Johannes Hereter of York Co., Pa. and Johannes Harader of Preston Co., WV

Harader and Hereter

The Harader familiy traces its roots to a Johannes Harader (1728-1806) and his wife Mary (1754-1829), who settled in Preston Co., (West) Virginia. Little else is known about him, but he is identified with the Johannes Heerreder who arrived in Philadelphia on the on the Ranier, 26 Sep. 1749. Also on the ship was 'brother' Andreas, who would settle in Somerset County, Pa. It is thus, perhaps, relevant that in the 1790 census, a John Hereter appeared in what was then Bedford Co., a part of which would become Somerset Co. In 1795 (46 years after immigration), Johannes bought 642-1/2 acres of land near what is now the town of Clifton Mills, Preston Co., WV in 1795, and has been identified with the John who appears in Bedford County in 1790, but he has not been located in America prior to this date.

Comparing the timeline of this Johannes Harader of Preston Co., WV with Johannes Hereter of York Co., Pa. suggests that the two might have been the same individual. The 1749 immigration is just three years before the marriage of Johannes of York Co., and the latter couple's oldest child was named Andrew, perhaps after immigrant Andreas. Likewise, the 1754 birthdate of Mary, wife of Johannes Harader, being 25 years after that of her husband suggests that she was a second spouse. Johannes of York Co. is last found in 1783 tax lists, but is not in the 1790 census of York Co., perhaps suggesting a move (his son Jacob is found in the 1790 and 1800 censuses as 'Krider' and 'Hereden' and he continues to appear in York Co. baptismal records through 1800). Instead, in 1790 a John Hereter appears in Bedford Co. Unfortunately, the record of this census was not divided into townships, so it cannot be determined whether this John was living in what would become part of Somerset, where the Preston Co. John Harader is said to have originated. In the census, he had to young boys, and two females, presumably a wife and daughter, in his household. This pattern matches that of the Preston Co. family, which had two sons and one daughter. Also perhaps coming into play is the difference in religions, Hereter having his children baptized in Lutheran churches, while the Haraders of Preston Co. would be Dunkards. In this regard, the possibility of a later conversion should not be discounted.

One tool that can be brought to bear on the question is a comparison of the surviving signatures of Johannes Hereter of York Co. and of Johannes Heerreder, the Philadelphia immigrant. Alignment of these signatures, from 24 years apart, shows definite similarities, but also differences. Any support that this may offer the identification of the York settler with the Philadelphia immigrant must stand on its own, since it is unlikely that the identification of the immigrant with Preston Co. WV resident is based on anything more than speculation, so this does not necessarily bring us closer to confirming the identity of the York Co. Johannes Hereter with the Preston Co. Johannes Harader.
26 Sep. 1749, Ship Ranier, Philadelphia
24 Feb. 1774, Petition for Administration, York

An alignment of the chronologies can also prove suggestive, but not definitive.

DateYork Co. FamilyPreston Co. FamilyOther
John born Germany
Andreas and Johannes
Heerreder immigrate on Ranier
to Philadelphia, 26 Sep.
John Heeritter marries
Catharine Ulrich
20 Aug., Hanover
baptism of son
Andrew Hoerritter
30 Jun., York
Mary, wife of John born
(place unknown)
John Heritter taxed
at Codorus Twp.
birth of son
Jacob Herrder
24 Mar., bap. Hanover
John Hereter
(Hannes Heerreder)
of Manheim Twp. petitions
for administration of
Ullrich estate, 24 Feb.
John Herretter taxed
at Manheim Twp.
John marries Mary
(date and place unknown)
John Heretter taxed
at Manheim Twp.
John Heretter taxed
at Manheim Twp.
John Hereter taxed
at Manheim Twp.
John Hereder taxed
at Manheim Twp.
with 7 inhabitants
son Jacob marries
Elisabeth (? Neuman)
(date unknown)
baptism of granddau.
Catharina Elisabeth
Hereter, 20 May, Hanover
son John born 19 Oct.
(said to be in Somerset Co.)
baptism of grandson
Jacob Hereter
20 May, Hanover
son Daniel born
(date and place unknown)
baptism of granddau.
Elisabeth Hereter
6 May, Hanover
dau. Elizabeth born
(place unknown)
son Jacob 'Krider' appears
in census near Heidelberg
John Hereter appears
in census of Bedford Co.
with wife, 2 sons, 1 dau.
baptism of granddau.
Anna Maria Herether
16 Dec., Hanover
John Harader buys
land at Clifton Mills
baptism of granddau.
Margaretha Herrether
19 May, Hanover
baptism of grandson
Johann Jacob Herether
27 No., Hanover
son Jacob Hereden appears
in census at Heidelberg
John Harader dies 28 Dec.
Elizabeth (Harader), wife
John Mosser dies 21 Oct.
Mary, wife of John
Harader dies 17 Sep.

Again, there seems to be a match among the different groups of records, but a more definitive answer must await the collection of more precise information from York, Bedford, Somerset, and Preston Counties.