M A Quimby Diary


Rev. Moses A. Quimby

Epsom Diary Entries 1850-1885

Transcribed by Richard Frank Ebens 1994 and copy given to the Epsom Library. As Mr. Ebens is not from the area, he incorrectly recorded many names and places, including the names of many Epsom families. The portions of the diary relating to the three different pastorates of Rev. Quimby in Epsom have been re-edited here by the Epsom Historical Association.


Moses Quimby, His Diary
Free Will Baptist Minister
In Southern New Hampshire and Maine

Transcribed by Richard Frank Ebens 1994
Epsom portion re-transcribed Epsom Historical Association


Sept. 3, 1850 A few weeks that I have been at home I have enjoyed the society of my friends exceedingly well. When I came back I thought of laboring in this vicinity, but as there is no special opening, and I have had a call in another direction, it seems, judging from the indications of Providence, that it is my duty to leave. I am requested to make the brethren of Epsom, NH a visit and expect to.

Sept 6. I left home the 4th and arrived here, Bro. J.A. (Jonathan Ayer) Knowles, Epsom, today. All strangers, but I hope soon to become acquainted.

The 9th. Yesterday met for the first time on the Sabbath with the people but it being very rainy only a few came out. It looks discouraging. The house is an old ill-constructed thing, hardly fit to worship in. But this a matter of minor consequences provided I can feel that it is my duty to labor with this people.

Sabbath 15. Had a very full house and good attention. God helped me to preach and I enjoyed my mind very well indeed. This was my text: "Therefore came I unto you gainsaying, as soon as I was sent for. I ask, therefore, for what intent you have sent for me." Acts 10:29.
PM Psalm 12:6 On seeing so many present gave me some encouragement, and suggested to my mind that this might be a good field of labor. Time alone will tell whether this is the place for me to work in God's vineyard.

Oct. 26. The week past in company with Bro. N. Bickford. Have attended the New Durham QM for the first time. It was held in Northwood.

Monday 16 (December) Attended the funeral of Mrs. Dickey aged 79. Text - "As it is appointed unto man once to die"

The 29th. This is the first Sabbath for two years that I have been obliged to stay at home. A great storm. I can sympathize with those who are often under the necessity of remaining at home.


Wednesday, Jan. 1, 1851 Another year has gone with its numerous changes. How cheering the thought that I have been trying to win souls to Christ, and my want of success I greatly deprecate.

The 6th. The first Sabbath I preached from these words "This year thou shalt die."

Saturday Feb. 1. The funeral of Mrs. Richard Tripp aged 77.

The 10. Oh that there was more self-denial, more of a self sacrificing spirit in this ch. I am not what I ought ot be. Bless my soul O Lord, and draw near unto me and fill my soul with the perfect love of Christ. May the servant seek to be just he ought to be

17th. Funeral of an intemperate person. I felt while preaching that religion is truly beneficial.

March 1, 1851. Closed my school in the Fowler district. I have had a pleasant school of about 20 scholars and have kept some 12 weeks. I hope I have done some good.

The 14th. The 3rd I left for home to see my friends and attend the marriage of my sister, now Mrs. G.M. Prescott. Have had a pleasant visit and preached once. But one was absent, who long stood upon the walls of Zion - as a faith watchman. (note: earlier diary entry notes the passing of his grandfather Quimby)

April 1st. I have now been with this people six months, and have received about 90 dollars. They seem anxious to hear my sermons and I feel that it is my duty to accede to their request. I feel unfit for so great a work, yet my trust is in God, who had said the minister's sufficiency is of him. The prospects are encouraging. The meetings are fully attended and the ch. is better united. What we most need is a revival. May the showers of grace fall upon us abundantly.

April 3. Fast Day. Temperance Address. Intemperance is the ruin of many home. Oh God save the youth from this hydra headed monster.

The 22. Attended the funeral of Bro. Jeremiah G. Burnham aged 64. Sick only one week. Preached by request from this text, "Be still and know that I am God." Ps. 46:10

Funeral at the Alm house of Mrs. (William) Barton - aged 100 wanting 9 days. Think of the changes of the past century and of the hundred years to come. How few of the very youngest will be living then. Many are passing from time to the eternal world. The 12 of May I attended the funeral of Mr. Wm. Yeaton of Pittsfield aged 60. A full congregation and God helped me to preach from these words, "Mark the perfect man."

June 27. Funeral of Abbey Towle. I trust although this aged woman was poor as to this world that now she possesses the wealth of heaven.

July 3. The wedding of John B. Philbrick of Allenstown and Susan E. Cass of this town.

July 27. The funeral of the infant child of Br. N. (Nathan) Marden. "In the day of adversity consider."

July 30. This evening I received the sad intelligence that my sister is dangerously ill. I am requested, if I expect to see her alive, to come and see her.

Friday Aug. 1. Found sister D. very low.

The 8th. Spent most of the day with her. She is happy in God willing to live or die, but seems more willing to depart and be with Christ than to live.

The 12th. I have, perhaps, have seen my dear sister for the last time. I hope not. God is able to raise her up, and for the sake of her family I pray earnestly that he may. I know leave to go back to my field of labor. What changes shall I witness before I meet my friends again? Who of us shall be missing when we meet again ? The Lord is our preserver.

Sept. 25. My first baptism in Epsom. I have enjoyed this happy privilege of baptizing Mary Marden, James and Gilmore Bartlett, brothers, all three are strong in "the unity of the faith". May this be the beginning of better days with us, days of revival and refreshing from the presence of the Lord.

Sabbath Oct. 15th. God has been with me today. Thirty years of my life have passed. Can it be so? I have tried to feel the importance of living nearer the Lord in time to come. When I think how little I have done and the length of time I have been in the ministry I feel to regret exceedingly that I have accomplished no more. In the AM I tried to talk from these words: "Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honor". Prov. 3:16 In the PM I spoke from Heb. 3:2, "Oh Lord revive thy work". In the evening I delivered a Temperance Address from these words: "Wherefore, if meat make my brother offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend. I Cor. 8:13.

Friday 10th. The three days past attended the Free-world Baptist Anniversaries in Lebanon, ME.

The 11th. Attend the funeral of the infant child of David Philbrick.


Jan. 1, 1852. A good work of grace in the church at Concord where Bro. A.D. Smith labors. For two weeks past have attended some extra meetings with him. A number converted and reclaimed. Have tried to address the people nine times, and have enjoyed some liberty.

Feb. 10th. One of late has found the Saviour. May others seek the Lord.

The 22nd. Attended the funeral of the mother of Eld. Wm. Swain. Also the 23rd the funeral of Wm. Marden's child of Allenstown.

March 25th. The funeral of Betsey Jane infant child of Levi Robinson. Likewise the 29th the funeral of Susan Yeaton. Text Ps. 56:13

I have engaged to remain with this people another year. Near its close I hope to see the salvation of God in the salvation of sinners.

April 10th. Prayer meetings more interesting. A youth has recently giver her heart to God and is happy in his love.

The 22nd. A great freshet. Five or six bridges and one saw-mill have been swept away by the rise of waters. Oh let us have our treasures where the floods cannot reach them. Death reigns.

April 23. Today I have to attend the funeral of a youth aged 17, Sarah Rogers. Sarah loved the Savior and we trust has gone to the land of the elect. At the request of her sister I talked from these words, "Her sun is gone down, while it was yet day". Jer 15:9

The 24th. The marriage of Uriah Fogg and Louise C. Manson.

The 29th. The marriage of John C. Burnham of this town and Mrs. Angeline H. Perkins of Concord.

The 1st of May. The wedding of Joseph B. Dalton of Rye and Abigail Brown.

August 3rd. The funeral of John Wallace's wife. She died in the Lord we trust. The subject of discourse on the occasion the Christian Hope, Heb. 6:19

Aug. 10. Observed the funeral rites of Sarah Smith, the daughter of Dea. John Smith of Pittsfield. Her last words were, "come Lord Jesus." Text - "What is your life?"

Aug. 30. Funeral of James Chesley's infant child.

Our Marriage
Aug. 31, 1852 Tuesday PM I was married to Miss Naomi Leavitt of Pittsfield, NH at Concord by Rev. D.P. Cilley of Boston. As we are one in this important relation, so may we be one in Christ. I trust this union of hearts and fortunes for life will contribute to our increased usefulness in the cause of God. When the changes of this life are passed may we spend our eternity with Christ and the glorified millions in heaven.

Sept. 3. The burial of John Dickey. Also Oct. 18, the infant child of John Philbrick of Allenstown.

Sept. 31. At Lydon Centre. The wedding of Simeon L. Strant of Conway, NH and Mary E. Woodruff of Lyndon, VT

Oct. 13. Wm. Yeaton and Caroline A. (Tripp) Griffbath ? of Epsom

The 23rd. Attended the burial of Alfred Green, a young man of 27. May spiritual life spring from his sudden and unexpected death.

The 27th. Funeral of Mary E. daughter of Bro. Wiggin, aged 9 months

The 31. Preached the funeral sermon of Hannah J. Dicker aged 18.

Nov. 11. Thanksgiving Day wedding of Josiah D. Langley and Elma J. Locke, both of this town.

Dec. 12. Interment of Mehitable Barton aged 92.

The 24th. Marriage of John D. Eaton of Pittsfield and Huldah Ann Dow of Seabrook.


Jan. 1, Wedding of Joseph Pickard of Canterbury and Lucy M. Towle of this town.

Feb. 12. Death is still doing his fearful wrk. Funeral of sister Jemima Roby of Chichester.

March 5. Funeral of Mary H. daughter of Mr. 7 Mrs. (Sumner) Spaulding aged 1 year 10 months

April 11, 1853. I feel as I enter my labors for another year that my work is great, important, and responsible. I would to God that I might have been more accomplished in the past. Oh Lord make me more faithful. My great desire is so to preach the gospel to the people of my charge that the blood of souls may not be required at my hands. I trust that my labors have not all been lost the year past. Some ten have found the pearl of their salvation. Oh that I may feel m\more the worth of immortal souls. May God make me an efficient laborer in his cause and give me the desire of my heart the salvation of souls.

