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Census Data 1850
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The 1850 census rolls for Hampshire County, town of Ware, records the household of Elisha, born in 1783, now 67, and his wife Lucy, five years younger. Of their ten children, three are living at home: Harriet Cady, age 40 (b. 1810), Roxanna, age 42 (b. 1808), and Emily P., age 20, b. in 1830, the last of the ten children.
Absent are three sons. They have left home now, and are living in Ludlow, a town in Hampden County. Lucius Newton is the head of this house; he lives with his wife Cornelia and his two year old son Rimmon C. In the same household live both of his brothers, Willard (age 23) and Warren (age 35), and also his cousin Alvin (Henry's oldest)(age 26).
Alvin's father Henry is now gone, and his mother Hannah is head of house. She lives in Ware, like her brother-in-law. With her are Amos, 23, Jane 21, Lauriett (Lucretia), 19, Albert, 17, Mary 15, Cecelia (Celia Ann), 10, Parcena [thus Orlin; handwriting on census not clear] 8, and Sarah 6. We know that Alvin is living with Lucius; not known at the moment is the location of Affy. Mary, Cecelia, Parcena, and Sarah are said to have been born in NY, the others in MA.
William, age 68, is still in Brimfield with his wife Mary (age 61). Nancy and Charles live at home with them.