Florida Fact Finders
P.O. Box 786
Melbourne, FL 32902-0786

The Florida Fact Finders

(The Cracker Trackers)

(The Florida Fact Finders Group is NO Longer Active !!)

The Florida Fact Finders was established as a part of The Genealogical Society of South Brevard. We are brought together by a common interest in the genealogical history of Florida. Some are natives while others are eager to learn more about their adopted State.

Goals of the organization are:
1. Support the Genealogical Society of South Brevard
2. Develop a focal point for those with an interest in the genealogical and historical development of Florida and in particular the South Brevard area.
3. To increase the Florida resources in the Genealogical Reference Room at the Melbourne Public Library.
4. Assist one another in our research by sharing our knowledge, expertise, and personal resources.
5. To meet needs not met in the general Society.
6. To form study groups for areas of particular individual interest.
7. To obtain speakers.
8. To furnish information for ithe Bulletin and the Internet.
9. To promote Florida.
10. Be available to assist with inqiries.
11. Write stories about our own Florida experiences and ancestors.
12. Canvas local organizations and gather material to be added to the Genealogical Library.

The first project is the solicitation of materials from the Religious Institutions of South Brevard. As the information is received it will be made available at the Melbourne Public Library as well as via the internet.

The first acquisitions are:
A History of The First Baptist Church of Eau Gallie

A History of The First Baptist Church of Malabar

We have also acquired a partial listing of the Veterans Buried In Brevard County, Florida

If you would like to contact The Florida Fact Finders please send an email to: Tom Watkins

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