About these pages

About these Pages

The pages that make up this web site cover a range of time periods and geographical locations. Some of the individuals mentioned are ancestors, some are cousins, and some are ancestors of cousins (some are not connected at all). They have only one thing in common - I am researching them.

The material appearing here also covers a range of reliability, from thoroughly documented lineages to lines which have been pasted together with duct tape and those twisties that you close garbage bags with. In most cases, I have given some indication of the relative trustworthyness of the information. Please pay close attention to these qualifiers, and copy them if you copy the material.

I have posted the information here in order to assist my research as much as to assist that of others, so I have rarely posted complete information on the families. I do this for two reasons. First, it took me long enough to get the partial information up, let alone enter everything I have. The second reason is to encourage those interested in the families discussed to contact me for any additional information I may have. This way we can both benefit from the exchange of information.

You may note the lack of cute pictures, dancing graphics, etc. While at some future date I may pretty things up, right now my effort is going into getting the data on-line. If you want pretty pictures, buy a box of Crayons and knock yourself out. Look at the bright side - at least the pages will load faster.

I have experimented, to some extent, with the use of HTML tables to represent standard genealogical charts in web-readable format. If, using your browser, these tables do not represent the information in a useful form, please let me know the browser you are using.

All material on this site is protected by U.S. copyright law. When citing material from this site, the author/compiler's name, URL, and date the information was obtained from the site should be included.

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