Eighteenth Century Pittsburgh Immigrants

Eighteenth Century Immigrants
to Pittsburgh, Pa.
by Todd A. Farmerie

The following pages deal with various mostly-unrelated Pittsburgh families. They share little in common, other than their destination and approximate time period. I would be interested in communication with anyone with information regarding these families.
Nicholas BIGENHO of Henriville, Moselle and Allegheny Co.

Johannes FIRMERY/John FARMERIE of Henriville, Moselle and Shaler Twp.

Adam and Salome (GRAU) GRAU of Ispringen, Baden, and Pittsburgh

HAGEMANs of Hanover and Pittsburgh

Joseph and Carolina HASER of France and Shaler Twp.

Patrick MEEHAN of Limerick and Pittsburgh.

Christopher SCHENOT of Henriville, Moselle and Allegheny Co.

Anthony/Andrew YERKINS of Cologne and Allegheny Co.