The Fay Family: Arthur Edgarton Fay 1854

Arthur Edgarton Fay
And his Descendants
Arthur Edgarton Fay and his Descendants
Princeton Directory
Susanna Fay and her Descendants: Overview
Silas (1747) and Anna Gleason Fay
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Camden Dates: Silas and Anna Gleason Fay
John Fay
Gershom (OPF #2) (10/29/1681 - 11/24/1720) son of John and Susannah Shattuck
Silas (OPF #5) (8/12/1713 - 9/22/1758) son of Gershom and Mary Brigham
Silas (OPF #27) (11/14/1747 - 1828) son of Silas and Hannah Billing
Silas (OPF #76) (6/1777 - 1/26/1847) son of Silas and Anna Gleason
John Brooks (OPF #483) (3/19/1815 - 7/1/1887) son of Silas and Susanna Brooks
Arthur Edgarton (OPF #497) (born 7/17/1854) son of John Brooks and Sarah Allen Hubbard
This branch of the family lived in Princeton, Massachusetts, for generations. There is a map which was published as part of an atlas by F. W. Beers in 1870. This map names the owners of land in the township and in the town. Below is the map offset for the Town of Princeton (a full version is available). The homestead of J. B. Fay is clearly marked in the northwest section, and the homestead of F. H. Smith, the husband of Susanna, almost due southwest of J. B. Fay.
This map was scanned from a print found at Old Maps of New England, New York & Pennsylvania, a rich source for old maps and gazetteer excerpts.
Town of Princeton, Massachusetts
Beers 1870
1870 census
Descendants of Arthur Edgarton Fay
7th generation
Arthur Edgarton Fay   b: 7/17/1854   d: 12/31/1896 or 1895 (Princeton)
married February 5, 1878 (Orlin) or 1879 (NEHGS)
Anna Charlotte Harthan   b: 7/29/1853   d: after 1930

8  John Hastings Fay  b: 8/19/1880
...+Caroline Rogers
......9  John Brooks Fay  b: 5/5/1920  d: May 4, 1995
.......  +Marjorie Harthan  b: 6/9/1928  d: 1/5/2004
8  Arthur Carlton Fay  b: 2/11/1882  d: 9/6/1882
8  Lois Rebecca Fay  b: 3/11/1883  d: after 1930
8  Gardner Brooks Fay  b: 9/4/1884
8  Arthur Smith Fay  b: 9/30/1886
......9  Paul R. Fay  b: 5/14/1917  d: 1/20/1999
.......  +Sophie A. Hirt  b: 9/9/1911  d: 4/15/1993
............10  Jocelyn R. Fay
8  Mary Abby Fay  b: 5/6/1890  d: 1/1978
8  Anna Harthan Fay  b: 3/11/1892  d: after 1930
8  Patience White Fay  b: 1/13/1894  d: 12/1981
8  Peace Augusta Fay  b: 10/29/1895  m or d: after 1920