May 1st. We are now having our first experience in house keeping. We reside in John Wallace's house. It seems better to live by ourselves, tho we have had a pleasant boarding place. The winter past we have boarded in J.A. Knowles family. They have been very kind to us. Bro. Knowles is expecting this season to commence a course of study at Concord in view of the ministry. May God direct his course make him useful in his cause.

June 1. Married Wm. E. James and Hannah E. Cote both of Deerfield.

Aug. 4th. Luther Haynes of Loudon and Ruhannah D. Dyer of Manchesster.

Aug. 7th. In the Free-will Baptist house John Wallace and Sarah H. Towle both of this town. For a few months we are not to reside in A. (Albon) W. Perkins house till the Society completes the parsonage.

The Lorenzo Hoit of Candia and Mary A. Bartlett of Epsom.

July 4. Funeral of Charles C. son of E.H. Goodhue aged 5 years.

Also the 9th in Chichester, Josiah Wheeler in the 24th year of his age.

The 18th at Suncook Village the daughter of Geo. Newman.

Oct. 20th. The past few weeks I have attended as a delegate from this Y. Meeting the General Conference held at Fairport, N.Y. The Conference was interesting and business done in harmony. At this session the Con. Voted to remove the Bible School from Whitestown, NY to New Hampton this State. In my absence I spent one Sabbath at Middleville and the other at Rochester. Before the Con. I visited the World's Faie at New York City and after Niagra Falls. The G. Con. convened the day that I was 31 years old.

Nov. 10. In the short time of two weeks I have been called to attend three funerals in Bro. James Marden's family; his wife, who died the 10th, Sarah E. who died the 16th, aged about 14, Dorcas who died the 27 aged 9 years. How sudden we are summoned away by death. The disease with which these persons died was the typhoid fever. May the Lord be with the husband and the remaining children to sustain them by his grace.

The 18th. Hannah R. Smith (wife of Franklin Smith) aged 36 died very suddenly this Sabbath following. I attended the funeral and spoke from these words, "How we escape if we neglect so great salvation?"

Dec. 1. Moved into the new Parsonage. During the season past the Society sold the old Parsonage at the Short Falls and bought here near the Meeting house, and have fitted up a very comfortable and convenient house, and we feel quite at home since we have a place of permanency to reside in. Before the Parsonage was some two miles from the place of worship, and now it is only a few rods. Every society ought to have a parsonage for their minister; for who wants to be moving from place to place every few months? And then it is desirable to have it near the meeting house where it is possible.

Died in this town Aug. 9 Lucian E. Hamlet aged 17, also in New York City, Geo. P. Yeaton, Sept. 3 aged 22, also Mrs. James Critchett of this town aged 63, and Clarence J. Burnham aged 1 year and 4 months. I attended each of the funerals.


Jan. 1, 1854

And still God permits me to live. I would praise his name for his preserving care. As life passes I would become more and more like Christ, and be less conformed to this world. Today, I joined in marriage Mark S. Moses and Mary A. Towle.

Jan. 1. Four of late have indulged hope in Christ. The interest at the Short Falls is good. Oh may the work spread gloriously. Savior divine, my faith looks up to thee. Oh let me wholly be thine.

Jan. 21. Afternoon and evening the people of my charge made us a donation visit. Some 100 present in the evening. They left for our benefit some 36.00 dollars in cash besides a number of other things very needful. The visit was quite agreeable and I hope pleasant to all.

March 1. For some weeks past the Lord has been reviving his work most gloriously. Long have we waited for this blessing and now we feel that we have not waited in vain. The protracted meeting that we have been holding continued four weeks afternoons and evenings. 40 or more are anxious and some 25 of them have sought and found the Savior. The church has come up and labored well as a general thing. Some old difficulties have been settled and good feelings exist among us. To God be all the praise.

April 7. And still I remain pastor of this flock. And since I have been seen the work of God in our midst in the conversion of sinners well I may feel that it is still my duty to occupy this field. What a satisfaction to feel that the seal of the Lord rests upon my humble shoulders.

Today funeral of Bro. John Stevens of Chichester.

The marriage of Charles Lamprey of Moultonboro and Mary J. Dow of this town.

The 16tg. What fearful ravages rum makes in the world! How many families are ruined by it! We have buried a man today who has fell a victim to alcohol, Wm. Haynes.

April 20. The baptism of John T. Cotterell and AbbyWorth

The 24th. Funeral of Martha Libbey aged 73. "I shall be satisfied when I awake, with thy likeness".

The 25th. Joined in marriage Josiah Page Jr. and Julia A. French of Chichester.

May 12th. Funeral of Samuel Bartlett of Northwood.

The 14th. Another baptism the fruits of the revival. Thomas Curtis, Harriet Curtis, Hannah Towle and Sarah E. Yeaton.

The 17th. The wedding of James Martin and Hannah Fowler.

June 4. Baptized Moses Chamberlain and Daniel Yeaton. The interest in meetings of worship and in the Sabbath school is good.

July 2. The Lord is still with. I enjoy the privilege of leading converts down into the liquid stream in honor of Christ's burial and resurrection exceedingly well. This was a good day to me and those who followed their divine Lord in this significant ordinance. Persons baptized, Philip C. Marden and wife, Louisa B., Thomas E. Bickford, Holis M. Ham and Mary Goss.

July 4th. Praise God for the liberty of Christianity. The freedom that Christ gives is freedom indeed. It has been a lovely day and we have been served the day of our national independence in administering the ordinance of baptism to four youths: Angeline F. Perkins, Clara L. Perkins, Ellen C. Perkins, sisters and Wm. Burnham.

July 23. A thunderstorm

July 24. Have been today to attend the burial of one of our beloved sisters Mary Libbey aged 51. Sister L. has been a great sufferer but the Lord has been with her in all her sickness. Her soul has triumphed in the rich and free grace of God. Text Rom 8:18

August 8th, 1854. An eventful day. Funeral of a little girl aged 11 years ___ Burnham. She died in Quincy Mass and was buried there.

In the AM the birth of a little girl. May we receive this gift as from God and if she lives may we bring her up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Aug. 13. Two united with the church today. Philip Babb by baptism and his wife by experience.

The 20. Funeral of little girl aged 1 year 3 months, Fanny Green.

The 26th. Interment of one of our neighbors an aged man Samuel Whitney. Died as he lived.

Sept. 1. Married Charles F. Marsh of Concord and Judith C. Bickford of Epsom.

Sept. 15. About this time we went to VT to visit my friends. We started when our little daughter Delia was six weeks old. Mrs. Q and the child stood the journey very well indeed.

Oct. 20. About this date we started for home. Coming through Franconia Notch the snow was 8 inches deep. The last of our journey the weather was delightful. Our visit on the whole was very pleasant and we enjoyed I much.

Dec. 10. This PM Sabbath. The funeral of Mary S. Wiggin aged 20 years. Mary was an interesting girl loved by all. She had neglected the one thing needful till bear her end, and then she sought and found "the pearl of greatest price" and died happy. Text Luke 10:42

As I look over the last year I feel that my efforts in Christ's cause have not been in vain. Oh that the year to come might prove to be a year of the righthand of the Most High.

Jan. 12. The good people of my parish this PM evening made us a very agreeable visit and left for out benefit quite a generous and a very acceptable donation. Such acts prove that the minister is not forgotten by his people.

Jan. 14. How uncertain is human life. Six weeks today I attended the funeral of the sister who obsequies we have this PM observed. Winnie was two years younger than her sister Mary, she being 18. Thus in a short time two lovely youths have been called away by death. We trust they are better off. In their last sickness they were anxious and we hope made their peace with God. But health is the best time to get ready for the solemn hour of our final destination..

Feb. 7. Solemnized the marriage of Charles W. Pickard of Canterbury and Elvira A. Towle of this town.

The 11th. Attended the funeral service of John S. Brown at the meeting and preached from Matt 5:4

The 21st. Another funeral. How solemnly we are admonished to have our work seasonably attended to.

March 1. Solemnized the marriage of Nathaniel Twombley of Barrington and Mary Sanders of Epsom.

The 14th. Today I was called to attend the burial of Ruth Philbrick aged 13. This youth was called away suddenly. She was a promising girl and a favorite in the family.

April 1. Death knows no difference. The young, the gay, the strong, the aged alike fall at this file destroyer. Another burial today. I tried to open as revealed in the gospel to the minds of the people a blessed immortality beyond the grave.

The 14th. Sad news. Dea. Ephraim Locke is no more. He drowned himself in his well. He probably was insane. This funeral was attended by Bro. E. Place and myself. For many years he was very useful in leading souls to Christ. In exhortation he was decidedly gifted. In later years he has not walked with the church owing to some differences of opinion, till very recently he has felt different, attended the meeting of the church in part, and seemed more like himself.

The 23rd. Joined in marriage Elbridge A. Twombly and Emeline Marsh both of this town.

May 30. The marriage of M.M. Libbey and Susan Goss, both of Epsom, Also Richard M. Patten of Concord and Emily J. Lewis of Springfield.

June 25. Died in Northwood Caroline L. Spofford aged 17. The funeral was attended myself.

July 21. The funeral of the daughter of A. (Arthur) C. and S. (Salina) Locke.

Aug. 16. Funeral. We feel in reference to those who die in infancy that they are safe.

The 19th. Joined in marriage in the meetinghouse, Frederick J. Cate and Abigail Hanson both of Strafford.

Aug. 31, 1855. Three years today since we were united in marriage. Today, God has sent us another little daughter. May these little ones that Heaven has given up be trained up in the way that they should go.

Sept. 15. Funeral of Charles Sherburne aged 9 years.

The 25. Marriage of Jonathan E. Bennett of Epsom and Perces E. Sleeper of Hookestt

Oct. 14. Married Mr. Hiram Batchelder and Miss Susan F. Edmunds both of Chichester. Sister Emeline present on a visit from Vermont.

