Rundell / Baldwin of Union Twp., Tioga Co., Pa.

Rundell/Baldwin Families
of Union Twp., Tioga Co., PA

The 1883 History of Tioga County, among the Union Twp. biographies, provides the following account of the family of Isaac Rundell:

ISAAC RUNDELL is a son of Abraham and Mary A. Rundell. He was born September 1st 1823, in Bradford County, Pa., and began farming at the age of 19. He settled in Union about 1847. He has been thrice married; first in 1853, to Louisa, daughter of John and Louisa Baldwin, of Cattaraugus county, N.Y. She died in 1855, leaving one child, Delia. In 1856 he married Betsey, a sister of his first wife; she died in 1860, leaving a son, Jabez; and he married Mrs. Hannah Rundell, whose children were Fanny, Wilmot, Jefferson, and Mary.

The first two wives, while appearing to be of a New York family, were actually from a neighboring Bradford County family. Their parents, John and Lois (Webber) Baldwin had moved from the Troy/Columbia area after their marriage, but returned to Columbia Twp. when John fell on hard times. They later returned to New York, living in Freedom, Cattaraugus County, but following the death of John Baldwin, Lois again returned to Bradford County. Two of their sons, William and Charles, would also live in Union Twp. Betsey would have been aged in her mid thirties at the time of her marriage to Isaac, so presumably she had been previously married, but the identity of this husband is not known. The last statement in the paragraph is ambiguous, but can be clarified by a look at several surviving censuses.

The 1850 census has the following entry, in Union Twp.:

1850 Union Twp Tioga Co
Isaac Rundell 40
Louis " 27
Louisa " 4

This shows that the County History account is in error regarding the details of the life of Lois (Baldwin) Rundell. While it has her marriage occurring in 1853, the marriage appears to have taken place by 1845 (the account may have been off by a decade, with the true marriage being in 1843). Regarding Louisa, she would appear to have been an additional child, but the next census shows that this was not the case.

By 1860, a significant change had been wrought in the family. Found in Armenia Twp., Bradford County is the following group, which would hardly be recognized as relating to the same family as the 1850 census were it not for the account in the Tioga County History.

1860 Armenia Twp Bradford Co
Isaac Rundall 37
Hannah Rundall 39
Arthur Rundall 17
Fannie " 14
Fidelia " 13
Mary " 12
Wilmot " 9
Jefferson " 6
Jabez " 3


Delia, the daughter of Isaac and Louis, can bee seen here in the daughter Fidelia, who must be identical with the Louisa found in 1850. She thus was probably named Louisa Fidelia. The age of Jabez, placing his birth in 1857, is consistent with the History account. However, the other names are a bit of a puzzle. Their placement before Jabez makes it clear that they were children by her former husband. His identity can be detected in the 1850 census.


1850 Armenia Twp Bradford Co
B J Rundell 31
Hannah " 29
Arthur L " 7
Fanny C " 4
Mary A " 2

The match of the ages of these children with those appearing in the family of Isaac and Hannah in 1860 indicates that Hannah, third wife of Isaac, had previously been married to B. J. Rundell, and that Fanny, Mary, Wilmot, and Jefferson of the County History account, along with Arthur, were children by this prior husband, who was brother of Isaac, as revealed by another account in the same history:

Abram Rundell was born in Washington County, N.Y., 1796; was raised on a farm, and at a suitable age learned the carpenter's trade. In 1816 he married Miss May Ann Elliott, by whom he had nine children - B.J. Rundell; Phileta, wife of Pearson Breese; Isaac; Lydia, wife of William Barrows; Frances E.; Rosilla, wife of Lorenzo D. Wright; Charles; Maria, wife of Oliver Blanchard, who was killed at the battle of Antietam; and Emeline, wife of Samuel Blanchard.

Isaac and family next appear in 1870, but again there are problems with the account:

1870 Union Twp Tioga Co
Rundal Isaac 46
" Hannah 50
" Julia 13
" Alvin 74
" Mary 69

Here we have Isaac and Hannah, as well as Isaac's parents Abram and Mary, but Julia? Rather than posit another child, considering that the census taker also erred by writing Alvin for Abram, it is likely that Julia is an error for Jabez. Thus we have a complete account of the family:

Abram and Mary Rundell had, among other children, the following sons:

B. J. Rundell, b. ca. 1819, d. 1854-1860, m. ca. 1842, Hannah, b. 1820

  1. Arthur L., b. 1843
  2. Fannie C., b. 1846
  3. Mary A., b. 1848
  4. David Wilmot, b. 1851
  5. Jefferson, b. 1854

Isaac Rundell, b. ca. 1823, m.1 bef. 1846 (? 1843) Lois Baldwin, b. 1823/4, Pa., d. 1855.

  1. Louisa Fidelia, b. 1846

  2.      m. 2 1856, Betsey Baldwin, sister of Lois, b. 1820, d. 1860.

  3. Jabez, b. 1857
  4.      m. 3 1860, Hannah, widow of his brother B. J. Rundell.

      (no children)