The Fay Family: Sullivan Fay

Sullivan Fay
John Fay
David Fay (OPF #2) (4/23/1679 - 4/10/1738) son of John and Susannah Shattuck
Aaron Fay (OPF #10) (4/18/1719 - 1/1798) son of David and Sarah Larkin
Francis Fay (OPF #118) (10/13/1760 - 11/27/1830) son of Aaron and Eunice Bradish
Sullivan Fay (OPF #425) (3/12/1799 - Mar. 5, 1866) son of Francis and Visa Ball
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Among the items taken down from the wall at Fay School for cleaning and conservation is this portrait of Sullivan Fay. Of Sullivan Peter Fay wrote, "He was a very feeble man in body all his life, but I think he did more brain work than any man of his age that ever lived in town" (Historical Sketches, p. 19).
On the death of Dr. Joel Burnett on February 22, 1845, it was Sullivan who became executor of his will and guardian of his three younger children, Eliza, Harriet and Waldo (see, for example, Noble's Fences of Stone, page 149). Eliza married Sylvester, Sullivan's nephew, in 1858 (see Orlin, page 262). Eliza Burnett Fay and her sister Harriet Burnett started Fay School in 1866.
3/12/1799 - 3/5/1866
(Sullivan is fifth generation)
...+ (1) Mary Leland Nichols b: abt 1802 m: 6/12/1831 d: 10/10/1833

..........6  Sullivan Leland Fay b: 7/6/1833 d: 7/9/1833
...+ (2) Hannah Maria Symmes b: 2/20/1820 m: 8/11/1838 d: 2/5/1877

..........6  Mary Leland Fay b: 4/3/1841 d: 11/6/1846