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Census Data 1880
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In 1880, Winfield Chapin Fay is a young man of 18, and living with Betsey Chapin Fay, who was widowed in 1877. Also in this household is Albert E. Fay, Winfield's brother, born in 1875. Here we see him for the first time, with his mother and much older brother.
Lucius, age 56, a machinist, and Cornelia are in Brookfield, MA. With them are two of their children, Fredrick and Harry. The census is dated June 19, 1880. Lucius was born April 21, 1823. His correct age is 57.
There is a mystery, however. In the neighboring town of Milford there is a census entry for a Lucius Fay, age 55, a machinist, and a Rimmon Fay, age 33, a machinist. The census is dated June 23, 1880. Rimmon was born in February 1848. It looks as if Lucius had a double entry in the 1880 census.
Rimmon's wife, A. Isette, is in Providence, RI, together with Elsie, Arthur and George. Walter is missing; his death must have occurred before this date. Arthur and George are entered as born in RI, Elsie in MA.