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Israel Fay of USA and Canada
And Some of His Descendants in Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York State and Utah
By Loren V. Fay
In the US and in Canada:
Israel Fay born c. 1815 in Ohio, married Eveline Webster, born c. 1820 in New York State. The first documentary evidence of this family so far is the 1860 US Census, with both listed in the 1860 Census of Forrester, Sanilac County, Michigan, with five children born in Ontario and Michigan:
1.  William Edwin Fay, born c. 1838 in Ontario, Canada, married 3 Aug 1859 in Sanilac County, Michigan to Catherine Leitch, died 13 July 1924 in Port Huron, Michigan. She was born c. 1839 in Argyle, Scotland, daughter of Neil Leitch and Mary McLachlan, and died 13 Jan 1909 in Port Huron, Michigan.
William Edwin Fay had ten children, all born in Sanilac County, Michigan:
John Orville Fay, born c. 1860 (his children: William Edward, Arthur Washington, Clancy)
James Henry Fay born c. 1860/62 (see below)
Marcus Lafayette Fay, born c. 1864 (wife Annette Keaton, children Edward and Bee)
Isabel Fay, born c. 1866
William Edward Fay born c. 1869
Mary Jane Fay born c. 1870
Minnie Fay born Aug 1873
Neil F. Fay born c. 1875, married 27 June 1924 Agnes Snyder
Arthur Fay born c. 1879
Rose Catherine Fay born 11 Aug 1880 in Bridgehampton, Sanilac County, Michigan.
2.  Sarah Fay born c. 1846 in Ontario, Canada.
3.  Marcus LaFayette Fay born c. 1848 in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, married c. 1871 Sarah Griffiths [note: according to the Dibean index, the maiden name of his wife was Sarah J. Rogers, and the marriage was 30 NOV 1870. This fits with the census of 1870] He died 10 Sep 1921 in Duluth, Minnesota. He was in logging and mining interests and was mayor of Virginia, Minnesota. (Duluth obituary gives birthplace.) They had two children: Clara and George.
4.  Lanora or Nora Fay born c. 1851 in Michigan, married Frederick Gilbert 4 Dec 1867.
5.  Clarissa Fay born c. 1854 in Michigan.
In Wisconsin and New York:
James Henry Fay born c. 1860 in Carsonville, Sanilac County, Michigan. Married 25 Dec 1887 in Bloomer, Chippewa County, Wisconsin, to Ida May Campbell born 1 July 1855 in Wisconsin. He died 5 June 1929 in Ft. Frances, Ontario, Canada. Her father James Edward Campbell had two river steamboats he named after his children, the Ida May and Frank Forrest, and later ran a fishing and hunting resort on Long Lake in Chippewa County, Wisconsin. They had one son:
Edward Arnold Fay 16 Sep 1889 in Bloomer, Wisconsin and died 6 Nov 1976 in Guilderland, Albany County, NY, married 1912 Barbara McCulloch 18 Feb 1893 in Fulton, Rock County, Wisconsin, and died in 1970 in Cortland, NY. They are buried in the Fay lot in Glenwood Cemetery, Homer, NY. He farmed in Bloomer until deciding to move east in 1922 to New York. They had two sons:
John Edward Fay born 21 June 1918 in Bloomer, Wisconsin, and died 1986 in Albany, NY, married 1945 in Homer, New York to Lena Esther Morse, born 8 Aug l917. no children. He became a teacher and then entered the army and made that his career. Upon retirement from the army, he resumed education, then worked for the NY State Education Department. He had a keen interest in history and later in family history before his accidental death. They lived in the Albany, NY area during their college years and after leaving the military for about twenty years before his death. Lena Fay moved to Florida about 1988 and enjoys a life of retirement and travel since then, including an around the world cruise in 2003.
Neil Henry Fay born 11 Sep 1919, died 20 Feb 2005 married 27 June 1943 in Homer, Cortland County, New York, to Marjorie Jean Bartlett, born 24 July 1922 and died 28 Nov 1986. They are buried in the Fay lot in Glenwood Cemetery, Homer, NY. He farmed with his father on the family farm and then had his own farm, which later passed into the hands of his oldest son. They had four sons:
Bruce Edward Fay born 29 Jan 1944, Douglas James Fay born 6 July 1945, Stanley Neil Fay born 11 July 1946, and Loren Vincent Fay, born 2 Aug 1950, all born at Cortland, New York. (All are New Yorkers, except for Douglas, who decided to marry and live in Utah. Names of their children and grandchildren are omitted for privacy considerations.)
Loren Vincent Fay compiled and shared this information. He is single and lives in Albany, New York, where he has worked almost thirty years in material management at the Albany Medical Center Hospital, since 1971 - 1973 and since 1979. He has genealogy and writing interests and is active in his local gay community social events, support services, liberal kinds of spirituality and charities. He grew up in Moravia, NY, on the family farm until going to BYU. He was an active Mormon for thirty years, graduated from Brigham Young University in Utah, with studies in genealogy, history, library and related interests, and ocasionally does research for hire in New York State Archives and Library sources. He was for several years an Accredited Genealogist with the LDS Family History Department. He wrote over sixty genealogy research articles for Heritage Quest magazine and the book, Quaker Census of 1828 of the New York Yearly Meeting. He also did a series of New York Research Secrets guides that are now out of date and out of print, tho available at some libraries on fiche. Much of the same guidance information is now available via state and county gen web pages these days. He has also volunteered at local LDS and historical society libraries and at the New York State Library. as well as being one of the founders of the Capital District Genealogical Society in Albany, and was active in the NY State Council of Genealogical Organizations (NYSCOGO). He is currently updating his own family history with the help of interested relatives. Address: Loren V. Fay, 775 Myrtle Avenue, Apt. A 10, Albany, NY 12208-2621, as of August 2005.