The Fay Family: Joanna Fay and Ephraim Munger

Joanna Fay (7/20/1749 - 8/5/1793)
And the Munger line of descendants
John Fay
David (OPF #5) (4/23/1679 - 4/10/1738) son of John and Susannah Shattuck
Edward (OPF #9) (5/16/1717 - 1806) son of David and Sarah Larkin
Joanna (7/20/1749 - 8/5/1793) daughter of Edward and Sarah Joslin
Edward Revisited: Additions and Corrections to Orlin
Joanna and Eunice
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Directory for the Munger Connections
JOANNA FAY was born 20 July 1749, in Stafford, Tolland Co., Connecticut. She married Ephraim Munger there on May 27, 1772, and died in Union, Connecticut, on August 5, 1793.
Ephraim Munger was born July 22, 1749, in South Brimfield, Hamden County, Massachusetts, and died April 21, 1825, in Milan, Erie County, Ohio. With her marriage to Ephraim, Joanna joined a family that had arrived in the United States even earlier than the Fays. While it is not known exactly when they arrived, there is evidence that Nicholas Munger was born in 1630 or 1631 and was here by 1651. The lines of the Munger family were followed in great detail by Jeremiah B. Munger and published in The Munger book: something of the Mungers, 1639-1914, including some who mistakenly write the name Monger and Mungor, New Haven: Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, 1915, 685 pgs.
"A genealogist stops at nothing--he disturbs the dead, and irritates the living, in his quest for information" (Munger, introduction, page iv).
Joanna Fay and Ephraim Munger had the following children (from the Munger book):
Elizabethb.So. Brimfield, Mass.,Aug. 12, 1773
Amasa"Union, Conn.,Oct. 6, 1774
David"""Feb. 20, 1776
Susanna"""Oct. 17, 1777  d.  [9/9/1794]
Ephraim"""June 7, 1779
Rufus"""June 3, 1781
Eliab ('Liab)"""Dec. 12, 1784
Jotham"So. Brimfield, Mass.,June 4, 1787
Joanna"Union, Conn.,Mar. 28, 1789
Solomon"""Aug. 5, 1791
Jeremiah Munger, quoting Gardner from the History of Union, Connecticut, continues:
"Gardner states that Ephraim moved from So. Brimfield to Stafford, Conn., in 1775, but the above list of children is from family Bible of Ephraim Munger. 'He bought land in Union, Conn., of his father, Nathaniel, of So. Brimfield, in 1778. Lived in the northwest part of the town, where he operated a brick yard. Is said to have returned to So. Brimfield, in 1787, which statement seems sustained by family record. Two years later was again a resident of Union. Is said to have removed to Vermont, but this statement is not verified. Removed from New England to Madison Co., N. Y., near the close of the 18th century, and located near the town of Fenner. His last years were spent in the home of his oldest son, Amasa, at Milan, O.

"'Served in the Revolution, in the 5th militia company, Capt. Thomas Lawson, 22d Reg't of Col. Cook.' (His. Union, Conn.)" (page 238)
Jeremiah includes selections from a letter written by Israel E. Munger, a grandson of Ephraim, which Jeremiah quotes with interest but contradicts in several places.
Early census records for this family provide confirmation for some of the details found in the Munger book, while creating a few puzzles in their turn. Interpreting the early ones is that much more difficult because only the heads of household are named.
Elizabeth, the oldest daughter of Joanna and Ephraim, married Samuel Day, the son of Eunice and Samuel Day. The first generation of her line can be seen on the page for Joanna and Eunice and much more of her line can be followed on the Day site. Susanna, the second daughter and fourth child, died in early childhood. All of the other children are followed in the Munger book for several generations. The one who interests us here is Amasa, for we are in a position now to continue his line beyond the date of the book.
Amasa Munger, 10/6/1774 - 1/2/1843