The Fay Family: Benajah Fay

Locating "Attom Pond" near Sturbridge took a bit of detective work. Several searches of modern maps of Worcester County did not reveal an "Attom Pond," nor could any reference outside of Orlin's be found to it. The maps did show an "Alum Pond" in the Sturbridge vicinity. Searches of historical maps revealed even more clearly the presence of an "Alum Pond" and "Little Alum Pond."
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The name "Alum" comes from Native American sources. Nipmuc Place Names of New England includes it in the discussion of Massachusetts place names:

"Alum Pond, Sturbridge; and Little Alum Pond, Holland, Worcester County - "a dog". Sources of the Quinebaug River: the "Alum ponds," 1715. See Allum (RI)."

The Rhode Island section has: "Allum (or Wallum) Pond, Providence County - "a dog". On the n. line of Burrillville, RI, near the n.e. corner of CT. So called from a sachem of the Quinebaug band of Nipmucs whose name (meaning 'The Fox') was variously written Allums, Allumps3, Hyems, Hyemps, Iams, etc. Col. Rec., iv. 272, 333, 351. See Alum (MA). "

One interesting thing here is to note that whereas the modern seems to agree on "Alum" with one "l", the original varied between one and two. Assuming that Orlin's source for the mention of "Attom Pond" chose to use the version with two l's, and given the idiosyncracies of handwriting, it is very easy to see how Orlin could have read "Attom" in place of "Allum."

That this is indeed the correct identification is confirmed by two other maps, one an 1870 version of the area that actually identifies "Fay Cove," and one a surveyor's map.
Below, a page from the 1870 Beers Atlas of Worcester County. Right, a detail from that map.
Opposite is a copy of a map found in the home of Mrs. Winifred Tillyer, daughter of Clifford Chamberlain (2/17/1879-4/1967), a surveyor and town clerk in Sturbridge. No date.
Below, a map dated 1857, especially interesting for the names marked on the map.
1745 Fay, Ebenezer Henry Fisk 20 7 Sturbridge
1745 Fay, Ebenezer Henry Fisk 20 8 Sturbridge
1745 Fay, Ebenezer Thos. Boyden 20 9 Sturbridge
1756 Fay, Ebenezer Geduthan Fay 37 320 Sturbridge
1763 Fay, Ebenezer John Maynard 49 159 not listed
1763 Fay, Ebenezer Joseph Smith 49 215 Sturbridge
1768 Fay, Ebenezer Noah Clark 59 103 Sturbridge
1784 Fay, Ebenezer Chas. Hoar 94 259 Sturbridge
1790 Fay, Ebenezer Eph. Wheeler 108 301 Grafton