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Oklahoma's Writers Project and Indian-Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma ( 1937- 1938): Copies of original transcripts can be obtained from: Oklahoma Historical Society, 2100 N. Lincoln Blvd. OKC, OK 73105

Freedmen Slave Narrative                 Denied Freedmen

To the Readers: You may find some terms or phrases that you find offensive. The narratives have been transcribed as written, although they contain statements that may not be politically correct for the year 2000, they were terms used in the early 1900 (and even today) by all races.I am proud to say I am a Freedmen descendant, therefore to change their words would be a disservice to them, myself and to those who seek the truth.

Transcribed by Eleanor Wyatt : The narratives speaks to being freed after the civil war, but I must say that as a Freedmen descendant, the spirit that drives me to search, is a spirit of freedom, A freedom inherited from my ancestors. Thus I choose to believe that my ancestor's bodies may have been held in bondage, but they retained their freedom of mind

Adams, Isaac

Alexander, Alice

Anderson, Sam

Banks, Frances

Banks, Phoebe

Banks, Sina

Barber, Mollie

Barner, L. B.

Battiest, Jane

Bean, Joe

Nancy Rogers Bean

 Bee, Prince

 Bell, Eliza

 Bethel, William L.

Blocker, Irene

 Bonner, Lewis

 Bridges, Francis

Brown, Charley Moore

 Brown, John

 Burns, Robert

Burton, Daniel Webster

Butler, Ed

Campbell, Jack

 Carder, Sallie

 Chessier, Betty Foremen

 Claridy, George Washington

Clay, Henry

Colbert, Polly

Cole, Jefferson L.

 Conrad, George Jr.

 Curtis, William

Davis, Lucinda

 Dawson, Anthony

 Douglass, Alice

 Dowdy, Doc Daniel

Draper, Joanna

 Easter, Esther

 Evans, Eliza

 Farmer, Lizzie

 Fountain, Della

Franklin, Buck Colbert

Franklin, Richard

 Gardner, Nancy

 George, Octivia

Grayson, Mary

Grinstead, Robert R.

 Hardman, Mattie

Hardrick, Eliza

 Harmon, George W

 Creek Nation History
Harrison, John

Harshaw, Plomer

 Hawkins, Annie

 Hemmett, London Law

Henderson, Henry

 Henry, Ida

 Hillyar, Morris

 Hutson, Hal

 Hutson, William

 Jackson, Frank

Jackson, Lizzie

Jenkins, Lewis

 Johnson, Nellie

 Jordan, Josie

 Jordan, Sam

 King, Martha

Kye, George

Lindsay, Mary

 Logan, Mattie

Lonian, Moses

Love, Kiziah

 Lucas, Daniel William

 Luster, Bert

 Mack, Marshall

 Manning, Allen

Maynard, Bob

McCray, Stephen

 McFarland, Hannah

McNair, Chaney

 Mercer, Rose

 Montgomery, Jane

Nave, Cornelius Neely

 Oliver, Amanda

 Oliver, Salomon

 Perry, Noah

Perryman, Patsy

Petite, Phyllis

 Pinkard, Maggie

Poe, Matilda

Pryor, Elsie

 Pyles, Henry F.

Richardson, Chaney

 Richardson, Red

Robertson, Betty

Robinson, Harriett

 Rowe, Hatie

 Samuel, C. G

 Scott, Annie Groves

Sheppard, Morris

 Simms, Andrew

 Smith, Alfred

 Smith, Liza

Smith, Lou

 Smith, Moses

Smith, R. C.

 Southall, James

Starr, Milton

 Stennett, J. W

 Strayhorn, Eva

Thompson, Johnson

Thompson, Ned

Thompson, Victoria Taylor

Threat, Jim

Vann, Lucinda

Wagoner, Sweetie Ivery

 Watson, William

 Webb, Mary Frances

 Wells, Easter

 White, John

Whitmire, Eliza

 Williams, Charley

 Williams, Hula

 Williams, Robert

 Willis, Charles

Wilson, Sarah

 Wofford, Acemey

 Wood, Tom

 Young, Annie

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