The Fay Family: Relatives and Friends of Edwin H. Fay

Relatives and Acquaintances of Edwin H. Fay
Mentioned in the Letters
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From This Infernal War - The Confederate Letters of Sgt. Edwin H. Fay
ed. Bell Irvin Wiley - with the Assistance of Lucy E. Fay; Univ. of Texas; 1958; pp. 451f.
1. Edwin Fay--Father of Edwin H. Fay. Born Barnard, Vermont, September 22, 1794; graduated Harvard, 1817; later moved to Georgia, and in 1820 to Alabama; taught school, practiced law, and became a planter; during the war lived at plantation "Rocky Mount," near Prattville, Alabama.
2. Harriet Porter (White) Fay--Mother of Edwin H. Fay. Native of Verona, New York; educatd at Emma Willard School, Troy, New York; a deeply religious person.
3. Will Ed--William Edwin Fay, eldest child of Edwin H. Fay. Born 1857; died July, 1862.
4. Thera--Eleutheria ("Dody") Fay, second child of Edwin H. Fay. Born 1859; died 1860.
5. Thorny--Thornwell Fay, son of Edwin H. Fay. Born: Minden, Louisiana, March 13, 1861; died Houston, Texas, March 31, 1932.
6. Edwin Whitfield Fay ("New Year")--Son of Edwin H. Fay. Born Minden, Louisiana, January 1, 1863; died Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February, 1920.
7. William Henry Fay--Brother of Edwin H. Fay. Member of First Alabama Infantry Regiment; captured at Island No. 10, April 7, 1862; exchanged after five months' imprisonment at Camp Butler, Springfield, Illinois; he and other members of his regiment helped complete Confederate defenses at Port Hudson early in 1863 and then stayed on to man the heavy artillery there; captured when Fort Hudson surrendered on July 9, 1863; paroled and exchanged; killed by Federal sharpshooter near Atlanta, August 3, 1864.
8. Sarah (Sally) Stoddard--Sister of Edwin H. Fay. Married Sam Stoddard, who was in the Confederate army early in the war, but was discharged for ill health; lived in Prattville area during the war; children were Will, Almon, and Harriet.
9. Dunham (Dunnie) Fay--Youngest brother of Edwin H. Fay. Sixteen years old when war broke out; put to work in govermment saddle and harness shop in Selma in 1863 to avoid conscription.
10. Will Fay--Cousin and intimate associate in pre-war years of Edwin H. Fay (Fay's mother in one of her war-time letters referred to Will Fay as "our adopted child"); his wife was Eliza; during the war he held an administrative position in a factory at Prattville.
11. "Grandma"--Edwin H. Fay's maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Porter. Born in Connecticut January 1, 1786; moved to Selma, Alabama, in the antebellum period and was living there during the Civil War.
12. Spencer--Almon Spencer, Edwin H. Fay's best friend. Classmate of Fay at Harvard and taught with him at Minden Male Academy; Spencer and his wife, Jenny, and their child moved from Minden to the Prattville area when the war broke out and he became a member of Semple's Battery, Army of Tennessee; in Bragg's Kentucky campaign and the battle of Murfreesboro; hospitalized for illness in Chattanooga, August, 1863.
13. William Shields--Father-in-law of Edwin H. Fay. Owned and operated cotton mill and corn mill factory in Minden, Louisiana, in which Edwin H. Fay was a partner.
14. Sarah (Whitfield) Shields--Edwin H. Fay's mother-in-law. Close relation of Governor James Whitfield of Mississippi.
15. "Bud"--John Shields, brother of Sarah Shields Fay. He was sixteen in 1864; Fay tried unsuccessfully to get the Engineer Bureau of the Trans-Mississippi Department to employ John Shields as his helper; Bud did accompany Fay on one of his trips, but in what status is unknwon; after the war John Shields became a prominent lawyer in Greenville, Mississippi.
16. Lou--Lucy Shields, younger sister of Sarah Shields Fay. Was about seventeen and a student in a girls' school at Columbia, Tennessee when the war began; lived with her parents in Minden during the war; married Joseph Holmes, a Confederate soldier from Mississipppi.
17. Dr. Bright--J. E. Bright, D.D. President of the Minden Female College, 1862-1871.
18. Captain and Mrs. Wimberly--F. D. Wimberly and wife, of Minden. Neighbors and friends of the Shields and Fays; Wimberly was the first captain of the Minden Rangers, bu returned home in June, 1862, after the company was reorganized.
19. Dr. Patillo--W. C. Patillo, a Minden Physician. First lieutenant of the Mnnden Rangers until the company's reorganization; retuned home in June, 1862.
20. Rich--Slave and body servant of Edwin H. Fay. Apparently ran away to the Yankees in 1863 or 1864.
21. Cynthia, Henry, Lizzie, Laura, Gus--Household servants owned or hired by the Shields or the Fays in Minden during the war.