Almeria Genealogy

If you interested in general information about Almeria there are resources available on the web. This site is dedicated to exchanging information about ancestors who originate from the province of Almeria, Andalucia, Spain.

If you would like to post a query or browse the queries for Almeria an automated bulletin board is available.

In addition you can search the queries that have already been submitted for a specific surname or see an index of the surnames that have been submitted.

My personal work in the area is also available if you are interested.

For information/websites associated with towns in Almeria try here

The Ministry of Education and Culture has a great site for looking up records in Spain. When you go there enter "parroquia" in the box next to "Nombre/Entidad", enter "Almeria" in the box next to "Provincia", and enter "españa" in the box next to "País" (note you must enter the ñ instead of an "n" or the search will fail) What you will see is a list of catalogued churches in almeria that have records. If you prefer this shortcut will get you directly there without having to fill out the form. Good luck.

For more information about genealogy in Spain you might want to try

For more information about genealogy within the other provinces in the Andalucia region you can try

You might also want to check out the AOL Hispanic Genealogy Group

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Contact me if you have information related to Genealogy in the Almeria province of Spain.