliff Urney and Annagelliffe 1812 LC, NLI, CHGC
Annagh (1) Anna West and Anna East 1845 LC, NLI, CHGC
Annagh (2) Anna East 1845 LC, NLI, CHGC
Bailieborough Killann or Kinawley 1835 LC, NLI, CHGC
Ballintemple Ballintemple 1862 LC, NLI, CHGC
Ballymachugh Drumlumman South and Ballymachugh 1837 LC, NLI, CHGC
Casterahan Castlerahan 1751 LC, NLI, CHGC
Castleterra Castleterra (castletara) 1763 LC, NLI, CHGC
Crosserlough Cropsserlough 1843 LC, NLI, CHGC
Denn Denn 1856 LC, NLI, CHGC
Drumgoon Drumgoon 1829 LC, NLI, CHGC
Drumlane Drumlane 1836 LC, NLI, CHGC
Drumlumman Mullahoran (Loughduff and Drumlumman North) 1859 LC, NLI, CHGC
Drumreilly (see Co. Leitrim also) Drumreilly (see co. Leitrim) . .
Drung Killesherdarny and Drung 1803 LC, NLI, CHGC
Enniskeen (see also Co. Meath) Kingscourt and Enniskeen 1838 LC, NLI, CHGC
Kilbride Kilbride (see Co. Meath) . .
Kildallan Kildallan and Tomregan 1867 LC, NLI, CHGC
Kildrumsherdan Killesherdiney (see Drung) . .
Killashandra Killeshandra 1835 LC, NLI, CHGC
Killinagh (1) Glangevlin 1867 LC, NLI, CHGC
Killinagh (2) Glangevlin . .
Killinkere Killinkere (see also Mullagh after 1842) 1766 LC, NLI, CHGC
Kilmore Kilmore 1859 LC, NLI, CHGC
Kinawley Kinawley (also in Co. Fermanagh) 1835 LC, NLI, CHGC
Knockbride Knockbride 1835 LC, NLI, CHGC
Larah Larah, Upper and Lower 1876 LC, NLI, CHGC
Lavey Lavey 1867 LC, NLI, CHGC
Loughan or Castlekeeran (see Co. Meath) Carnaross, See Loughan, Co. Meath . .
Lurgan Lurgan 1755 LC, NLI, CHGC
Moybolugue Moybolgue (see Kilmainham, Co. Meath) . .
Mullagh Mullagh (see Killinkere for earlier records) 1842 LC, NLI, CHGC
Munterconnaught see Castlerahan . .
Scrabby Granard (see co. Longford) . .
Shercock Killann (see Bailieborough) . .
Templeport (1) Templeport, also Corlough, also Glangevlin, see Killingh (2) 1836 LC, NLI, CHGC
Templeport (2) Corlough 1877 LC, NLI, CHGC
Tomregan (see also Co. Fermanagh) Tomregan (see Kildallan) . .
Urney Cavan, See Annagelliff . .

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