Nov. 29. Thanksgiving dat. Married Mr. Samuel S. Cass of Epsom and Miss Lovina J. Fife of Conord.

Dec. 5. Married Mr. James L. Bartlett and Miss Sarah E. Yeaton both of Epsom.

Dec. 20. Married Mr. John W. Page and Miss Mandana C. Locke both of Epsom.


Jan. 1, 1856. The interest in religion is low among us, but we hope to see better days. When we get right before God than we may expect to see the Salvation of the Lord. Time flies and is bearing me rapidly to the world of spirits.

Jan. 1. Joined in marriage Charles Quimby and Frances M.P. Haynes of Epsom.

The 27th. Levi A. Leighton of Northwood and Eliza J. Griffin of Epsom.

Feb. 7. Funeral of the infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S.S. Sanders.

The 19. Funeral at the Alms house. The poor have the gospel preached to them.

The 21. Solemnized the marriage of J. Merrill Emery of Pembroke and Martha E. Hall of Epsom.

The 26. The burial of the infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose Haynes.

March 3. Marriage of Wm. Grant of Epsom and Sarah A. Twombly of Barnstead.

The 18. The marriage of James C. Yeaton of Epsom and Hannah D. Towle of Northwood.

April 6. Called again to the house of mourning. A youth of ten years, Emma E. Healey, we have buried today. Death leaves a shining mark.

June 1. Funeral of Mr. Wells aged 27.

July 19. Marriage of C.E. Call of Northwood and E.M> Durgin of Lee.

Aug. 14. The burial of Hopley Yeaton. The way of the transgressor is hard.

The 15. Observed the funeral obsequies of Levi G. Young aged 73.

Oct. 29. Married Hazen Saltmarsh of Hooksett and Mary Matthews of Epsom.

Nov. 1. Joined in marriage Wm. Fowler of Epsom and Sarah E. Kelley of Pembroke.

Dec. 1. Solemnized the marriage of James P. Hook of Chichester and Sarah J. Gates of Concord.

The 9. The marriage of James M. Burnham and Mary J. Wells of Epsom.

The 21. The funeral of Uirah Fogg, sick only a few weeks. How important to be ready.


Jan. 1, 1857. Today I have a strong desire to renew my covenant with my heavenly Father. I feel determined by his grace to live nearer to him and to do more in his cause. I have not lived as I ought to. Sinners are dying all round me without hope in God. Oh Lord may I see many souls converted this year.

The 5th. Attended the funeral of Betsey Brown of Allenstown.

The 6th. Attended the funeral of Charles A., only child of Geo. W. and Mary Swain, aged 2 years and 5 months. He was an interesting little fellow full of life and promise. Thus in a dew days the fondest anticipation of these parents have been cut off. The Lord sanctify this sudden death to the salvation of their souls.

The 17th. Attended the funeral of Mrs. Charlotte M. Gardner wife of John A., aged nearly 29. She died in Watertown, Wis. Jan. 11th and was brought home and buried in this town.

The 26th. Attended the funeral obsequies of widow Goss, formerly Burnham, aged 95. She was the mother of ten sons and seen them all married and settled in life. Her first husband was a revolutionary soldier. She had 55 grand children, a large number of great-grandchildren, and a number of great, great grandchildren. Her last words were, "Come, Lord Jesus, Come quickly."

The 20. Married Wm. S. Morrill and Mary A. Brown both of this town.

Feb. 1. Funeral of Frances S. Ordway aged 2 year and a half.

The 18th. A fortnight past we have had some extra meetings which has resulted in the conversion of some 15 souls and some have been reclaimed and others revived.

The 28th. The week past I have been laboring with the pastor in company with Bro. S. Curtis at Northwood in a protracted meeting. The meetings were solemn and powerful. The Lord is reviving his work in that church gloriously. To God be all the praise.

March 15. The interest with us is good but not general. It is interesting to see the young, some quite young, engaged in the cause of God.

The 28. Joined in marriage Sherburne D. Cass of Pittsfield and Elizabeth S. Moses of Epsom.

April the 11. Bro. S. Robinson met with us for the last time before going to California in monthly meeting. He said, "If I am loved - that is enough". The Lord keep him and bring him back to us again.

The 16th. A wedding not soon forgotten at the Eagle Hotel, Concord. Samuel N. Wead of Lowell, Mass and Emma B. Dudley of Epsom.

The 30th. Marriage of Samuel Bickford of this town and Rachel Noyes of Pembroke.

June 4. Married Simeon L. Yeaton and Mary F. Leach, both of Pittsfield.

The 21. Baptized five - Mrs. Goss, Estabrook, Clark and Lizzie E. Hall and Lizzie Chesley.

July 26. Today God has given me the privilege of baptizing four precious concerts - three sisters, the only children in the family, Mary B., Martha A. and Emma A. Libbey; also Gulielma Chesley.


Jan. 1, 1858. We begin the year with death. Today, have preached the funeral service of Hannah Green, aged 62 years. How often we are reminded that nothing is abiding below the sun. I would have my conversation in heaven from whence I am looking for the Savior.

The 24. My people are awaking to their responsibilities in the cause of Christ I trust. There is a feeling that we need a revival and some are praying for one. I have faith to believe that when we get right we shall have one. Oh Lord, send by whom thou wilt. I hope to hear the penitent crying soon. What must I do to be saved.

Feb. 15. For some few weeks past God has been reviving his work in this place in a glorious manner. The protracted meeting just closed has been blessed of God wonderfully. The church has been quickened, wanderers reclaimed and more than 50 souls have been awakened, and a number have been saved, and still the work goes on. In one neighborhood, New Rye, the work has been very extensive, probably some 25 or 30 have indulged hope in Christ in that district. My health has been very ppor, so that I have not been able to attend all the meetings, yet it has been a precious revival to me. In this and the Congregationalist society as many as 95 are anxious and many have found Christ precious to their souls. The church is in a good place.

The 21. Attended the funeral of ( a child of) Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Hall aged 2 years.

The 22. Preached a funeral sermon from these words, "The Master is come, and calleth for thee" on the death of Nathan Marsh aged 7 years.

The 25. I begin to feel my health is so poor that I must close my labor with this dear people. Perhaps I am doing my last work. Friends advise me to rest awhile. The thought that I may have to suspend my labors altogether in the gospel ministry fills my soul with sadness. Thy will, oh my Father, be done, not mine.

The 27. My health is better. Dr. Tenney has been to see me a few times and he has helped me. What a precious privilege it is to preach the glorious gospel of Christ! I hope to live, and yet see many souls won to Christ. My greatest desire I think, is to live to be useful in the cause of God.

March 1. The people of West Lebanon, ME seem to be anxious to have me become their minister. Yesterday I preached for them. I am still feeble, but I am stronger and better.

The 12. Addressed a large congregation today from these words, "Blessed are the poor in heart, for they shall see God" on the funeral of Lucretia E. Sanders aged 26. She was a beautiful young woman, much loved my all, and died very happy in the Lord. The funeral of Mary J. Libbey, aged 19. She lived in Allenstown.

The 30. I have enjoyed a very gracious privilege today. God has given me the opportunity of baptizing eleven happy converts. Long shall I remember this occasion. The names are as follows: viz. Geo. W. Swain and Mary C. his wife; & Clara A. Sanders, & Mary E. Griffin; Mary L. Wallace and Eliza J. Wallace, sisters; Nancy F. Carlton, Ann E. Bennett, Benjamin L. Haynes, John Malvern and Uriah G. Hall.
(April 1859) the 8th. Fast Day. Preached today my last sermon to the people in Epsom, at least, for the present. Text, "Lo run that ye may obtain." At the close of the exercise we repaired to the beautiful banks of the Little Suncook where I baptized Edward F. Sanders and Evelina M. his wife, both aged 55; also Mary Fife, Geo. W. Ham and Henry Haynes.

Thus closes my labors with the people here. It is now seven years and seven months since I came here. During the time I have had my joys and sorrows. My greatest regret is that I have been no more useful. I have enjoyed a number of good revivals, and seen much of the power of the Most High revealed in the salvation of souls. It is painful to leave at this time at the close of a blessed refreshing from God, but I conclude that it is my duty. I feel anxious that this people may prosper. There is much to attach me here to this place. Here we came married, and here our little ones, oh how dear to us, were given to us.

Oh may Heaven forgive my past remissiveness in duty, and make me a better man, and a more useful minister of Christ. During my stay here I have attended 71 funerals, 47 marriages, and 49 baptisms.

April 15, 1858. Today, we arrived at West Lebanon, ME.



Jan. 11, 1860. Married John T. Cotterell and Clara A. Sanders both of Epsom, NH. Wedding at Pittsfield.

(Rev. Quimby ends his labors in Lebanon, ME)

Epsom, April, 1860. The last two years I have been settled over the church at West Lebanon, ME. I have accepted a call from this church and return to my former field of labor. When I left I did not expect to ever come back again to become their pastor. And now I feel that I should not if the request of the people had not been earnest. I feel interested in this people and hope that I have not missed the path of duty in resuming the pastoral charge again. Time will tell. Religion is low and some difficulties have sprung up since I left. I hope to see the cause of God prosper here and see souls converted as in days past. A revival and a new house of worship are the two things that now weigh upon my mind. Oh God, send us prosperity.

The 1st. Joined by marriage John Yeaton Jr. and Mrs. Caroline B. Cilley both of this town.

The 11th. The funeral of Henry Osker, only child of Horace and Sarah J. Robnson, aged 2 years and 8 months. May the death of this child result in the conversion of their or his soul rather. Sister R. is a follower of the Savior.

The 23. United in marriage Wm. Burnham and Emma C. Wells.

The 15 of May. Likewise Daniel C. Ayer of Deerfield and Ellen A. Yeaton of Epsom
The 16th. Solemnized the marriage of Winthrop Fowler Jr. of Pembroke and Ann L. Locke of Epsom.

