The Fay Family: Lovett Fay

Lovett Fay
And his Descendants
John Fay
David (OPF #6) (4/23/1679-4/10/1738) son of John and Susanna Shattuck
John (OPF #X) (12/16/1710 - 5/22/1789) son of David and Sarah Larkin
Hezekiah Fay (OPF #18) (9/15/1737 - 2/4/1800) son of John and Thankful Taylor
Brigham Fay (OPF #135) (1/5/1775 - 10/12/1854) son of Hezekiah and Martha Brigham
Lovett Fay (2/25/1798 - 7/1/1857) son of Brigham and Rebecca Nichols
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This sampler, sewn by Harriet A. Fay, daughter of Lovett, hung at the Fay School for many years. It was taken down recently for cleaning and reframing. Samplers were created for several reasons, for example, to preserve new and interesting patterns, to practice different stitches or to show off one's talents in stitchery (there are several good articles on the history of samplers). Harriet's is "crewel (wool) and cross stitch (linen ?)," and "in fact an interesting sampling of a variety of stitches in both wool and linen" according to Ann J. Chapdelaine, to whom this sampler was given for cleaning and reframing. The view above shows the detail of the work, while the view at the bottom of the page shows the sampler in its mahogany frame, as well as an enlargement of the dedicatory plaque "Gift of Mrs. J.W. Wadsworth Jr. In Grateful Appreciation." The images were provided by Ann, who wrote of herself in an email, "Historic Preservation is my avocation and it is a pleasure to help share appreciation for these treasures by preserving them for future generations." Ann is owner of Interiors For Living, North Attleborough, MA, and Chairperson of the Town of North Attleborough Historical Commission.
It is not known why this sampler hangs at Fay School. Lovett was related to the founders of the school; as with all of the Southborough Fays, the relationships are complicated. Below is a chart that shows the Fay relationships between Lovett and the others (including my own line). The Fay connection, however, does not seem to be close enough to explain why the sampler is where it is. Eliphalet was on an early school board, but this by itself does not explain it either (that was before the founding of the school). I think that the sampler remained with Harriet until her death in 1856, and then went perhaps to her brother Henry when Eliphalet moved to Illinois. Was it perhaps Henry who gave the sampler to the Fay School later in life? The plaque at the bottom of the frame mentions Mrs. J. W. Wadsworth, Jr. How did she get the sampler? Or did she merely have it framed? What is her connection to the Fays? So far, many questions, few answers.
Lovett Fay was born in Southborough on 2/25/1798. On 6/28/1824, he married Relief Russell who was born on 10/25/1798. Together they had six children. Relief died on 11/9/1855. On June 2 or June 3, 1857, Lovett married a second time, a widow, Dorinda Eames Warfield. Dorinda had at least one small child: David E. Warfield is listed with her in the census of 1860. Lovett died very soon after their marriage, on July 1 of the same year. He was only 59. Orlin says that he died of a fall. NEHGS does not show a listing for his death.
(Lovett is sixth generation)
7  Harriet Augusta Fay  b: 5/18/1825  m: 5/19/1854  d: 11/8/1856
...+Eliphalet Rice Fay  b: 2/10/1821  d: after 1900
After Harriet's death in Southborough in 1856, Eliphalet moved to Illinois, where he married Nancy McMullin Kerr and raised a family. Harriet and Eliphalet had no children. For details, see Eliphalet's page.
7  William Otis Fay  b: 6/14/1827  d: 8/20/1829
7  William Otis Fay  b: 2/4/1830  d: 10/20/1837
7  Winslow Alston Fay  b: 4/16/1832
Winslow appears in the census of 1850 in Southborough with Lovett and Relief, and with Harriet and Henry. In 1860 Winslow lived with Dorinda, Lovett's second wife and widow. Henry is also there in 1860. Nothing has been found of Winslow after 1860. Did he perhaps join in the Civil War conflict? he would have been 29 in 1861. There does not seem to be a record of his marriage or death in Massachusetts.
7  Mary Frances Fay  b: 8/31/1835  d: 12/20/1838
7  Henry Lovett Fay  b: 3/16/1840  d: after 1910
...+Amelia M. Graves  b: about 1853  m: 12/13/1875  d: 1898
..........8  Alice Amelia Fay  b: 12/22/1876  d: probably 1902
This information is based on Orlin and the records at NEHGS. Alice Amelia appears in the census of 1900 with her father, and is not in the census of 1910. NEHGS does not show a marriage for her, but does show a 1902 death of "Alice A.". No image is available, so it is not completely certain that it is Alice Amelia who died in 1902, but it seems very likely.
a view of the framed sampler