The Fay Family: Kent Fay

Kent Fay (1909 - 8/30/1944)
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Having done most of the research on this line, I decided to take a last look for Kent Fay. I had run an earlier search and had noticed that there was almost nothing on "Kent." He was too young for the registration for the World War I draft; he was listed in the census documents of 1920 and 1930 with his father, which I had already seen; as I later discovered, he was also listed in the census of 1910, providing a more accurate idea of his birthdate. And then there was a Lt. Col. Kent Fay, who was killed in the Second World War. At that point, I wasn't positive this was the same person, although I thought likely, since I had found NO other Kent. However, that wasn't enough.
I found one other thing then, an obituary for Joanne Fay Lyons, which mentioned her father, Lt. Col. Kent Fay. The obituary mentioned several other descendants for Lt. Col. Kent Fay, and I decided to look for evidence that this Kent was indeed the son of Clarence. I searched the newspaper collection at the New York Genealogical and Biological Society; and I found several mentions of Kent Fay, whose address was listed as White Plains, the same place where Clarence lived at one point. The final and absolutely conclusive piece of evidence came from a short notice of the engagement of Kent and Mildred Stickler. Mildred had been mentioned in the obituary, so it was clearly the same family. And, as you can see, the article names Kent's father. The connection is now firmly established.
Name: Kent Fay
Inducted From: New York
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Combat Organization:
85th Cavalry Recon Squadron 3rd Armoured
Death Date: Aug 30 1944
Monument: Epimal, France
Last Known Status: Buried
U.S. Awards: Purple Heart Medal
Silver Star Medal
Bronze Star Medal
For more information about Kent's service, see Paths of Armor by Richard S. Gardner, which is also the source for the picture on this page.