The 20th. Attended the funeral of Nora, daughter of James and Mary Brown, aged 5 years.

June. Today Sabbath. Baptized James Worth. A good season. This reminds me of past seasons by the water's side when converts were bold to confess their blessed Savior in this sacred ordinance.

July 1st. Joined in marriage Joseph Morse and Caroline Hopkinson, both of this town.

August the 5th. The wife of Dea. Wm. Wentworth of Lebanon, ME died this date and the day following I went to Lebanon and attended the funeral. Sister W. was an excellent woman.

Sept. 3. The week past we have been to the Beach Hampton and Rye.

The 6th. My parents came down from VT today to stop a few days with us.


Jan. 8. For some weeks past I have been endeavoring to stir up my people to make a special effort for the salvation of souls. How much we need a revival! How hard it is to wake them up!

Feb. 11th. Today we begin or protracted meeting. No special indications of mersy - must work for a revival.

The 12th. The going is exceedingly bad. Attended the PM the funeral of Sarah Garvin of Chichester.

The 14th. Bro. Keniston and tucker as with us preaching the word to good acceptance. A few are anxious.

The 25th. The week past Bro. Curtis has been with us and his labors have been blest of God. It is true but few have started as yet, but the interest is on the increase. Some heads of families are seeking the Lord. Some of the meetings have been very solemn and spiritual.

The 26th. Joined in marriage Warren D. Foss of Lowell, Mass and Susan F. Yeaton of this town.

March 16th. Joined in marriage Amos B. Barton of Pittsfield and Mary E. Philbrick of this town.

The 20th. The Lord has favored us of late with a moderate shower of divine grace, which has somewhat revived our spiritual vineyard, and caused the seeds of gospel truth to take root in hearts before unfruitful. Some have been quickened in spirit, a few have been reclaimed, and some ten or twelve converted. Out prayer to God is, that he may not take away his Holy Spirit from us, but still give us the gently, and frequent showers of his saving mercy, that we may behold in our midst a type of urgency, consistent, and enduring, and more fruitful piety.

The 26th. The meeting at the mountain district this evening has been more than usually interesting. Two rose for prayer.

From time to time to me since our series of meetings commenced the interest in religion in this church especially one branch of it has been good. Oh that I might see all taking hold in the good work of winning souls to Jesus. During most all the meetings, with very few exceptions, I have enjoyed my mind very well indeed. I feel like trusting all in God.

April 1, 1861 One year has passed since we came here last. Thus far prospects are good. Divisions have been healed, and the church is much better united then when I came back. Besides during the fall and winter we have raised over two thousand dollars toward erecting a new house of worship. The building committee are appointed and the timber for the frame all in readiness for use, and some workmen engaged to do the work. "Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it." Ps 127:1. In addition the Lord has revived his work and some have been reclaimed and quite a number have found peace. The Spirit of the Lord is in our midst. In the vicinity of the Short Falls the interest is good.

The 16th. Last ever, Sabbath, a very excellent meeting - the brethren and sisters were well engaged and at the close three arose for prayers, two, a man and his wife, for the first time.

April 17th. The prospects look dark as to a new house. There is some division as to location. God only knows how I feel about this. The cause must suffer if there is not a House built, especially since we have gone so far. It is my prayer that we may have light, union and courage to persevere in the work.

The 19th. More encouraging prospects. At the Class Meeting last eve two requested prayers. Met today with a young woman who has recently found the Savior.

The 20th. Two joined the church today, one by exception, the other by letter.

My country. Sad thought that evil war has already commenced. Who can tell the end? Oh God, cause the wrath of man to praise thee, and the remainder restrain. The battle at Charleston, S.C. the 12th and 13th has resulted in the victory of the rebels - Fort Sumter is taken. The seceding States are elated with the victory. President Lincoln has issues a proclamation for 75,000 soldiers and the excitement is intense. Slavery is the cause of all our trouble. The wrath of an offended God hangs like a thick cloud over the South. The Most High will, the freedom of the four millions now held in cruel, abject oppression. War is awful any way, but who could ever describe the horrors of civil war?

Monday 22. Last eve was a most excellent meeting. The time was well improved, and a man and his wife confessed that within the week that had passed form death to life and want to go forward in doing their duty.

The 29th. Burial in the alms house. "Give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me."

The 10th of the month I solemnized the marriage of James L. Wells of Epsom and Abbie L. Meserve of Northwood.

May 1st. This morning I have had the privilege of seeing how good religion is in sickness. I have been to see one of God's children, Sister Towle, who is near her end. She is happy in God, and longs to depart this life, and be with Christ in heaven. Death has lost all its terror to her. She remarked that death would be as welcome to her as a good cup of cold water when thirsty.

The 6th. Yesterday, Sabbath, was a good day to me. I feel that the Lord helped me to preach his word. In the morning I spoke from these words, "Nay, but I will surely buy thee at a price; neither will I offer burnt-offerings unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing." 2 Sam 24:24. The theme of my discourse was - The Acceptable Offering. I attempted to show the nature of an acceptable offering, and that religion cost something. In the afternoon I enjoyed my mind very well in discoursing upon the elements and achievements of true Christian faith. My text was this: "According to your faith be it unto you." Matt 9:29. This sentiment I aimed to establish from the test, that the measure of our success in building of the cause of religion is our faith in Christ. At five o'clock PM I preached at the Mountain schoolhouse. At the close of the meeting three rose for prayers. The spirit of the Lord is still with us. We have some trials, but prospects seem to brighten a little. O Lord, increase our faith in thee.

May 16. For a few days the people have been moving the old meetinghouse - so to be able to build another on the same site. Bro. Wm. Goss has bought and moved the house off; we expect to worship in it till the new house is completed. Last Lord's day, the 12th, we held our meeting in the old house in the road. The house is now on the spot and the old site is clear of this encumbrance. I hope we shall succeed in erecting our contemplated house for God, but it looks dark.

The 20th. Yesterday PM at the 5 o'clock meeting at the Mountain district one confessed Christ for the first time. Today I attended the burial of Mr. (Elijah) Pettingill at the Alm house, supposed to be more than a hundred years old. Having food and raiment let us there with be content.

The 25th. Saturday eve. The week past has been a week of unusual mortality in this vicinity especially among the aged. I have attended four funerals and preached three sermons. Monday, Mrs. Elizab. Pettingill; Thursday, Mrs. Towle; Friday, R. McDaniels; Saturday, John Rand.

The 31st. Yesterday I was called to the house of mourning. Betsey Dow, a widow lady was suddenly called to the spirit world. At the funeral I enjoyed good liberty intalking from 2 Pet 3:14. I noticed 1. Some things that we are expecting (1) Death (2) the coming of Christ (3) The judgment (4) A eternity of bliss or not. 2. The state we should be found in to be prepared for the things that await us. (1) Holiness "Without spot" & (2) Happy "In peace. 3. The duty that we must regard if we would be prepared for the thing that we are looking for. 4. Diligence.

June 2. Joined in marriage today Luther Hoys of Milton and Sarah D. Cochran of Pembroke.

June, Friday 21, 1861. The new meetinghouse frame is up. Thank God for this. It was rainy today. Oh that this people would realize her obligations and privileges! I am still trusting in my heavenly Father for success in this enterprise.

June 30. Sabbath PM half past two. I have just returned from worship. I have felt more than usually depressed in Spirit today. I fear at time that this is not my field of labor. But I am resolved to trust in God for success and leave all with him. This morning the Lord helped me to speak from these words to some effect I trust "Blessed are the poor in spirit; for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven." I aimed first, to define true poverty of spirit, i.e. to show what it is to be poor in spirit, and second to consider the consequent happiness enjoyed. This PM my text was "Do thyself no harm." Acts 16:28. I spoke 1. of the injurious tendency of sin 2. the apostle's warning. The warning I showed to be 1. benevolent 2. timely 3. the last. But then, how little good my preaching does here. I feel that I need more faith.

July 4. Have been today with my wife and children to visit father Leavitt's family. Today Congress meets to consider the state of the country. Civil war rages, but the government is growing stronger each day. Already 250,000 soldiers are in and about Washington. How can the 1000,000 Secessionists meet this might force? The free north is awake.

The 5th. I have made eight pastoral calls today. One man promised me that he would pray with his wife. My God convert both of their souls to him.

The 13th. This week I have been to New Hampton to attend the Anniversary exercises of that Institution. The closing exercises on Thursday were highly interesting and reflected honor upon the teacher and the different graduating classes.

This PM I have been called to attend the funeral services of Lucretia (?) Libbey of Allenstown.

The 19th. This morning I have been out visiting the sick. How much I need the grace of God in this department of my labors!

July 29. One week ago yesterday, the 21st, which was the Sabbath, one of the most bloody battles was fought between the Federal and Secession troops at Bull's Run near Manassas Junction, VA which was ever fought upon this continent. Our men were successful at first and drove back the enemy and held the ground for sometime; but the enemy being re-enforced and much more numerous, the Federal troops were obliged to retreat at last. Our forces were some 50,000 and that of the enemy 90,000 strong. Many were killed and wounded on both sides, but the exact number is not known as yet. Less than 1000 were killed on the side of the north or union men, and near 2000 were wounded. The loss of the southern army was much greater. When will nations learn war no more? The Lord hasten the time.

August 6. I have just returned from the funeral of Miss Lovey C. Locke aged almost 39 years. She died the 4th. She was willing to die and we trust has gone home to be with Christ. I spoke from these words, "For the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal." 2 Cor. 4:18. Subject, the seen and the unseen - our relation and duty to each. I enjoyed the favor of Heaven while speaking and hope that the word delivered will do good.

Aug. 10. More than usually interesting monthly meeting this PM. Four persons, two husbands and their wives related their experience for baptism.

The 12. Yesterday was a happy day to me. God gave me the privilege of leading down into the water, and baptizing 5 precious believers in Christ. David Robinson and wife, Jefferson Edmunds and wife, and Joseph Perkins.

