The Fay Family: Genealogies: Samuel West Fay

Orleans County, New York

Like so many of the New York GenWeb sites, the one devoted to the history of Orleans County and its families is rich in information.
"In 1772 Tryon County was created. It covered the western and central part of New York State. In 1783, after the American Revolution, Tyron was renamed Montgomery County. In 1789 Ontario County was created from part of Montgomery County. In 1802 Genesee County took over the land west of the Genesee River. Orleans County was created from Genesee County on April 15, 1825. Orleans County is 23 miles across from east to west and 16 1/2 miles from north to south. It was only sparsely settled in the early 1800's but grew rapidly."
Samuel West Fay (1872 - 1944)
of Massachusetts and New York
And his Descendants
New York: 1838 (Thomas Bradford)
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John m. Mary Brigham

Samuel (10/11/1673-11/10/1732) m. Tabitha Ward

Ebenezer (OPF #15) (4/12/1713 - 10/13/1790) (son of Samuel) m. Thankful Hyde

Jude (OPF #78) (4/6/1748 - 6/20/1831) (son of Ebenezer) m. Sally Fairbanks

Rufus Fairbanks (OPF # 383) (8/18/1786 - 3/31/1864) (son of Jude) m. Rachel Taft

Hamilton (OPF #769) (b. 3/25/1810) (son of Rufus) m. Emily Merrick

Arthur Hamilton (b. 10/21/1845) (son of Hamilton) m. Elnora Lucas

Samuel West (b. 8/30/1872-7/16/1944) (son of Arthur) m. Edna Evelyn Smith

Descendants of Samuel West Fay
Contributed by Hollis Canham
Grace FAY m. Alfred KUBICA

Merle KUBICA m. Peter RICCI

Hollis RICCI
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