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The following records are available for County Cavan which can be used as census substitutes. The abbreviations mean: LC (local custody) NLI (National Library of Ireland), NAI (National Archives of Ireland), RCBL (Ruling Church Body Library) and SLC (Salt Lake City Family History Center film number). Please consult those libraries for copies of these records.

Time Period Souce Location
1584 Fiants - legal records listing the names of the principal people living in various districts. Lurgan parish fiants. In Briefne Antiq. Soc. J. Vol. 1 and Crosserlough Parish in vol. 2
1612-1613 Survey of Undertakers Planted in Cavan His. Mss. Comm. Rep. (Hast4ings Mss) 4(1947) 159-82
1630 Muster roll. Briefne 5(18) (1977-78( NLI P. 206
1641 Book of Survey and Distribution Cavan Co Library and NAI
1659 Penders Census of Ireland SLC film #924648
1664 Hearth Money Roll for Parishes of Killeshandra, Kildallan, Killenagh, Tmepleport, Tomregan Proni 184, Cavan Co. Library
1703-04 Robert Craigies co. Cavan Tenants parished of Kildallan and Killeshandra Ir. Anc. 8(2) 86-87
1726-27 Lists of Protestant householders in parishes iof BallyMcAleny (Scrabie), BallyMcHugh and Drumlumman, Edgeworth family papers NAI M 1502
1761 Poll Book for Co. Cavan Proni T1522 Cavan Co. Library
1766 Religious Census Transcripts in parishes of Kinawley, lavey, Lurgan, Munterconnaught Briefne (1961) Slc Fiml 258517
1796 Spinning Wheel Premium List .
1802 Protestants in Enniskeen Parish Ir. Anc. 5(2) 1973
1813-21 List of Freeholders of co. Cavan NLI IR94119 c2
1814 a census of Protestant children in Parishes of Drung and Larah in C of I Parish Register Ir. Anc. 10(1) 1978 433-37
1821 Government Census Remnants parishes of Anangeliffe, Ballymacue, Castlerahan, Castleterra, Crosserlough, Denn, Drumloman, Drung, Kilbride, Kilmore, Kinawley, Larah, Lavey, Lurgan, Mullagh, Munterocnnaught SLC film 597154-158
1823-27 Tithe applotment Survey .
1824-1826 Clippings from newspapers on the 2nd or New Reformation in Cavan Cavan County Library
1825 Registry of Freeholders Jas. O'Brien Cavan County Library
1825-32 List of those Registered to Keep Arms NL ILB 04 P12 Cavan Co Library
1839 list of Persons who obtained Game Certificates in Ulster Proni T688
1841 Abstracts of 1841 census returns of Killeshandra for the names Bigger, Johnston, kenny, Morrow, Noble, Sheridan, Venton and Weir Irish Family History 9(1993) 62-86
1843 Voters List NAI 1843/71
1856-57 Griffith's Valuation .
pre-1861 undated list of inhabitants of Barony of Castlerahan contained in church records of Killinkere (Catholic) probably between 1842-1861 .
1880 Dogs Regulation Act list of licenses
1881-1892 Tenant Purchasers of the Cawstlecoole Estate 1881-1892 the History of 2 Ulster Manors
1890 Dogs Regulation Act A list of licencees County Cavan Library
1901 Census SLC film 812117-31, 588841-49
1911 Census .
1824 J. Pigot's City of Dublin and Hibernian Provincial Directory Cavan County Library
1846 Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland Cavan County Library
1852 Henderson's Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory Cavan County Library
1854 Henderson's Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory, issues through 1900 Cavan County Library
1856 Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland Cavan County Library
1870 Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland Cavan County Library
1881 Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland Cavan County Library
1894 Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland Cavan County Library
Family History A Genealogical History of Adams of cavan London 1903
Family History The Babingtons of Cavan Briefne 5(21) 1982-3
Family History Baker of Co. Cavan RCB Library
Family History Burrows of Stradone RCB Library
Family History Colkin of Cavan RCB Library
Family History Historical and Genealogical Records of the Coote Family Lausanne 1900
Family History Brief Genealogies of the Families corry, Crawford, Auchinleck, Dane, Rampain, and Leslie Dublin 1903
Family History Some Account of the Family of Frnech of Belturbet Ulster J. Arch 2nd ser. 8(1902)
Family History The Families of French of Belturbet and Nixon of Fermanagh Dublin 1908
Family History Gill family of Cavan Slc 1279327
Family History Humphreys of Knockfad, Co. Cavan Ir. Anc 13(2) 1981
Family History Copies of 1841 census returns of Keaney Family NAI film 5248-6
Family History Kernan of Ned, Co. Cavan ir. Gen 4(4) 1971
Family History Notes on the Descendants of John Kernan of Ned, co. Cavan Englewood NJ 1969
Family History Moore of Moyne Hall RCB Library
Family History Moore of Tyllyvin RCB Library
Family History Historical Sketch of the Nugent Family Ladestown Ladestown 1853
Family History Nugent Papers Anal. Hib. 20: 125-215
Family History A Genealogical History of the O'Reilly's SLC fiml 994070
Family History the O'reilly's and McQuaids of Lisdoagh Briefne 8 (2) 1991
Family History The O'Reilly's of Corlattylannan and Their Relations Briefne 8(4) 1994
Family History The O'reilly's of East Breifne Briefne 8(2) 1991
Family History Parr of Co. Cavan RCB Library
Family History Perrott of Co. Cavan RCB Library
Family History Wilson of Co. Cavan RCB Library
1846-present Anglo Celt newspaper Cavan County Library
1857-64 Cavan Observer BL
1864-1907 Cavan Weekly News BL, Cavan County Library
Probates Consistorial Wills RCB Library
Probates Kilmore Fragments 1682-1858 SLC film 824242
Probates Post 1858 wills SLC Film 100927-8
Marriage Licences Kilmore, Ardagh, and Meath 1691-1845 SLC film 100869

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