The 16th. I have just returned from the funeral of Sarah Frances daughter of B.E. and Abby Sargent who died the 15th, with diphtheria, aged 5 years and 7 months. I addressed the congregation from the advantages of sanctified afflictions. It is good for me that I have been afflicted. Before I was afflicted I went astray.

The 24th. I am made to rejoice in the God of my salvation as he lets me see from time to time that my labor in his service is not in vain. Five have related their experiences for baptism today. It is truly encouraging while there is so much to distract the mind in these times of civil war in our land to see some enlisting to fight the good fight of faith.

Sabbath 25th. I baptized John Spurlin, his wife joined the church by experience. At the same time Franklin Marden and wife, Margaret Chesley, and Sarah Worth, five in all. This season we enjoyed very well indeed. The Spirit's favor was felt in many hearts as the seal of divine acceptance.

The 30th. Have just returned from our QM which was very well attended and quite interesting. It was held with the 2nd Strafford church at Crown Point. It was my privilege to assist in the ordination of Bro. Nehemiah C. Twombly - I gave the charge.

Sept. 7th. A surprise visit. On returning from monthly meeting at our great surprise found my sister Julia, husband and child on a visit from VT. True friendship is sweet. We were right glad to see them.

The 8th. Today I have administered the ordinance of baptism to six precious believers in Christ. Rufus Baker, James Baker, Mary Baker and Emily Baker, all brothers and sisters. Also Mary Young and Lucy Robinson. Bro. R. Baker's wife joined the church. In the PM we observed the Lord's Supper and the season was a precious one indeed.

The 13th. I have been called again to the house of mourning. This PM I preached the funeral sermon of sister Eliza H. Towle. Sister T died sudden. She had been sick but a few weeks. She leaves a husband and two little children to mourn a great loss.

Sept. 23. The week past have been engaged in a protracted meeting at Bow Lake, Strafford. Some interest. The 21 at 6 o'clock saw Judy Jenness' house and barn burn. Nothing certain here.

The 26. National Fast. Met at the Congregationalist house. I preached a discourse upon these words, "Then all the children of Israel and all the people went up and came unto the house of God, and wept, and sat there before the Lord, and fasted that day until evening, and offered burnt offerings and peace-offerings before the Lord. And the children of Israel inquired of the Lord saying Shall I yet again go out to battle against the children of Benjamin my brother, or shall I cease? And the Lords said, Go up; for tomorrow I will deliver them unto thine hand." Judges 20:26 & a part of the 27th and 28th verses. This is an important hour with us as a nation. We are right in the midst of a civil war. Our hope is in God. Have we not the promise of victory? Our cause is a righteous one; and numerically we are strong. And what are we the Divine interposition? In this discourse I gave in the first place a brief account of the war between Israel and Benjamin, and in the second place made an application of the subject to us in our national difficulties, I enjoyed good freedom in speaking.

Oct. 21. Yesterday morning about 10 arrived home from a visit to Vt. We left, wife and children the first day of the month and we were three days in going. The weather was delightful and we enjoyed our journey very much. The foliage was richly adored in all the beautiful colors of autumn and the view was charming indeed. In our journey to and from fathers we passed through Chichester, Loudon, Canterbury, Northfield, Sanbornton, Meredith, New Hampton, Holderness, Plymouth, Rumney, Wentworth, Warren, Bolton, Haverill, New Hampshire; and Newbury, Rigegate, Barnet, St. Johnsbury, to Lyndon, Vt. We found all our folks well but Dr. Masta who was sick with the typhoid fever. The first Sabbath attended meeting at the Center and preached the AM at the Methodist house. We attended the Free-Will Baptist Anniversaries held at Sutton which were very interesting for these "war times." Geo. Has gone to the war and we missed him and Jefferson who is far away on the Pacific chore - digging gold in Oregon. We enjoyed our visit exceedingly well, tho we were sorry to find the Dr. sick. On our way back we made uncle Caleb Gilman's folks a visit at Barnet village and preached in the evening.

Tuesday the 15. in the Congregationalist house. We did not reach home till Sabbath morning in consequence of there in on Saturday, but were in time to preach our people in Epsom. The New House is progressing finely and hope to be able to dedicate it to the worship of our heavenly father soon.

The 24. Solemn news from Barton. Dr. Masta is no more. Today he is to be buried. How I wish I could be present to comfort the broken heart of my dear sister! But Jesus, the mourner's best friend is with her. The Dr. was a very successful physician and will be greatly missed. He was a graduate at Dartmouth and well prepared for his profession. He was a member of the Congregational church, and we trust has gone to heaven. He leaves a wife and two children. It is my prayer that this death may be sanctified to us all.

The 28th. Today I have been to Pembroke and attended the funeral of Mrs. Emeline W. Cilley aged 45 (Emeline Whitney, wife of William Plummer Cilley). Text - "And we all do fade as a leaf." Is 64:6

The 30. Have been to the funeral of Mrs. Clark this PM and aged lady of this neighborhood. (Mary J. Jenness, wife of James M. Clark)

Nov. 30. Nothing special has transpired with us the most past. Bro. James Stanton, master workman on the meeting house, who has been boarding in our family this summer has left and gone to his home, Lebanon, ME. The most of the time for a few weeks past we have been busily employed in getting fixtures for the new house. Good to see it so nearly completed.

Dec. 8, 1861. Married Mr. Samuel J. Clark and Miss Susan Alden, both of Epsom.

Dec. 3, 1861. Today we have met to sell the pews of our new meeting house. Full gathering and ready sale. Good union among the pew owners and but few pews unsold.

The 7th. Another meeting to sell the few remaining pews and settle with the pew holders. Only two but are disposed of. Our success is much better than we anticipated. Owing to the hard times in consequence of the war it has been difficult to raise money to complete the house. But the Lord has been with us and in his hands the work has succeeded. Dedication Christmas. There is good feeling in the Society.

The 25th. To me this has been a good day. Two blessings, I sought specially at the hand of God when this year commenced: one the salvation of souls, and the other success in building a house for God. I have lived to see my prayers answered in these two respects, in a way that I doubt not that the Lord has been with me to prosper his work in my feeble hands. Today we have dedicated our house of worship to the worship of the Most High and the advancement of his cause in the world. Last Sabbath I preached my last discourse in the old house from Ps. 48:12,13; today, I preach the first in the new from Gen. 28:17. "This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven." In my discourse I discussed two points, viz. First, some of the appropriate uses of the house of God and second, the immense value of Christian opportunities therein. The exercises passed off well, and we had a very good meeting indeed.

When this hand that now hold this pen shall have long ago crumbled back to mother dust, my this church edifice which we today consecrate to the Lord, be still standing and occupied by a faithful and deeply spiritual ministry and well filled with pious and attentive hearers. And when the books are opened and Christ comes to make up his jewels than may be know indeed that this house has not been built in vain, but has been the birth-place of many souls, who shall shine as the stars for ever and ever.

Sabbath 29th. For the first time we have worshipped on the Lord's day in our new house. I preached in the AM from Hag. 2:9; and in the PM from Is 35:8-10. I tried to show what constitutes the glory of the house of God, and urged the importance of making this house to surpass the former in spirituality and success in advancing the cause of God and winning souls to Christ.


Time is ever on the wing. Another year has passed and its acts sealed up for the judgment. Never has this nation been so rent by civil discord as now. For the last few months hundreds of lives have perished in civil war, and the end is not yet. How many hearts have been made sad during the year just closed, in consequence of death's doings!
And how we shudder with fear as the eye runs along the eye of the future. But there is an over ruling Providence and we still hope that he will bring us out of all our national difficulties, and cause this unhappy war to result in good to this nation and the final overthrow of this wicked system of American slavery. Today, we feel like buckling on the whole armor of the Lord and still fighting the good fight of faith. This blessing I am sure above all others - holiness of heart and success in leading souls to Christ and building up his precious cause. Oh how poor I feel. Blessed Savior, do be with me, and fill my soul with they perfect love. Direct my future course and make the place of my feet glorious.

The 5th. First communion season in the new house. Read an interesting letter from Bro. Caverno. The day has been cold, but we had a good season.

The 9th. Visited a young man today, a soldier in the army, who has lately returned to his home owing to ill health. Some ten days ago he promised me that he would pray mentally, that God would convert his soul and prepare him for his heavenly kingdom. That promise he has kept and feels different in his mind.

The 10th. Today I have attended the funeral of two little boys, Frank and George Rand, one aged 4 and the other 2 years. The only children of George H. and Sarah A. Rand of this town. There was only a few hours difference in their deaths, and they were both put into one coffin and buried in one grave. This is a serious affliction to these youthful parents, yet mingled with mercy.

The 13th. Yesterday had an exchange with the Methodist minister at Suncook, Bro. Green. In the PM enjoyed unusual liberty in preaching from Rev. 7:14 "These are they which came out of great tribulation."

The 14th. This PM and evening my people have made us a donation visit. Good attendance. They left for our benefit in money 17.00 dollars, in all about 31.83. Many thanks for all their kindness to us.

The 19th. Married in the meeting house Alfred Kimball of Haverhill, Mass and Mira B. Chesley of this town.

The 19th. Great battle at Somerset, KY. The Federal troops victorious.

The 27th. No meeting yesterday owing to the great storm. Bro. J.P. Nutting and myself have enjoyed a precious season in getting up a plan for a sermon on Ps 142:4 and John 1:42.

Feb. 3. I enjoyed excellent freedom in discoursing upon this text yesterday, "He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire" Luke 3:16, upon the baptism of the Spirit. Not many days hence, I hope we shall all be filled with his gracious favor. "Come Holy Spirit, heavenly dove."

Feb. 20. For a few days past, it has seemed very solemn with us. I have had an unusual number of funerals to attend. The 14th attended the funeral of sister Sarah Burnham, a mother in Israel indeed. She died happy being some 65 years of age. The day following I attended the burial of Mr. A.D. (Andrew Diamond Locke) Locke's twin girls aged 3 years. They were beautiful little girls and both buried in one grave.

