The Fay Family: Biographies and Obits of Various Fays

Researched, transcribed and contributed by Jim Shreve, Sr.
F W FEY, chief clerk of the loal freight department of the Cleveland, Cincinatti, Chicago, & St. Louis Railroad Company at Cleveland, was born in this city April 24, 1844. His father, John F FEY, established the family name in Cleveland. He came here from Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany, where he was born, and became a citizen of the Forest City in 1832. Many of his first years here he spent in the employ of Ohio railroads, but lastly was engaged in the coal business. He died in 1882, at seventy-three years of age. He wife, whom he married in this city, was Miss Louisa HERRING, born in Wurtemberg, Germany, in 1816, and died in Cleveland at the age of sixty-three. Her father, Andrew HERRING, became a settler near Liverpool, Ohio, in 1831, and was a tiller of the soil.

The first three children of John F. FEY died in infancy. The others in order of birth were: Louisa; Fred W.; Amelia, wife of C. F. THOMPSON; Theophilus, an insurance man; and W. E. FEY, bookkeeper for A. H. Stone & Company.

Fred W. FEY attended the public schools of Cleveland until he was seventeen years of age, when in response to a desire to become a railroad man he sought and secured a position with the Cleveland, Columbus, & Cincinatti Railroad as slipper on the receiving desk, and later on the city receiving desk.

His service was interrupted about this time by enlistment in the Federal Army, being assigned to Company G, Twenty-Ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. This company was raised for the 100-day service, and was stationed in Fort Lincoln, Washington, District of Columbia, until discharged. In the spring of 1864 Mr. FEY re-enlisted, for three years, in the One Hundred and Sixty-Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, and this regiment did duty in the Shenandoah Valley, where Mr. FEY was forage master of his division, and no doubt studiously set about arranging and executing plans for discovering and bringing into view much bacon, corn meal and flour from blind cellars, hollow trees, and from under brush piles in dense forest. On arriving at Alexandria, Mr. FEY was appointed Provost MARSHALL's clerk, and so remained until mustered out at Columbus in December, 1865.

He returned to Cleveland and resumed his old duties at his old desk, his place having been held open for him. In 1865 he was made assistant bill clerk, and in 1881 he became chief bill clerk. In 1889 he was made rate clerk, serving till Spetember, 1893, when he succeeded to his current position.

March 6, 1866, Mr. FEY married Henrietta, a daughter of D. G. H. THOMSON, of Fremont, Ohio. Six daughters are a result of this union, viz.: Millie, Anna, Emma, Julia, Florence, and Ida. The first four are high school graduates; Julia is a teacher in the city schools; Anna is assistant cashier of Burrows Brothers; and Emma is bookkeeper for G. H. Lytle.

The family are members of the English Lutheran Church.
SOURCE; Memorial Record of the County of Cuyahoga and City of Cleveland Ohio, Illustrated pub. 1894 by The Lewis Publishing Company pgs. 266-267
Posted July 2000