The Fay Family: Hubbardton Cemetery

Ansel Asa Fay
And his Descendants
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The Cemetery at East Hubbardton, Vermont
"very pretty...very remote...neat the Hubbarton Battlefield from the Rev. War"
Photographs Taken by Jennifer M. Nelson, 2004
The inscriptions from the cemetery at East Hubbardton were copied in 1965 and contributed by Mrs. Richard G. Clark to the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), by which they were published in the Register, April 1968, vol. 122, pp. 108ff. According to the introductory material, "This cemetery is west from the hill where the Hubbardton Battle mounument stands. On the whole the cemetery is quite well kept, although a number of stones have fallen and some are broken..." [p. 108]
Wife of E. B. Norton and Dau't of C. W. & A. C. Fay,
Died Feb. 2, 1872, AE. 26 yrs 11 mo.
Shall I meet you on the other shore.
Chauncey W. Fay April 22 1820 - December 6 1890
Hezekiah Fay died Feb. 17, 1875 AE. 52 Yrs.
This is a view looking out from the Fay graves.