Monday the 17th. I preached the funeral sermon of Mary P. (Marden, wife of George W. Ham) Ham aged 29. She was exceedingly unwilling to die at first. Early in the summer on one lovely Sabbath she went into the forest nearby, and alone before God in earnest, believing prayer she gave all up for Christ and came back to her house rejoicing in the Rock of her salvation. Even after this till she died she could say, Thy will of Lord be done. Her end was peaceful.

The 18th. I attended the funeral of a little girl aged 3 years, the daughter of Thomas J. and Martha J. Ames. It was hard for them to give up little Helen, their only child. Will not this death be the means of bringing them to Christ? This evening went to Concord to hear Henry Ward Beecher lecture.

The 21. Today I have been to visit a man between 60 and 70, near 70 probably, sick, who says, "I have not religion, but I want religion", who kneeled with me in prayer and made a short prayer himself, who said this was the first time he ever kneeled in prayer. I think he is not far from the Kingdom.

The 22nd. This is Washington's birthday. Tho dead he speaks. The war for the union and the government is making successful progress. Out troops have recently taken Roanoke Island, Fort Henry, and Fort Donaldson. The power of the enemy is weakened. Already rebellion is nearly exterminated in Mo. And Ky.

The 23rd/ An exchange today with Bro. Edgerly, Barnstead. In the evening the wedding of Mr. Philip E. Bartlett and Miss Matilda Danielson both of Northwood.

The 26th. Philip E. and Abbie P. Bartlett's only child, Winslow H. aged 1 year and 4 months and 10 days was buried this PM. The child died in Northwood the 24th, and was buried in this town.

March 3. This evening preached at the Narrows, Northwood. Mr. Bartlett and wife rose for prayer. Life divine will spring from this chastisement no doubt.

The 7th. This eve an excellent meeting at the mountain district. Four arose for prayers.

Saturday eve the 8th. Today my soul has magnified the God of my salvation. Nearly 40 at the monthly meeting. One wanderer was present and confessed his backslidings. Oh a spirit of the Lord was with us. The meeting seemed solemn because two of our brethren were about to leave for California and this was their last meeting with us.

Monday the 10th. Yesterday I enjoyed the privilege of hearing a young brother dispense the word of life who is just beginning to improve his gift, that I saw converted and had the privilege of baptizing four years ago this spring. A young woman confessed her need for Christ at the evening meeting at Bro. N. Bickfords.

The 14th. Today I have been to the houses of mourning. Bro. M.M. Libbey has buried his 2nd wife this PM, Susan C. (Susan Churchill Badger) aged 59. She died the 11th.

(Death of daughter Delia)

March 18. Oh, what a deeply solemn day this has been and the few days past to us! We have today buried our dear little Delia. Can it be that she has left us and that we are never to see her again in this life? She died Sunday morning, the 16th, about half past two. Her age was seven years and seven months and eight days. She was sick only one week, and died with the diphtheria. At the first of her sickness she said to her mother, If I die I want some flowers placed around my head. She told us of certain things of hers, that she wants us to have if she died. She often spoke of dying and going to heaven when she was well. While we were on a visit with our children last fall to VT, she said to her grandmother, who asked her to come and make a visit next summer "Maybe that I shall be in heaven next summer." When speaking of another world a dew days prior to her last, said "Mother, I shall die and go to heaven, and I shall be an angel, and I shall have little wings, and I shall fly. You will die too, and you will come up to heaven, and you will say, where is little Delia?" In speaking of her grave she said that she wanted a tree planted by it as a monument to mark her resting place. She was a good little girl and we miss - especially her sister so near her age. We praise the Lord that he permitted her to live with us so long. The funeral, the first in our new house of worship, was attended by Bro. Silas Courtner of Concord who preached an able and an interesting discourse from 2 Cor 1:4. The following is an obituary notice of her death as published in the Morning Star. Died in Epsom, March 16, of diphtheria, Delia, daughter of Rev. Moses A. & Naomi L. Quimby, aged 7 years and 7 months. Delsa was the oldest of two daughter, which were the only children of these fond parents. She is very suddenly taken from them and has gone to live with Jesus in the heavenly mansion. Com.

April 1st. I feel that my heavenly Father is making the death of my dear one a great blessing to me. She is much in my thoughts, and I seem often to hear her sweet voce, and to see her lovely face peering from the window as I used to when returning from my call among my people. But she is in heaven and to meet her I know that I must be pure in heart. "For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth."

The 3rd. Tomorrow, Providence favoring, I expect to make my friends a visit in VT. Since Delia's death my health has been feeble so that I have been under the Dr's care and have not been able to meet my people on the Sabbath all the time.

I now expect to remain with this people a while longer. I did have strong impressions that it was my duty to leave and go to Bow Lake, Strafford receiving an urgent and unanimous call from the church and people there, but death and sickness in the family gave me different impressions of duty. I desire to follow the clear indications of divine Providence.

The 2. Yesterday I came home form VT. Owing to high water in the Merrimack I was detained over the Sabbath at Concord. I have had an excellent visit with my parents and other relatives. I enjoyed the privilege of going into father's sugar yard very much indeed - eat all the hot sugar I wanted. Fifteen years or more have I passed since I have been at home at this season.

How different it seems from what it used to be! The children all away. My two brothers, George, Capt. In the army and Jefferson away off in Oregon mining. Father and mother alone on the old farm. Frequently did I think of our dear one so lately gone up to live with Jesus in heaven.

Delia's little Prayer
Oh Lord, bless father. Help him to preach the gospel. May it be good. May I love the Savior, and when I die go to heaven.
Oh Lord, bless uncle George out in the army. May he be good. Drive back the rebels. May he come home.

May 1st. Two weddings this AM at the parsonage. Octavius W. Fellows and Melissa A. Barton, both of Pittsfield. Also George S. Smith of Chichester and Arvilla A. Fellows of Pittsfield.

The 3rd. Gorham P. Rand and Theresa M. Hayes, both of this town.

The 12th. Yesterday was an interesting season to us. Our communion service was deeply spiritual and refreshing to my soul. Two added to the church, one a young man of promise who is a member of Dartmouth College. Is not God calling him to the great work of winning souls to Christ?

The 15th. In my visits today I found a young woman under deep conviction. She is not willing to confess Christ with the mouth.

The 17th. Last eve married John A. Walker and Emma A. Eaton, both of Pittsfield

The 24th. Joined in marriage Benjamin Thompson and Helen S. Lancaster, both of Northwood.

The 30th. This week I have been to the QM assisted in the ordination of Bro. Joseph H. Brown - gave the charge. The meeting was one of interest. This PM preached the funeral sermon of Mrs. Sanborn (Ann Lane, wife of Benvolio Sanborn)who died yesterday aged 68.

The 19th. This PM I have been called to attend the funeral of Bro. Wm Manson aged 88 years and 6 months. Bro. M. has been journeying heavenward more than 50 years. He died the 17th. Text Phil 3:21. Many precious opportunities have I enjoyed with this father in Israel during the past twelve years. His theme was religion.

July 4th. We have been to Pittsfield today to assist father Leavitt's. Sad thoughts steal upon my meditations of the past. One year ago Delia was with us. Great excitement at this time owing to the war. The Union army in retreating from Richmond has fought the rebels for some six days past. The loss on both sides is immense. We have lost over 15,000 dead, wounded and missing. The rebels estimate their loss to be more than 25,000. Oh what a cruel war!

The 19th. Today I have received a letter from Bro. George. He is in McClellan's army neat Harrison's Landing on the James river. He has been in three engagements and thru the mercy of God he still lives. He is captain of the 4th Vermont regiment. I hope that God will spare his life that may live to be useful to the cause.

The 21st. It is now one year since the Battle at Bull's Run. Many battles have been fought the past year and many lives have been sacrificed. When will the end come" The union army has seemed to be successful of late. The recent battles before Richmond have seemed to be rather against us. The President has called for 3000,000 more soldiers and the settled determination of the government is to put down this huge rebellion. Over one half million have volunteered prior to this. The great cause of this rebellion is salvery and the thirst for domination. May the war soon close and with it I hope to see slavery go down. How much trouble this sin has caused: "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump."

Aug. 3. Sabbath. Attended the funeral of Betsey Leavitt of Allenstown at the place of her residence in that town. It was her wish that I should preach on the occasion Text PS 61:2 God helped me to speak his word and I trust good was done.

August 8th. We have just made a visit to Delia's grave. If she had lived, today she would have been eight years of age. Oh what thoughts stir the mind, what emotions swell the heart as we stand beside the silent mound and call up the past! I am happy beside the grave of my child, tho in sadness and t ears. The resurrection is my hope and comfort. I seem to hear the voice of my Savior as of old, "I am the resurrection."

Aug. 19. Wedding of Mr. Harvey Johnson and Miss Mary A. Morrill both of Pittsfield.

Aug. 20th. The war fever runs high. Eight of our brethren have recently enlisted besides other members of my congregation.

The 23rd. This PM we had an extra monthly meeting at Dea. Tripps - about 37 were present. A number of our brethren who have joined the army were present, probably some of them for the last time. The spirit of the meeting was excellent, and our young brother related his experience for baptism.

The 30th. Monthly conference met at the meetinghouse and two young sisters were received as candidates for baptism and church membership.

Aug. 31. Baptized Bro. Joseph Bartlett today, Sunday, had communion in the PM. A portion of the time was occupied by the brethren who soon leave us for the seat of war. We enjoyed our mind well in administering both ordinances. The Lord was indeed with us. In the AM I preached with some freedom from these words: "And lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world." Matt 28:20. My theme was, Christ always with us, and I tried to apply the subject to those who have enlisted to fight the battles of our country.

