Creek Slaves

Creek Collection

Negroes in the Creek Nation
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This is a transcription of a records from National Archives microfilm series M234, rolls 236, 290 and microfilm series M271, rolls 1-4. Microfilm series M234 reproduces letters received by the Office of Indian Affairs. Rolls 236 and 290 contains correspondence relating to the Creek Agency (West) and the Florida Superintendency Emigration, respectively. Microfilm series M271, rolls 1-4 contains correspondence received by the Secretary of War relating to Indian affairs. Many of these are very hard to read and there are no doubt mistakes in the transcriptions. More background information regarding the transcribed records below can usually be found in the letters preceding and following the record, on the microfilm.

Letter to recover thirty eight Negroes 1801.

A deposition of J. S. Thomas regarding the affair.

Three similar lists of 59 Negroes that mention their names, ages, and owners: List 1   List 2   List  3 [appended]

A letter regarding the title to a family of Negroes belonging to William McIntosh.

A list of 72 Negroes taken from William McIntosh on April 30th, 1825.

A list of 10 Negroes claimed by William McIntosh's widow Susannah McIntosh.

Some letters regarding the title to a family of Negroes belonging to Thomas Grayson (Grierson) and the actions of Col. Brearly.