Baldwin-Preston families of Bradford Co., Pa.

Baldwin and Preston Families
of Bradford Co., Pa.
by Todd A. Farmerie

In the early years of the 19th century, multiple branches of both the Baldwin and Preston families settled in what became Bradford Co., then on the frontier of northern Pennsylvania. Over succeeding generations, the descendants of these families continually intermarried, not only there, but west in Iowa and California. These pages focus on the descendants of Jabez, Samuel, Eleazer Baldwin, and Lois (Baldwin) Webber, along with Levi and Colburn Preston, highlighting the intermarriages among these families. This material was compiled as a supplement to work on the Webber family, elsewhere on this site, and to avoid repetition, families shared through intermarriage of the families will not be shown except in skeleton format, and links to the Webber document should be followed for more complete information.

Origin of the Bradford Co. BALDWIN family

Descendants of the Jabez BALDWIN of Bradford Co.

Descendants of the Samuel BALDWIN of Bradford Co.

Descendants of the Eleazer BALDWIN of Tioga Co.


Origin of the Bradford Co. PRESTON family

Descendants of the Levi PRESTON of Bradford Co.

Descendants of the Rev. Colburn PRESTON of Bradford Co.

Index of PRESTON and BALDWIN families