The Fay Family: Biographies and Obits of Various Fays

Census 1850, 1860 and 1880 and Biography
Researched, transcribed and contributed by Jim Shreve, Sr.
From 1850 Brooklyn Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio Federal Census
Dwelling 1094    Family 1210
Eli FAY22 M****Blacksmith****400********OH
Lois42 F************400********MA
Amos20 M****Farmer****400********OH
Henry18 M****Farmer****400********OH
Lovell B.2 M************************OH
Lovina16 F************************OH
NOTE: Benajah FAY Jr. died in 1849. Lois HODGMAN was his wife. At one time, I thought Lovina listed with the family was Benajah's sister (since the age could have been 76), but on this census it lists Lovina as having attended school within the year. It looks as if Benajah FAY Jr had a daughter in addition to their other children.
From 1860 Middleburgh Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio Federal Census
Dwelling 763      Family 786
Eli FAY32 M****Farmer2500500********OH
Henrietta 31 F************************OH
From 1880 Middleburgh Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio Federal Census
Dwelling 488 Family 492
FAY, EliW M 52marriedFarmer********OHNYMA
------, Betsey E.W F 38marriedKeep House********OHNYNY
------, Ira W M 12singleAt home ********OHOHOH
Eli FAY, son of Benajah FAY, Jr., grandson of Benajah FAY
The grandfather of Ely FAY was the late Benajah FAY, who came from Lewis County, New York, with his family, to Cuyahoga County, Ohio in 1816, and settled in Parma Township, where he died when he was about eighty-five years old. The father of Eli FAY was Benajah FAY Jr., who was born on "York State" in 1806, and consequently was ten years old when he came with his father and family to Cuyahoga County, Ohio. His youth spent in Parma Township, and here he was married to Miss Lois HODGMAN, who was born in Boardman, Lincoln County, a Mine*, in 1808. They first settled in Parma Township, where they lived for some time and then removed to Brooklyn Township, where they resided till their death. The father died with the cholera in 1849. The mother lived until November 27, 1877. They had a family of four sons and one daughter.

Our subject was the eldest of the family. He was born in Parma Township, April 22, 1828. He was quite young when his parents moved to Brooklyn Township, where he grew to manhood and remained till he came to Middleburgh Township. He ws married to Mrs. Huldah TAYLOR. She died in Middleburgh Township in 1865. Mr. FAY was married to his second wife, Miss Betsey E. DUNHAM, April 4, 1866, in Rockport Township, this county. She was born in Middleburgh Township April 2, 1842, as a daughter of Almond and Eunice (CORBIN) DUNHAM. Mr. DUNHAM died in Middleburgh Township May 20, 1892. His wife died in Rockport Township, November 24, 1876. Mr. and Mrs. FAY have one son, Ira E., who married Ida WEST.

Mr. FAY has not been an office seeker. In 1847 he went to Cleveland and learned the blacksmith's trade, which he has followed in connection with farming. He owns fifty-six and a half acres, which he has improved, and whereon he has erected good buildings. Mrs. FAY is a lady of education and intelligence, a member of the Congregational Church.
SOURCE: Memorial Record of the County of Cuyahoga and City of Cleveland Ohio, Illustrated pub. 1894 by The Lewis Publishing Company. Pg. 506-507.

NOTE: I will be capitalizing the surnames as a matter of genealogical netiquette. The bio is not written in this manner.
Posted July 2000