April 5, 1842. Before Reverend Charles Packard. Jonathan W. Houghton and Abby S. Fay, both of Lancaster. (page 248) First Universalist Church: (page 395) no register of baptisms, marriages or deaths. A list of those who signed their names as adopted 1838: Josiah Fay Harriet B. Fay page 396: members of the church in 1850 Harriet B. Fay page 168 marriage Octo. 7. Josiah Fay to Nancy Fisher both of Lancaster.[1810] July 27th, 1810. Josiah Fay and Nancy Fisher both of Lancaster enter their intentions of Marriage. (page 172) 1845. July [7]. Nancy Fay, wife of Josiah. Inflammation. (page 266) 1845. July --. Mrs Nancy Fay, --. Inflammation of the bowels. (page 371) To the memory of | Mrs. Nancy F. Fay, | wife of Josiah Fay; | who died |July 7, 1845, | AEt. 52 yrs. She hath gone home.(page 428 ) ** Jonathan Hastings of Lancaster and Mary Fay of Northbury Declaired their Intention of marraige may ye 1{?}th, 1770. (page 43 ) 1849. Oct. 8. Mr. John Griffin and Miss Mary Fay, both of Lancaster.(page 252 ) There is supposed to be a reference to William B. Fay on page 56, but it was not found.