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County Armagh
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County Armagh

Co Armagh Shield

Co Armagh Flag


Armagh Branch Library, Market Square, Armagh

Irish Studies Library in Armagh which has 20,000 volumes including a pamplet collection from the late 18th and early 19th century and the Francis Crossle Manuscript collection on the Newry area -- it has 200 notebooks the doctor compiled containing HISTORIES OF FAMILIES IN THE NEWRY AREA.

The Armagh Diocesan Archive is open by appointment only. It contains the records of the Roman Catholic diocese. Papers up to 1900 have been indexed. It has the papers of the Roman Catholic archbishops from the late 1700's. Cardinal O Fiaich Library houses this collection. The diocese also operates the Armagh Records Centre. It prefers requests by mail. Has computerized database but not currently accessible to public. It is computerizing pre 1900 Catholic parish records from the arch- diocese of Armagh. It covers 60 Catholic parishes in Armagh, a large part of Tyrone, and all of Louth. It has a brochure you can write for explaining more.

from DH Armagh County Museum
The Mall East
Armagh BT61 9BE
N. Ireland

from DH Irish and Local Studies Dept.
Central Library
Royal Avenue, Belfast

from DH Southern Library Board Headquarters
Brownlow Road
Craigavon, Co. Armagh

County Armagh Ancestry
42 English Street, Armagh, BT61 7BA

Journal of the Craigavon Historical Society (annual)
The Hon. Secretary, Craigavon, Co. Armagh

Seanchas Ard Mhacha: Journal of the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society
(annual), Charles Dillon, Moyard, Dungannon
Co. Armagh

small HR
Protestant (Church of Ireland) Loughgilly records start in 1804,Seagoe in 1683 and Shankill in 1874. All of these are under 'LC' or Local Custody but there might be some at SLC. Catholic records for Loughgilly start in 1825,Seagoe in 1836 and Shankill in 1822. These are available at SLC.

For Co. Armagh during the period 1837-1847 there is the Tithe Applotment Survey...The Armagh Freeholders List,SLC film # 1279330. Both are available at the SLC...There are other records but they are only available in Ireland. Outside your paramiters there is a 'County Armagh-Persons entitled to vote' period 1851-1873, SLC film # 1279325.

For 1852 there is"Registry of Voters in Armagh,Lower Fews,Tiranny,O'Neiland East and W.etc. SLC film # 1279235 (same as above).

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County Armagh On Line


Co Armagh Data
Co Armagh Church Records
FHLC Film Numbers for the 1911 census index from Ellen Naliboff

Armagh Church of Ireland Records from DH
Armagh Methodist Church Records from DH
Armagh Miscellaneous Genealogical Records from DH
Armagh Presbyterian Records from DH
Armagh County Roman Catholic Records from DH

Other Sources

IGW, NIGW - Co Armagh
Mailing List:[email protected]

Northern Ireland References
 The web site for the Scotch-Irish-L mail list from Rootsweb.
NIR - County Armagh
Ulster American Folk Park
Civil Parishes of County Armagh
Armagh Family Heritage Centre computerizing parish records
Provides search service for a fee. See TIARA for customer comments

Records - available for purchase

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