Sept. 11th. Today I have been to Concord to witness the departure of the 11th Regiment for Washington. The scene I shall never soon forget. It was most affecting to see, but much more so to kindred friend, to take the parting hand. Most all appeared deeply solemn while others shed the parting farewell tear. Some over thirty from this town were in the Regiment and a number of our best brethren. It seemed to me that I never loved them so well. This eve we miss them in the Class room; but our prayers go with them. Nine of the members of this church are in this Reg. Besides others who are members of our congregation.

The 15th. Yesterday was a good tho solemn day to us. In the morning I preached the funeral sermon of Harvey Marden soldier in the 7th NH Regt. Of Vol's who died at Beaufort, SC Aug. 8. My text was, "What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter." John 13:7. I noted 1. that the providences of God are often mysterious to us; 2. that they will all be made plain in the future world. At noon I baptized two interesting young sisters; Annie Fowler and Ruhama J. Locke. In the PM I preached from Ruth 1:16, 17 upon the subject of Christian attachment in the church of Christ. I made the attachment of Ruth to Naomi illustrate Christian attachment.

At noon today, the 15th I joined in marriage Mr. George F. Meserve and Miss Livonia L. Emerson, both of this town.

The 16th. The funeral of Elmer Erwin, son of B.F. Towle of Northwood, aged 18 months. How sweet the thought that our little ones are with Christ in heaven.

The 23rd. I have been to Concord today to visit the Soldiers encamped there. Three Regiments are now encamped on the fair ground in close proximity, the 12th, 13th and 14th, nearly 3000 men. This makes business lively in Concord.

The 25th. I have been to Deerfield today to preach the funeral sermon of Bro. Moses Thompson. For years he has been confined to his house or unable to perform any manual labor. He died happy in God aged 67.

The 26th. This evening married True B. Marston and Martha A. Buzzell, both of this town.

The 29th. Yesterday I preached at Suncook on exchange. I enjoyed unusual freedom in discoursing from Divine truth. Preached in the morning upon unearthly character of Christ's Kingdom. "My Kingdom is not of this world." John 18:36. Text in the PM Matt 18:3.

The first of October. This PM attended the funeral of a young child of Mr. O (Ozem) Dowst.

Oct. 6, 1862. Yesterday, Sabbath, the 5th, was my birthday. Forty one years of life's journey is completed, and I find that I am just beginning to descend the western slope of life. At this period of my existence, I seem to stand as upon some commanding eminence; on the one had I see my fellow beings, the youthful, the strong, and the active, pressing to the goal I am now passing, while on the other hand, I beholdeth the strength of manhood, the hope of coming generations, of life, soon to pass over Jordan into the promised land. I feel in regard to my own heart, my consecration to Christ, my gracious Redeemer, very much as expressed in the text I used yesterday, "There remaineth yet very much land to be possessed." Joshua 13:1. In respect to the individual heart, the family, the church, the congregation, the benevolent causes, and the world at large there is indeed very much land to possessed and cultivated.

Oct. 13. Yesterday I enjoyed excellent freedom in preaching from Mark 16:16. I noted 1. the nature of saving faith; 2. considered the relation of baptism and faith in the salvation of the soul; and 3. Considered the consequences of unbelief. I know not what it is to be damned in the future world and I hope I never shall. Salvation by Christ is a most precious and valuable blessing.

The 16. I attend two funerals. At half past one that of Mrs. Rand (Sarah Batchelder, wife of Thomas Rand) of this town aged 72 and Truman Marden one of our Sabbath school scholars aged 10. He was an interesting and promising lad.

Nov. 7. Bro. Michael M. Libbey is no more. He departed this live the 5th aged 56. He was a member of this church and a very excellent man. Since I came to this town I have attended the funeral of his mother, his first wife, and daughter, and now his. Also, I marred him to his second wife and baptized his children, three daughters. Mary and Martha still live. In visiting them one is reminded of Christ's visit to Bethany.

Nov. 14. Bro. Edward H. Sanders is no more. He has gone home. He was a young man of promise. I trust that God made me useful in leading him to Christ. He was a member of Dartmough College. Today I preached his funeral sermon. His life so brief, 24 years, seems like a promising spring with the heavens all bright, and blue, and full of sunshine with singing birds and blossoming trees, indicating growth in summer, and a mature harvest in autumn. And so we speak of hi, as the tree whose blossoms in rich profusion lie scattered over the fields, while the fruit fall on heavenly fields, to be gathered by angelic hands.

Dec. 13. This afternoon I have been to the house of mourning again. This is the third funeral of this family that I have been called to attend. They died with consumption. Jacob H. Wiggin was nearly 22 years of age at the time of his death. In conversation with me a few days before his death he said "I think it will be well with me. I long to have the time come."

The 17th. Death reigns all around us. They die in the army and here too. I have been to Allenstown this PM to attend the burial service of Mrs. Clara P. Evans who died quite suddenly aged 36 years. She was a good woman and has gone to rest.

Dec. 31, 1862. This closes this eventful year of 1862. What a year to us and to many others in this land. How fearful evil war has raged in this country. Thousands have fallen over the field of battle and by disease.

(news of the Death of George Washington Quimby, brother to Rev. Moses Quimby is received Sunday Dec. 21, and he leaves for VT to attend the funeral)


Jan. 26, 1863. Yesterday, Sabbath. We attended the funeral services of Bro. Levi G. Young and Wm. B. Perkins, soldiers, who died at Falmouth, VA. Bro. Y. died Dec. 19. Mr. Perkins the 25th. The former belonged to the 11th, Mr. Perkins to the 6th NH regiments. The both sleep near where they died on the banks of the Rappahannock, whose waters will long sing the sad requiem of the gallant and noble dead, who have died there by disease, and in the battle of Fredericksburg, who will awake no more till the trump of God shall call them to judgement. Then we hope to met these brethren with others who have gone up form camps, hospitals and battlefields to wear the fadeless crown of life. Their ages where 39 and 29. Text. Rom. 8:18.4

Feb. 14. The funeral of David Dickey aged 85. The aged must die.

The 17. The burial of Simon Grant aged 87. "And there is no discharge in that war."

The 29th. For a few days I have been at Northwood assisting Bro. E. Manson in a "three days meeting". No special interest, but a good meeting. The brethren seem to want to get nearer to God. I preached three times with a good degree of liberty. There are some signs of rain. According to your faith, so be it unto you.

March 7th. For two days I have been holding some meetings with the brethren at North Chchester in company with Bro. Swain. But few attended the meetings, yet they were quite intresting. They seemed to confirm and strengthen the faith of the few brethren who reside there. The church is very small, but some have been revived anew of late.

March 18, 1863. How soon a year has passed and what solemn changes have occurred. One year today and we followed our dear one to the silent resting place of the dead. How vivid that recollection!

The 19th. I joined in marriage Samuel W. Cobb and Susan A. Richardson both of Northwood.

The 20th. I contemplate seeking another field of labor. I have before me an invitation to visit Gilmanton Iron Works, South Ware, and Amesbury, MA. Oh Lord, guide me by thy Holy Spirit and lead me to that place where I can do the most good. I desire to be useful in winning souls to Christ. Choose than a place for me, my heavenly father. And I will fill it the best I can. Lead thou me, by the light of thy countenance and in blessing make me a blessing to others. Oh how unworthy I am! I feel that without Jesus Christ I can do nothing.

The 27th. This PM I preached the funeral sermon of a little girl whose clothes accidentally caught fire, and so burned her that she soon afterwards died. She was a bright little girl aged nearly four years. Little Jeanette Fife is now an angel and can die no more.

March 30, 1863. Yesterday I closed my labors with this church a second time. I have been the pastor of this people in all ten years and seven months; seven years and seven months the first time and three years the last. And now in leaving, it seems much like going away from home.

April 3. Attended the funeral of Wm. Ham's wife (Nancy Hopkinson) Esq., aged 70 years. She lived in Epsom opposite the parsonage. She had been a great sufferer; for more than eight years she had been confined to her bed. She has gone to rest we trust.

April 6, 1863. Yesteday I commenced my labors with the people at Gilmanton IronWorks.

April 18. Being in Epsom I attended the funeral of Mr. Benvolio Sanborn aged 65.

The 29th June, 1863. Sunday I went to Epsom and on the Sabbath preached the funeral sermon of Wm. Yeaton aged 33 years who died in the hospital near New Orleans, LA, May 26. He was a private in the 8th Regiment. He was a good soldier and a Christian. He sleeps in a strange soil far from home and friends, but his body shall rise at the resurrection of the just, to die no more.

July 6. The news from the far South West and from the army of the Potomac is highly gratifying. Vicksburg has surrendered and the rebel army under Lee has been defeated by Gen. Mead in a great battle at Gettysburg, PA. The battle was fought on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The loss on both sides is immense. What a cruel war this is.


Feb. the 17th, 1864. Very cold. Joined in marriage the PM James Baker of Epsom and Abbie A. Hanscom of Barnstead.

July 1, 1854. Today we have been to Epsom to attend the funeral of W. (Williard) Moore, a soldier of the 11th NH Regiment who was wounded on the North Ann River in VA in connection with the battles fought by Gen. Grant on his way to Richmond.

August 12. Yesterday went to Epsom to attend the funeral of the infant child of James M. and Lucy C. Sherburne.

The 27th. It is evening. Today I have been to attend the funeral of James Wiggin (of Epsom) aged 63. He was a highly respected citizen and will be greatly missed. He came to his end very suddenly by falling from the scaffold in his barn. It is thought a paralysis was the cause of his falling. The practical lesson of this solemn event it, Be ye also ready.

Sept. 3rd Saturday eve 1864. I have been to Epsom again to attend another funeral. Mrs. (Uriah, Olive Rand) Hall died very suddenly Wednesday night, and today I preached her funeral sermon from these words, "And truly, as the Lord liveth, and as thy soul liveth, there is but a step between me and death." I spoke 1. of the nature of death; and 2. of its nearness; and 3. of what succeeds death.

