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Some terminology from the past, so you know our lingo!
The Fianna was the entire group (or army)
that defended the High King.
A Fian was a smaller subdivision of the group.
Fénnidi (fennidi) were several members of a fian or the Fianna.
Fénnid (fennid) was one member of a fian or the Fianna.
The leader of the Fianna was the Rigfennid (Rig).
The leader of a fian was the rigfennid (rig - no capital).

Because of flexibility of having fians, our study group is able to work on several topics and meet the students' needs at several levels. We concentrate on searching Irish roots. This too, is quite broad, as there was much traffic with Scotland, Wales, and England. We forget politics in this group, so those with a background in the IRA and those with stong Northern Ireland roots work together in harmony...and we find that the lines are frequently crossed in our roots. *BG*

We continue to be grateful to Cesario, now a TA at VU, for her service as our first Rigfennid. She was ably followed by Splitlevelhead, and then possum. All of these wonderful people remain "honorary" and honored members of all active fians.

Our current Rigfennid is flipper, aka 'Rig 4' :)

Fian Assignments

FIANNA-L. A mailing list for those who are researching Irish ancestry and history to discuss ways of improving their skills in searching for their Irish ancestors. Subscribers are welcome to post questions and information regarding sources and methods for Irish research. Specific questions on individual ancestors are beyond the scope of the list.

Mailing address for postings is

To subscribe send the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of a message to (mail mode) or (digest mode).

The Origin of the "Fianna"

During the spring term of 1997 36 of us were participants in an excellent on-line introductory course in genealogy, taught at Virtual University by Marthe Ahrends. Part of the process of the course was to form into study groups by interests. We were all interested in tracing Irish roots, and as we met and bonded into a group, we selected the name "Fianna" for both our group and the result of some of our on-line researches, the web page
FIANNA: Irish History and Genealogy.
Since then our number has grown to about several hundred. Some of us have learned to build family research web pages, and more of us have participated in working on a
Guide to Irish Research, over 200 pages
a project which will continue to grow and be refined for some time! We work well together and enjoy being together, and so developed ways to remain together. Those of you who join the Fianna-L are welcome to be part of our happy 'clanna'!

This Fian:

This fian is working with the VU Intermediate Practical Internet Genealogy Course at VU, again taught by Marthe. We continue to polish our GUIDE to Irish Research.

* denotes returning fennid
StudentHome PageFamily Research PageTime ZoneLocationIRC
*abbiESTOn, CANknow
BatairE AU STSydney, NSW, AUneed
*CelticKnotPTSanDiego, CA USAneed
*chirhoHosea HouseEST/EDTErie, PA, USAknow
*CrillCSTManitoba, CANknow
*Dirk2HomepageClann O'DohertyPSTVictoria,BC,CANknow
*echosHomePageGenealogy PageMSTIdaho, USAknow
Gamble ResearchCTND, USAknow
IMFRichards RoddaAU ESTAUneed
JoESTWashingtonDC, USAneed
MCW/eagelMCWHenne FamilyPSTCA, USAknow
PatchesMarker FamilyESTOhio,USAknow
PBNLD ResearchEST,AuQueensland,AUneed
pettypieceFTM PagePSTOR,USAneed
*SamETGaithersburg, Mont.Co, MD, USAknow
sitkaESTMI, USAneed

Answers to most questions you'll want to ask!


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