The Fay Family: Lewis Eugene Fay (1881 - 1952)

Lewis Eugene Fay
And his Descendants
John Francis Fay, 1912 - 2008:  Obituary
John Fay
David (OPF #6) (4/23/1679-4/10/1738) son of John and Susanna Shattuck
Aaron (OPF #10) (4/18/1719 - 1/1798) son of David and Sarah Larkin
Jeremiah (OPF #121) (1/31/1768 - 5/5/1827) son of Aaron and Eunice Bradish
Simeon Daniels (OPF #440) (3/26/1812) son of Jeremiah and Lydia Bemis
Francis Daniels (OPF p. 264) (8/26/1835 - 08/11/1913) son of Simeon and Lavina Redfield
Lewis Eugene (OPF p. 264) son of Francis and Anna M. Frank
Francis Daniels and Lewis Eugene Fay
Francis was born in Grafton, Massachusetts (he is listed merely as Francis D.) and moved to Oxford, Wisconsin in 1858 with his parents. Orlin gives us quite a bit of information about this branch. He lists Francis as "Francis Daniel" but I think it is more likely that he was "Francis Daniels," taking his middle name from his father's. Francis is listed in all the data either as "Francis D." (for example, 1880 census, MN death notice) or with no middle name at all. In the census of 1850, in Upton, MA, he is "Francis;" in the census of 1860, the first one that finds the family in Wisconsin, he is "Francis D." Francis' wife is listed as "Amy" but in all of the records (with the one exception of 1870 where she is 'Ann.', she is listed as "Anna."
Francis and Anna were married about 1863 (calculated from the '37 years' on the 1900 census. Anna had come to the United States with her family in 1851 (1900 census), and was living in Minnesota in 1860.
1860   Oxford, Marquette, WI
1860   Township 105 Range 7, Winona, MN
1870   Wiscoy, Winona, MN
Francis and Anna remained in Minnesota the rest of their lives. The Minnesota death index records their deaths, Francis' on August 11, 1913, and Anna's on April 22, 1921, both in Winona County.
Their son Lewis was born in Minnesota, probably in Wiscoy, on December 3, 1881 (Orlin and the WWI registration). He first appears in the census of 1900 with Francis and Anna, and his brother William. He is listed as "Lewis E." and the WWI registration gives his name as "Lewis Eugene." By 1910, Lewis and Elsie E. Figy have been married, and have one child. This was a daughter, Marian Beatrice, born April 25, 1910, and not named at the time of the census on April 27 (she is reported in the Minnesota birth index). About two years later, John Francis was born (April 9, 1912). Very shortly after his birth, on August 7, 1912, Elsie died.
1910   Wiscoy, Winona, MN
After the death of Elsie, Marian seems to have been taken by her grandmother Anna; she is still with her in 1920. John, according to his obituary, "went to live with his motherís adoptive parents. When he was 11 years old he returned to live with his father..." and he is found with his father, stepmother, and half-brother and half-sister in the census of 1930. I have not been able to find Marian in 1930 or Jack in 1920.
1920   Homer, Winona, MN
1930   Homer, Winona, MN

Descendants of Lewis Eugene Fay and Elsie Figy (6/1889 - 8/7/1912)
8  Marian Beatrice Fay  b: 4/25/1910 d: 7/21/2002
...+unknown Benson
8  John Francis Fay  b: 4/9/1912  d: 2008
...+Anna Randine Boe  b: 5/24/1910  m: 5/24/1941  d: 12/23/2000
.......9  Robert B. Fay  b: about 1946
........  +Ardell M.  b: about 1946
..............10  Leroy Fay
..............10  Candy Fay
.......9  Patricia A. Fay  b: about 1948

Descendants of Lewis Eugene Fay and Myrtle O. Hayter (7/17/1886 - 2/15/1955)
8  Nelli Frand Fay  b: 10/9/1915  [d]
...+Newell Augustus Rohlfing  b: 11/20/1915  d: 3/31/1993
.......9  Peter Newell Rohlfing  b: 12/26/1940  d: 10/21/1997
8  Warren Bud Fay  b: 11/8/1920  d: 12/25/2002