The Fay Family: Elbridge Elijah Fay 1825

Elbridge Elijah Fay (1825 - 1913)
and his Descendants
John Fay
David (OPF #5) (1679 - 1738) son of John and Susanna Shattuck
Robert (OPF #8) (1715 - 1810) son of David and Sarah Larkin
Robert (OPF #69) (1764 - 1810) son of Robert and Anna Harrington
Elijah (OPF #272) (1795 - 1872) son of Robert and Submit Rice
Elbridge (OPF p. 250) (born 1825) son of Elijah and Martha Walker
The Rebirth of a House: Loving Restoration
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History and Description of the Elbridge Fay House, Historic Elgin House Tours
the house and some details interior, parlor interior, office
James and Sue Zingales
with additions from research
Elbridge's birth is well documented; it is recorded in Orlin (linked above) and in the Rice Association records. Orlin has quite a bit about him, including a short biography of him and of his son Franklin. It is not known when Elbridge died. He appears in Illinois in the census of 1900. Sometime before 1910 he travelled to California, and he is found in the household of his son Franklin and grandsons Franklin and Lawrence. He was 85 at that time.
Starting with Orlin's information, as well as a short mention of the family during their Wisconsin stay, it was a relatively easy task to continue the lines down. The Illinois state marriage archive contains the marriages of Elbridge E. and Franklin G., and both marriages of Thomas E. Lawrence. The draft registration for World War I has cards for Franklin Clancy and Lawrence Elbridge, and for Fay Edward Lawrence. The registration for World War II has cards for Franklin Clancy and Lawrence Elbridge.
My purpose in doing this was to see whether there might be an identifiable member of that particular line today. It was a query from Jim and Sue that started me on this path, for they are restoring the house which Elbridge built in Elgin about 1867. Jim wrote, "I am looking for any descendants who may have any more information or photos of this family. I want to put together a scrapbook and keep it here in their home. This is a fine old Victorian house built in the Eastlake style and we are in the process of restoring it to its former beauty. I would like to put the Fays back here where they belong." It would be marvelous if someone did see this who might know of descendants or photos or letters, or anything pertaining to this particular family. My researches, unfortunately, seem to have gone as far as I can, and the results are negative. Franklin's line seems to have died out, and Dinnie's line ended with girls. I do not know whom they married, or indeed, if they did (see below for more detail).
If anyone knows of anyone in this line, Jim would love to hear from you.
His email is
Descendants of Elbridge and Mary Eleanor Goble
7  Clara Eleanor Fay  b: 9/14/1859  m: 1/11/1899
...+Thomas E. Lawrence  m: 1/11/1899	
7  Dinnie Alice Fay  b: 11/20/1861  m: 2/17/1886	
...+Thomas E. Lawrence	  b: 1859  m: 2/17/1886
.......8  Fay Edward Lawrence  b: 7/31/1889
........  +Dorothy  b: 1893 
..............9  Hazel Lawrence  b: 1917
..............9  Betty Lou Lawrence  b: 1924
Thomas married Dinnie, the younger sister; when Dinnie died, he married Clara. Thomas and Dinnie had one son, born in Minnesota where they were living. Thomas and Clara seem to have had no children. In 1930, Fay and his family were in Nebraska.
7  Franklin Goble Fay  b: 3/22/1865	
...+Florence L. Clanci  b: 1/7/1864  m: 12/24/1884
.......8  Florence Olive Fay  b: 7/24/1885  d: before 1900	
.......8  Lawrence Elbridge Fay  b: 11/20/1887 d: 7/3/1954   
.......8  Franklin Clancy Fay  b: 12/14/1890 d: 12/28/1970
Lawrence and Franklin, Franklin's sons, were not married in 1930. The family moved to California before 1888.
7  Mary Fay  b: 1872 (adopted)
Mary appears only in the census of 1880; it is not known what happened to her.
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