The Fay Family: Vital Records of Shrewsbury

Transcribed by Linda Fay Kaufman
page 34
FAY, Abbe Ann, d. Solomon T. and Achsah, Nov. 28, 1830.
Charles Taylor, s. Charles and Deborah, June 2, 1789.
David, s. Charles and Deborah, Aug. 4, 1799.
Deborah, d. Charles and Deborah, Aug. 3, 1794.
Elizabeth Lyon, d. Charles and Deborah, April 1, 1807.
George Ellis, s. Solomon T. and Achsah, Jan. 13, 1829.
Henry Clinton, s. Solomon T. and Achsah, March 4, 1827.
Joel, s. Charles and Deborah, May 24, 1791.
Jonathan Prescott, s. Charles and Deborah, Nov. 29, 1801.
Milton Fairbanks, s. Hamilton B. and Hannah F., Aug. 26, 1848. In Southborough.
Solomon Dexter, s. Solomon T. and Achsah, Jan. 15, 1834.
page 149
FAY (see Faye), Asa of Grafton and Mary Robins of Westborough, April 13, 1780.*
Charles T. and Relief Goulding, March 22, 1812.
Deborah and Lewis Witherby Jr., Nov. 17, 1818.
Hamilton B. of Southborough (s. Artemas and Hannah, a. 24) and Hannah Fairbanks of Boston, Feb. 20, 1845.*
John and Betty Noyes, March 13, 1808.
Lucy of Westborough and Joseph Nurse, int. Dec. 7, 1821.
Mary of Westburough and Edward Walker of Brookfield, Nov. ____, 1742.*
Mary W. of Northboro' and Merrill Stockwell, int. April 26, 1846.
Moses of Bennington, Vt., and Mary Hagar, int. March 17, 1785.
Nancy M. and Dexter B. Hathaway of Grafton, Sept. 14, 1836.
Rebekah of Westborough and William Nurse, Dec. 12, 1723.*
Sally and John Brigham, Aug. 14, 1808.
Solomon and Mary Pratt, int. July 24, 1761.
Susan of Westborough and Jonas A. Stone, int. March 12, 1820.
Susan H. of Northborough and George W. Purinton, int. March 18, 1848.
Timothy Jr. of Northboro and Sarah Hagar, int. May 6, 1777.

FAYE (see Fay), Gershom Jr. of Westborough and Dinah Newton, May 28, 1751.*

*Intention not recorded.

[spelling of town names varies]
page 250
FAY, Capt. Charles, Sept. 7, 1818, a. 52. G.S.
Charles Henry, s. Charles and Relief, May 13, 1818, a. 6. G.S.
Deborah, w. Charles, Nov. 21, 1815, a. 49. G.S.
Posted December 2001