Haser Family of Pittsburgh

Family of
Joseph and Caroline (KRESS) HASER
of Pittsburgh, Pa.
by Todd A. Farmerie

Nineteenth century immigrants Joseph and Caroline HASER were settlers in Shaler Twp., Allegheny Co., Pa., just across the Allegheny River from Pittsburgh. Most of what is known of them comes from a small number of records. The first of these documents their advent in the United States. On 21 Dec. 1854, Joseph Hauser, aged 37, and Caroline, aged 24, both from France, arrived at New York on the ship Silas Greenman. It is possible that Joseph was related to Henry Haser, who also immigrated in that year and settled in Shaler.

They were apparently in Shaler Twp., by 1859, when daughter Mary Teresa was born, but they have not been found in the 1860 census. From 1 Jul. 1865 to 18 Mar. 1867, Joseph Haser paid $300 in rent to the estate of the late Christopher Farmerie, seemingly occupying the land in succession to Christoph Scheno, whose last rent was paid 19 Oct. 1863. As this appears in the last recorded account of the estate, it is unknown how much longer they rented on the Farmerie homestead.

In 1870, they were in Shaler Twp., where Joseph, aged 54, and Caroline, aged 37 (matching their ages at immigration), along with children Mary, aged 12, and Joseph, aged 6. The parents are said to have been born in France, the children in Pa. Joseph Haser died before 1880, by which time his widow had remarried, to John Hohl, with whom she and son Joseph were living in Millvale.

When daughter Mary T. (Haser) Farmerie died in 1838, her death certificate named her parents as Joseph Haser and Carolina Kress, both of Alsace. The information was supplied by Mrs. Farmerie's son-in-law, John Marree, but there is also significance in the name of the undertaker, A. J. Haser of McKees Rocks, apparently her nephew, son of her brother Joseph, whose 1900 census entry places his parents' birth in France, while his 1910 census entry places their birth in Germany. This completes what we know about the immigrant couple, who are thus Joseph HASER, b. ca. 1817, Alsace, d. bef. 1880, and Carolina Kress, b. ca. 1830, Alsace, m. second John Hohl, and d. some time aft. 1880.

Children of Joseph and Caroline (Kress) Haser:

  1. Mary Teresa 2, b. 29 Jan. 1859, Shaler Twp., m. Wilson Henry Farmerie.
  2. Joseph C.2, b. Feb. 1865, Pa.

Joseph C.2 Haser (Joseph 1), b. Feb. 1865, (Shaler Twp.), Pa. In 1900, he was a barber, living on Evergreen Ave., Millvale. He had married a first wife, whose name has yet to be learned, and who apparently died shortly after the birth of a son in 1892. He then remarried Teresa B. (Lohret?), who was born Oct. 1872 in Pennsylvania to Austrian parents. By 1910, Joseph was the proprietor of a hotel. His later fate remains to be determined.

 Children of Joseph 2 and ______ Haser:

  1. Anthony J.3, b. Jun. 1884, a barber in 1900, he was apparently an undertaker in McKees Rocks in 1938.
  2. Catherine E. 3, b. Jul. 1886.
  3. Mary C. 3, b. Aug. 1888.
  4. Jacob A.3, b. Apr. 1892.
Children of Joseph 2 and Teresa Haser: child, d.y., b. ca. 1893, d. bef. 1900.
  1. Joseph W. 3, b. Dec. 1895.
  2. Gustevus Z. 3, b. 28 Jun. 1898.
  3. Francis E. 3, b. 11 May 1900.
  4. Lawrence3, b. 1902/3.
  5. Levina M 3, b. 1905/6.
  6. Ferdinand W 3, b. 1907/8.
  7. Robert G 3, b. 1904

Anthony J.3 Haser (Joseph2, Joseph1), m. Cecilia H May, b. ca. 1885.  He was in McKees Rocks, as an undertaker, in 1920 and 1930.

Child of Anthony J. and Cecilia H. (May) Haser:
  1. Cecilia M. b. ca. 1909.

Jacob A.3 Haser (Joseph2,Joseph1), m. Clara K, b. ca. 1892, Millvale, in 1920 he was a coal dealer.

Children of Jacob A. and Clara K. Haser:
  1. Armella, b. ca. 1917
  2. Leona, b. ca. 1919
  3. Edward, b. ca. 1921
  4. Bernise, b. ca. 1923
  5. Jean, b. ca. 1925
Joseph W.3 Haser (Joseph2,Joseph1), m. ca. 1917 Marie, b. ca. 1897, Pa., he was a food products salesman in Shaler in 1920.

Child of Joseph W and Marie Haser:
  1. Robert, b. ca. 1919

Gustevus3 Haser (Joseph2,Joseph1), m. Marie M, b. ca. 1900, he was a laundry teemster in Reserve Twp. in 1920, and the proprietor of a rug cleaning establishment in Springdale in 1930.

Children of Gustevus and Marie M. Haser:
  1. Rita H, b. 1919
  2. Mary M., b. ca. 1922
  3. Paul G., b. c.a 1925
  4. Ralph Z, b. ca. 1928

Lawrence3 Haser (Joseph2,Joseph1), m. Margaret,  and was in Ross Twp. in 1930.

Children of Lawrence and Margaret Haser:
  1. Irene, b. ca. 1926
  2. Lawrence b. ca. 1927