The Fay Family: Vital Records of Berlin

To the year 1849 [1850]
Transcribed by Linda Fay Kaufman
page 39
FAY, Barnabas Maynard, S. Dexter and Zilpah, July 27, 1806.
Carlton Eugene, S. William E., farmer, b. B., and Mary J. McKenny, b. Marlboro, May 9, 1879.
Dexter Warren, s. Dexter and Zilpah, Feb. 27, 1817.
Fanny, d. William, jr. and Sarah, Sept. 23, 1838.
George Harrison, s. Nahum W., farmer, b. B., and Emily R. (Thompson), b. Hopkinton, July 12, 1862.
Harriet Newell, d. Dexter and Zilpah, Sug. 11, 1813.
page 40
FAY, [Harriet Susan, different writing.], d. Nahum W., farmer, b. B., and Emily R., at South Dist., Feb. 23, 1850.
Henry Dexter, s. Nahum W., yeoman, and Emily R., June 22, 1845.
James Richard, s. Dexter and Zilpah, Aug. 8, 1823.
Lucy Warren, d. Dexter and Zilpah, Aug. 6, 1810.
Mary, d. Dexter and Zilpah, Oct. 21, 1804.
Mary Emily, d. Nahum W., farmer, b. B., and Emily R., b. Hopkinton, June 29, 1860.
Nahum Harriman, s. William E., farmer, b. B., and Mary Jane McKenna, b. Marlboro, both of "Berlin New Worcester," Sept. 15, 1877.
Nahum White, s. Dexter and Zilpah, Mar. 15, 1820.
Sarah [Sally. C.R. 1.], d. Dexter and Zilpah, Mar. 10, 1815.
William Earnest, s. William E., farmer, b. Marlboro, and Mary A. McKenna, b. Marlboro, Mar. 10, 1876.
Zilpah Elizabeth, d. Dea. Dexter and Zilpah, Feb. 23, 1825.
-----, d. Lewis, bp. May 22, 1831. C.R.1.
-----, s. Nahum W., farmer, b. B., and Emily R., at South Sch. Dist., Nov. 23, 1853.
page 166
FAY, Baxter, and Elenor Wheeler, both of Northboro, Nov. 14, 1800.*
Dexter, of Northboro, and Zilpah Maynard of B., Apr. 10, 1804.
Flavel, of Northboro, and Charlotte Puffer of B., Nov. 26, 1807.
Harriet N. [unm. int.], and Russell Park, both of B., Apr. 2, 1840.
James R., shoe manu[facturer], unm., of B., a. 42 y., b. B., s. Dexter and Zippha [sic][M. int.], and Laura B. Jones, 2d m., of B., a. 38 y., b. Bolton, d. Jonathan and Phebe Wheeler, Jan. 1, 1867.
Lucy W., unm., of B., and Eber Brewer of Boylston, Apr. 4, 1829, int.
Mary [unm. int.], of B., and [Rev. int.] Levi Brigham of Dunstable, July 6, 1837. C.R.1.
Minnie E., teacher, unm., of B., a. 31 y., b. B., d. N. M. [Nahum W. int.] and Emily R. (Thompson), and Spencer C. Chamberlin, jr., exp[ress] ag[en]t, unm., of B., a. 30 y., b. B., s. S. C. [Spencer C. int] and H. J. [Henrietta J. int.] (Hastings), Jan. 29, 1893.
N. Harriman, clerk, unm., of B., a. 20 y., b. B., s. William E. and Mary [J. int.} (McKenna), and Melissa J. Taylor, housework, unm., of B., a. 19 y., b. B., d. Arad and Laura E. (Merrill), Sept. 16, 1897.
Nahum W., of B., and Emily R. Thompson, unm., of Uxbridge, Aut. 23, 1844, int.
Sarah M., unm., of B., b. B., d. Dexter and Zilpah of B., and Oliver Taylor, yeoman, unm., of Dunstable, May 7, 1844.
page 167
FAY, Tamson J., unm., of Hudson, b. Hudson, d. Stephen S. and Mary C. (Houghton), and Charles L. Priest, shoemaker, unm., of Hudson, a. 24 y., b. Hudson, s. Gilman and Betsey, Jan. 1, 1876.*
Warren, of Northboro, and Betsey Maynard of B., Oct. 13, 1808.
William E., farmer, unm., of B., b. B., s. Nahum W. and Emily R. (Thompson), and Mary J. McKenna, unm., of Marlboro, Feb. 5, 1876.*
Zilpah Eliz[abe]th, unm., of B., a. 29 y., b. B., d. Dexter and Zilpah M., and William Grassie, clergyman, unm., of Andover, a. 32 y., b. Gay's River, N.S., s. George and Elizabeth, Sept. 30, 1855.
page 314
FAY, Betty [wid. David of Northboro. G.R.1.], Apr. 13, 1821, a. 78 y.
Dexter [Dexter Warren. dup.], b. B., unm. yeoman, s. Dexter and Zilpah, pulmonary consumption, June 25, 1843, a. 26 y. 3 m. 26 d.
Dexter [Dea. G.R.1.], b. Northboro, m., farmer, s. Nahum, Dec. 31, 1851, a. 71 y. 7 d.
Emily R., b. Hopkinton, housewife [w. N. W. G.R.2.] and d. Adam and Charity Thompson, July 3, 1879, a. 59 y. 6 m. 26 d. [60 y. 8 m. 26 d. G.R.2.]
page 315
FAY, Henry D., b. B., unm., farmer, s. Nahum and Emily (Thompson), at Worcester, Apr. 8, 1898, a. 53 y.
Laura B., b. Bolton, housewife, w. James R. and d. Jonathan and Phebe (Kimmins) Wheeler, Apr. 16, 1897, bur. South B., a. 68 y. 11 m. 5 d.
Nahum W., b. B., w[idr.], farmer, s. Dexter and Zilpah (Maynard), at Center B., Feb. 12, 1895, bur. South Cem., a. 73 y 11 m.
Peter, unm., "non compos", Apr. 24, 1851.
Walter A., -----, 1880. G.R.2.
Zilpah, w. Dea Dexter [at Northboro. C.R.1.], Aug. 7, 1872, a. 88 y. 10 m. G.R.1.
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