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In 1900, Winfield Chapin, who had married in 1884, is living in the town of Warren, Worcester County. Note that his name seems to be given as "C. Winfield." However, this is just an idiosyncracy of this particular recorder; ALL of the names in this town are recorded in the order: last name, middle name (initial), first name.
Winfield C: July 1862; 37
Nellie J, Nov 1861 38 (married 16 years, mother of five kids)
Willard G, July 1886, 13
Florence L, Jan 1888, 12
Clarence E, May 1890, 10
Winfield C, Mar 1893, 7
Harry P. May 1900, 0/12
The state of birth is given as Massachusetts for all except Nellie's parents (Ireland) and Winfield's mother (Connecticut).
Lucius Newton died in 1890. In 1900, his widow Cornelia Elizabeth is living with daughter Adelaide C., son in law, and grandaughter Mabelle in Brookfield, Worcester County.
Rimmon (born Feb 1848, age 52) is in Rhode Island, living as a boarder in Providence County, city of Providence. Also in same household as boarders are two of his sons and a daughter: George L (born Aug 1879, age 20; he is the only one born in Rhode Island); Arthur C (born April 1878 [sic], age 22) and Elsie F (born April 1875, age 25)
Rimmon's wife, A. Izette, is living in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio. With her are her other four living children, Rimmon W. (Nov. 1881, age 18); Frank H. (Feb. 1883, age 17); Pauline R. (Sept. 1887, age 12); and Dorothy I. (Jan. 1892, age 8). Dorothy was born in NY, the others in MA.