The Fay Family: Genealogies: Harrison K. Fay

Harrison Kellog Fay (1808 - 1850)
And his Descendants
Affidavit of Maria Filer
Concerning Isabella Kingston

The first section below is a transcription of the document copy, with the original copies following. The purpose of this deposition is not completely clear from the document itself. According to Shelley Wallace, who sent this, "the person was testifying to dispute the wide held beleif that Isabella came over as an indentured servant and prove that she was a natural born citizen." This document would certainly provide evidence for that.

See also the census records for Paul and John Kingston.
State of Wisconsin
County of Racine

Maria Filer being by me first duly Sworn dep[on]es and Says She resides in the City + County of Racine Wisconsin, is Wife of Alanson Filer her age is Sixty Seven years. She was born in Ireland Kingdom of Great-Britain. That She came to this Country with her parents about the year 1817 + When about Eight years of Age, That She was acquainted with Paul Kingston in his lifetime. That said Paul Kingston was deponents Uncle and Brother of deponents Mother. That Said Paul Kingston was also a Native Ireland and Emigrated to this Country Several years prior to this deponent. That at the time deponent arrived in this Country Said Paul Kingston resided in the then Territory of Illinois County of St Clair with his family that Isabella Kingston was then living and the oldest Child of said Paul Kingston and is about the same age as this deponent towit about sixty Seven years. That the said Isabella Kingston was Married about the year 1832 or 1833 to one Harrison K. Fay and with her Said Husband removed to Wisconsin about the year 1835. That said Harrison K. Fay died About the year 1838 leaving Isabella Fay (formerly Isabella Kinngston) Widow Surviving deponent further Says that said Isabella Fay (Widow of said Harrison K. Fay and formerly Isabella Kingston,) and John T. Kingston are the only Surviving Children of Paul Kingston deceased. That said John T. Kingston now resides in the County of Juneau State of Wisconsin. And as[word stricken through] this [line or lines missing]

....Country and that She now resides at or Near a place called Walawala in Washington Territory and that this deponent has been acquainted with Said Isabella Fay (Formerly Isabella Kingston) Ever Since She [insert:]deponent[end insert] Emigrated to this Country and that deponent with her Parents on their arrival in the Country first [stricken through] lived for Several weeks at the residence and with the family of said John [struck through, 'Paul' substituted] Kingston and that Said Isabella Fay was at the time his oldest child.

Subscribed and Sworn to
Before Me Decn 11th 1876
F. W. Bruce
Clerk Cir Court
Racine Co Wis

and at the bottom at a 90degree angle: