of Pittsford, Rutland Co., VT,
Troy, Bradford Co., PA,
and Harmony, Chautauqua Co., NY

Thomas1 Matson d. 1677, m. 1632 Amy Chambers
Thomas2, b. 1633
+John2, b. 1636
Joshua2, b. 1640
Abigail2, 1642, m. Lionel Wheatley

John2 Matson (Thomas1), b. 10 May 1636, Boston, d.1681, m1) 7 Mar. 1659/60 Mary Cotton, m2) Jane
Amy3, b. 1662/3, m. John Figg
+John3, b. 1664/5
Mary3, b. 1666
Abigail3, b. 1668

John3 Matson (John2,Thomas1), b. 16 Jan. 1664/5,d. 11 May 1728, Simsbury, CT, m. Mary Adams
John4, b. 1692
Elizabeth4, b. 1695
Mary4, b. 1698, m. Ebenezer Lamson
Jane4, b. 1700, m. George Hayes
Esther4, b. 1704, m. John Rice
+Joshua4, b. 1707
Edward4, b. 1713

Joshua4 Matson (John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 11 Aug. 1707, Simsbury, d. 16 Nov. 1745, Simsbury, m. 20 Feb. 1734/5, Amy Holliday, who remarried to Samuel Elsworth, 2 Dec. 1746, and moved to Pittsford, VT.
Joshua5, b. 1736
Amy5, b. 1738, m. her first cousin, Asa Matson, son of John (above)
Lucy5, b. 1741, m. 23 Dec. 1762, Richard Saxton Adams
+Isaac5, b. 1743

Isaac5 Matson (Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 1743, Simsbury, Ct. m1) 1767 Martha Hendee, m2) Asha. Isaac is remembered locally for being captured and taken to Canada by Indians, not returning from captivity for some time.
Isaac6, m. Eunice, and moved in 1807 to Troy, Bradford County, PA. In 1815, he and his wife were dismissed from the congregation, and he was perhaps the Isaac in Jefferson Co., PA in subsequent years.
Joshua6, d.y.
Martha6, m. Levi Preston
Nancy6, m. Esie (?) Grandy
Polly6, m. Abiether Boyce
Sally6, m. Charles Baker

James6 Matson (Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1) m. Susan Amanda Barns, daughter of James Barnes of Pittsford. He sold his land in Pittsford, VT in 1807, and became one of the founding members of the Troy Baptist Church, Bradford Co., Pa. In 1825, he moved to Harmony, Chautauqua Co., NY, where he was still living in 1840.
1Heman Swift7, b. 2 Nov. 1801, Pittsford
2James Barnes7, b. 25 Feb. 1803, Pittsford
3John Hendee7, b. 26 Jan. 1805, Pittsford
4Abel7, b. 5 Apr. 1807, Pittsford
Annis7, (b. 1 Feb. 1818, Bradford Co. according to Dana records, but this is probably decade late based on her Baptist baptism in 1828). She was expelled from the Panama Baptist Church for being involved with her brother Ithiel in whatever scheme cause his removal. She was readmitted, and immediately asked for a letter, moving to Ill. d. 14 Jan. 1910, m1) bef. Mar. 1840, Enkland Dart, m2) 5 Jan. 1845, Belvidere, Boone Co., Ill., George Washington Dana. She had the following children (at least): Abel Dart, b. 1840; Esther Dart, b. 1842; George M. Dana, b. 1845; Maria Dana, b. 1847.
5Ithiel7, b.c. 1812.
Charles7, b.c. 1814, joined Panama Baptist Church 1828, departed from Harmony by 1841, when he sent back to the church for a letter. Where he had removed to has yet to be determined.
Julina7, b. 1816
dau. (name unknown), b. 1815-1820
son (name unknown), b. 1820-1825, was perhaps the Isaac Mattson who appears in Wisconsin records, recieving land in the same county as Ithiel Mattson

1.Heman Swift7 Mattson (James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1) b. 2 Nov. 1801, Pittsford, VT, m.1) 1825 Persis Webber, dau. of William and Lois (Baldwin) Webber, m.2) Polly ?Wellman, b. 1808. Persis transfered into the Panama Baptist Church in 1826 (the last confirmed record of her) while Heman joined 1828. He moved to Meadville, PA in 1836, but returned in 1838 (although he and Polly did not rejoin the Panama church until 1848). He was blind by age 40, and was admitted to the alms house for this reason. It is not clear when his first wife died, and the second marriage occured, but Polly was his wife by 1842, and probably 1838. Thus, it is not clear which wife was mother of the middle children, although based on the continual birth record from Persis on, it would appear that only James was child of the first wife, he being the only child shown in Webber family records.
James8, 1825
dau (name unknown),
Persis8, b. 1832 m. Reuben Gage
Annis8, b. 1834 m.1) ?, m.2) James Ladds, m.3) Kay
Harriet8, b. 1836
Mary8, b. 1838
6Eli Chester8, b. 17 Jul. 1841
7Stephen8, b. 1845

2.James Barns7 Matson (James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 25 Feb. 1803, Pittsford, VT, d.b.1860 m. Mary Kels. He went to Ohio, and later returrned to Catlin, Chemung Co., his last child born in PA, presumably at Canton, Bradford Co., where his children lived. He was dead by 1860.
Amanda8, b. 1827, NY
8George8, b. 1831, NY
9William F.8, b. 1833, OH
10Henry8, b. 1836, OH
Mariet8, b. 1839,OH
Anna8, b. 1841, OH, m. Cyrus Rodney Andrus
Lewis8 (perh. Levi) b. 1844, OH
Alice Matilda8, b. 1848, OH, m. Amos E. Bassett, and after a time in Somerset Twp., Mercer Co., Missouri and Iowa, returned to Canton, Bradford Co., PA.
Martha8, b. 1853, PA, with sister Matilda Basset in Mo. in 1870.

3.John Hendee7 Mattson (James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 26 Jan. 1805, Pittsford VT, d.11 Sep. 1851, m. shortly bef. 7 Feb. 1827, Hannah Hurlbut b.5 Jan 1809 d.18 May 1876
11Elisha8, b. 13 Oct. 1827
12Richard8, b. Jan. 1830
13Charles8, b. 1833
Zacheus D.8, b. 1836, d. 17 Sep. 1927
14James8, b. 1839
John Hendee8, b. 1852

4.Abel7 Mattson(James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 5 Apr. 1807, Pittsord, VT, Postmaster of Blockville, m.1) 10 Oct 1828 Mary Jenner b.1810 m.2) 1860-70 Philinda b.1819
Sarah8, b. 1830, m. _____ Palmer, at Sugar Grove, 1895
15Germain8, b. 1834
16Gilbert8, b. 1835
Olive8, b. 1840, m. _____ Frank, of Colorado, 1895
Esther8, b. 1843, d. 1895
17Elias8, b. 1846

5.Ithiel7 Mattson(James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 1814. Was dismissed from the Panama Baptist Church for his involvement in some type of financial impropriety. He eventually settled in Melrose Twp., Jackson Co., Wis. m1) _____, m2) aft. 1852, Mary _____, a widow in 1880.
Albert8, b. 1846, NY
John8, b. Aug. 1851, Ill., or Wis., an unmarried farm laborer in 1900.
(adopted) Ada, b. 1862

6.Eli Chester8 Mattson (Heman7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 17 Jul. 1842 d. He served in the Civil War, dying of disease in Mt. Pleasant Hospital, Washington, DC. He is buried at Blockville. m. Harriet

7.Stephen8 Mattson (Heman7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1),b. 1845 d. 15 Jul. 1873 m. Mary L.

8.George8 Matson (James7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 1831, NY. m. Henrietta, b. 1847, PA. He was in Canton in 1870.
Anna M.9, b. 1866, PA
Cyrus9, b. 1868, PA
Reuhama9, b. Sep., 1869, PA

9.William F.8 Matson (James7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 1833, OH, m. Mary L., b. 1839, PA. In Canton in 1870.
Mary E.9, b. 1858, PA
E.D.9, b. 1860, PA
Samuel E.9, b. 1864, PA
Emma9, b. 1866, PA
W.H.9, b. 1867, PA
Francis9, b. 1869, PA

10.Henry8 Matson (James7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 1836, OH, m. Martha, b. 1840, PA. In Canton 1860 through 1880.

11.Elisha8 Mattson (John7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 13 Oct 1827 , d. 13 Apr. 1908 m. Ann b .1832 d. 13 Jun. 1907. He lived in Harmony, NY.
18William A.9, b. Jun. 1856
19Thadeus E.9, b. 1859

12.Richard8 Mattson (John7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. Jan 1830, d. 1907 m. Lydia b. Mar 1833, d. 1905
Orilla9, b. 1851 d. 28 Jan. 1876, m. 5 Nov. 1872 Millard M. Steward
Morris W.9, b.1854 m. 25 Dec. 1872 Alice M Derby
Miles9, b.1858, d. 1907. Principal of Panama School.
Mira9, b. 1863
Anna9, b. 1866
Edith9, b. 1870
Mabel9, b. Nov. 1881

13.Charles J.8 Mattson (John7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b.1833, first Postmaster of Watts Flatts m. Helen L Canfield b.1836
20John S.9, b. 6 Nov. 1853
Loretta Bell9, b. 1859
Mira9, b. 1860

14.James R.8 Mattson (John7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b.1839, Postmaster of Watts Flatts m. Mary R. b. 1850
Pearlie A.9, b. 22 Jan. 1872 d. 27 Jan. 1875, Harmony

15.German J.8 Mattson (Abel7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b.1834, of Chicago, 1895 m. Sarah J Thomas b. 1834
Alton9, b. 1856
Ella9, b. 1858

16.Gilbert A.8 Mattson (Abel7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 29 Jul. 1836, d. 6 Jan. 1895, 417 Ashville Ave, Jamestown, m.1) 23 May 1856 Emeline L Smith, b. 23 Jul. 1831 (1840) d. 23 Sep. 1880 m2) 11 May 1887 Delle Trask, b. 11 Feb. 1861
Merrit E.9, b.1866, d.y.
L. Burdett9, b. 1868, d. 1948 m. Myrtle P. b. 1879, d. 1967
Lena F.9, b1875

17.Elias A.8 Mattson (Abel7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 1846, of Jamestown, 1895, m. Mary R b. 1845
Fred9, b. 1868
N. Blanch9, b. 1873

18.William A.9 Mattson (Elisha8,John7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. Jun. 1856 m. Rhoda J b. Sep 1855, d. 1901
Erban10, b. Mar 1877
Ruby P.10, b Jun. 1890

19.Thadeus9 Mattson (Elisha8,John7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. Apr 1862 m. Jennie E b. Jan 1866
Florence10, b. Jul 1899

20.John S.9 Mattson (Charles8,John7,James6,Isaac5,Joshua4,John3,John2,Thomas1), b. 6 Nov. 1853, a telegraph operator in Corry, Erie Co., Pa., in 1870, and a train dispatcher in Meadville, Crawford Co., Pa. in 1885. m. 1875 Rachel Brish of Tiffen, OH.
William Paul10

Todd A. Farmerie, Ph.D.