The Fay Family: Biographies and Obits of Various Fays

Researched, transcribed and contributed by Cathy Kubly
NY  Germany:    Theodore Sedgwick FAY (1807- 1898)
Theodore Sedgwick FAY, author, was born in New York City, 10 February 1807. He attended the public schools and studied law. In 1828 he became associate editor of the New York Mirror, under the joint control of himself, George P. MORRIS and Nathaniel P. WILLIS, his principal contributions to the paper afterward being a series of letters written while travelling in Europe, 1831-41. He was secretary of the American legation at London, England, 1836, at St. Petersburg, Russia, 1837-41, at Berlin, 1841-53, and minister-resident at Berne, Switzerland, 1853-61, after which he removed to Berlin where he lived in retirement until his death. In addition to a series of essays on Shakespeare, he published: Dreams and Reveries of a Quiet Man (1832); The Minnte-Book (1833); Norman Leslie (1835); Sydney Clfton (1839); Countess Ida (1840); Hoboken, a Romance (1843); Robert Rueful (1844); Ulric, or the Voices, a volume of poems (1851); Views of Christianity (1856); History of Switzerland (1860);[p.59] Die Sklavenmacht (1865); Great Outlines of Geography (1867); First Steps in Geography (1873); and The Three Germanys (1889). He died in Berlin, Germany, 24 November 1898.
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