Nov. 8, 1864. Presidential Election. Great Excitement. Four years ago President Lincoln was chosen. The most of the time since Civil war has raged in our land to a fearful extent. Millions of men have been marshaled for the conflict. Most all the Southern States have seceded. But in the prosecution of this war against the rebellious states the government has prospered wonderfully. Thousands of the down trodden of our land now have their freedom, and we hold much of the territory we once occupied. Today I have voted for Lincoln again. With God's blessing I hope we shall see this awful rebellion subjugated, yet conquered.

Nov. 28, 1864. today I have been to Epsom to attend the funeral of Bro. Thomas E. Bickford, a soldier of the 11th NH Regt. Who died the 23rd in the hospital at Alexandria, VA. of wounds received in battle neat Petersburg. Bro. Bickford was a good soldier. He served his country faithfully and has gone to heaven we trust.


Sunday, February 5, 1865. Preached the funeral sermon of Joseph Hopkinson of Epsom at his father's residence. Text 1 Pet 1:7. I was invited one rainy Monday PM to visit this man and found him in great distress of mind. He had committed a great wrong intaking a false oath for which he felt there was no pardon. He did find forgiveness and live for Christ, tho in feeble health, owing to paralysis, till death. His ease was remarkable. For some time he could converse with his friends only by the shake and nod of the head, being unable to speak or to move any part of his body except his head. He thought much of me, and I went 16 miles to attend his funeral.

Monday April 10. Good news. Gen. Lee surrendered to Gen. Grant yesterday at 4:30.

Saturday 15. Sad news. President Lincoln killed by an assassin in a Theatre at Washington last evening, died this morning at 7 o'clock. Country in great excitement. Deep sorrow and great mourning for the President.

Saturday 22. Bro. J. Malvern and J. Cotterell (of Epsom) stop with us over night.

June 6, Thursday 1865. Went to Epsom and married Mr. Warren Kimball of Haverhill, MA and Miss Lizzie J. Chesley of Epsom.

July 20th 1865. attended the ordination of Bro. John Malvern at Epsom. Preached from 2 Cor 4:5, and Col 1:28. Theme, preaching Christ. Service is deeply interesting. I saw this dear Bro. Converted and I baptized him. He gives high promise of great usefulness in the ministry. I feel to thank God for this seal of my ministry.

August 2 Wednesday. C.E. Hurd goes to Pittsfield for Dr. Tenney and to Epsom for Mrs. Fogg agreeable to Mrs. Q's request. Dr. Montgomery thinks she will recover from the fever. More like herself.


Monday 8th. Called and stayed over night at Bro. J.T. Cotterell of Epsom on my way to the New Durham QM. This visit would be complete if I had my dear wife.

April 17th H (Horace or Henry) Bickford helped me to set out a pine tree at Delia's grave today. I wish my dear wife and daughter could be here.


(leaves Gilmanton Iron Works for Limerick, ME)



January the 25th, 1869. Have answered three letters today from North Lebanon, Springvale and Epsom, relative to becoming the pastor of these churches.

March 5th. Left home this PM in company with Bro. J.G. Cotterell to attend the funeral of Bro. G.W. Swain who died the 4th in Chichester at his brother's aged 43.

Sunday 7th. Preached the funeral sermon of Bro. Swain in the church at Epsom from Ps 61:2.

August the 16th. I left Limerick with my family for Pittsfield, NH this PM at 3 o'clock. Stayed at Bro. Reuben Lord's West Lebanon over night. Today 17th we dined at Bro. Daniel Babbs, North Strafford. Stayed at father Leavitt's all night and the next day went to Epsom.

The 18th. Visited aunt Babb;s and aunt Hall's. Found aunt Hall very sick nigh unto death. (Martha E. Rand, wife of John C. Hall, died Aug. 20) This was our last visit with her. That night we stayed at Bro. Goss and visited Delia's grave.

The 19th. Uncle Wm Bickford carried me to Concord where I took the cars for VT. Arrived at father's at 5 o'clock.

October 3, 1869. Preached at Epsom. Not a very full congregation owing to the rain.

Limerick, Sunday Oct. 31, 1869. Today, I have preached my farewell discourse to this dear people.

Nov. 2nd. The brethren are here with their teams to move us to Epsom our old field of labor.

The 3rd. The brethren left with our goods this morning. This PM I preached the funeral sermon of Susan Miles at the Baptist house.

The 4th. Dined at Bro. Davis the tavern keeper and at 3 o'clock PM rode our of the pleasant village of Limerick with my dear family on our way to Epsom, NH.

The 6th. Left Bro. Hills this morning and went to Pittsfield and dined at father Leavitt's. Reached Epsom at 5 o'clock and stayed at Bro. J.C. Hall's.

Epsom Sunday 7th. This is the third time that I come to preach at the earnest solicitation of the people, and I hope to be useful and to see the salvation of God as in other days. I preached in the AM from 2 Cor 12:14; and in the PM from Acts 10:33.

The 9th. We moved into the Parsonage and began to keep house again. Oh may the Lord me with us to bless us and our labors in his precious cause.

The 11th. Purchased a young horse of Mr. Batchelder and pain him $150.00

The 13th. Monthly meeting at the Parsonage. Nineteen present. Mrs. Q. and myself united with the church once again.

The 14th. Preached as usual and reorganized the S.S.

The 18th. Attended Thanksgiving service at our church.

The 23rd. Attended the funeral of sister Lucretia Yeaton, a member of this church.

The 25th. Married Mr. Frank Buffum to Miss Clara J. Philbrick of Epsom.

The 27th. Purchased a new harness and paid $38.00 for it.

The 28th. Preached on an exchange with Bro. Manson of Suncook.

(December) The 16th. Donation at the church. Quite rainy. Given in money and produce $57.00

Dec. 31st. And so I have come to the close of another year. How many have fallen by death the year past. How thankful I should be that I myself with my own dear ones are still alive. The faces that greeted us at the beginning of the year, I see not for we occupy a new field of labor miles away.
The Lord bless them with my dear people here. As the years go by, may I feel more and more the importance of living near God.


Epsom, January 1, 1870. New Year's offering.

The 2nd. Sabbath. Preached from Ex. 40:17 on consecration to God. PM preached the funeral sermon of Francis Locke from 1 Cor. 7:29-31 Age 78.

The 4th. Viewed the ruins of a railroad disaster some 4 miles below. One so badly injured who has since died.

Thursday 6th. Attended the funeral of Mrs. Rhoda Carson of Pittsfield. Aged 46.
Sabbath the 9th. Sermon talk from Luke 14:10 PM Heb. 13:8 communion

Thursday 13. Preached at Pittsfield in PM at the New Durham QM from John 1:51

Sabbath 16th. Preached to my people as usual. Text 1 Pet. 1:22, 23 Luke 5:10

Thursday eve 20th. Meeting at New Rye. Text 1 Thess 5:10

Friday eve 21st Center S. House. Text Gal. 2:20 "Who loved me and gave himself for me."

Sabbath 23rd. Exchange G.I. Workds with Bro. Osgood. Text Amos 6:1 1Thess 5:20 "Who died for us"

The 25. PM Preached at Manchester at the Weare QM

Sabbath 30. Sixty present, snowy/ Subjects: A reward, Habb 3:2 (?)

Feb. 5. This week we were to have a revival Convention, and one brother L. Keniden came and we had a few meeting, but the people did not attend., because slighing has just commenced and the people were very busy in using the snow. Adjourned for two weeks.

Feb. 19. There is some awakening. A few have been converted. Bro. K. has been with me a few days and rendered us good service for God and souls.

Feb. 26. The work is increasing, Souls are coming to Christ.

March 28. During the last two months we had but one discourse on the Sab. Social meeting in the PM. God has greatly blessed us in these meetings.

April 28. Married Charles D. Weare of Deerfield and Emma H. Hill of Gilmanton.

May 21. married Charles Blaisdell of Loudon and Francena Morrill Messerve of Epsom.

May 23. Yesterday was a good day with us. I baptized 7. Isaac W. Chandler, Trueworthy F. Kelley, George W. Burnham, Palmer Chesley, Flora E. Marden, Mary J. Chesley and Etta C. Chesley.

May 28. The New Durnham QM convened with us this week.

June 4. Attended the funeral of Minett W. Cotterell aged 4 years. Wedding this eve of warren A. Sanders and Mary J. Edmunds, both of Chichester.

June 6. Yesterday I baptized 18. mary A. Yeaton, Georgia A. Quimby, Charles W. Leighton, eliza J. Leighton, Electa A. Goss, Mary Abbey Fife, Adah S. Baker, Mary J. Merriam, Levina Marden, Mary Ellen Heath, Susan B. Marden, Ellen L. Chesley, Annie E. Sanders, Alonzo Marden, Luther S. Hall, Cyrus Marden, Frank W. Edmunds, and Burleigh A. Marden.

The 15. Attended the funeral of George W. Sherburne aged 53.

The 20th. I Baptized yesterday nine. Thomas J. Ames, James M. Burnham, Charles W. Fisk, Shepherd S. Ham, Mary A. Heath, Vienna R. Batchelder, Adel E. Edmunds, Alida Quimby and Alice L. Burnham. God be praised that my dear daughter Alida has given herself to God and his people.

July 10. Attended the funeral of Sarah F. Knowles of Pittsfield. The funeral was held at her father's James Bickford's in Northwood. Text Is 40:6-9

The 25th. Attended the funeral of Mrs. Libbey (Abigail Chase, widow of Richard Libbey) aged more than 80. Ps 71:17,18

The 26th. Attended the funeral of the infant son of Samuel Clark of Pittsfield aged 19 months.

August 1st. I have been called to attend a very affecting funeral today. Sister Margaret Ann (Chesley) Yeaton, wife of Daniel Yeaton, aged 28 years. She and her infant child sleep in one coffin. I baptized her nine years ago. She was a fine school teacher, a good wife and a worthy Christian.

The 3rd. Joined in marriage Mr. Charles Yeaton of this town and Mrs. Ann M. Cofran of Pembroke.

The 23rd. I attended the funeral of Bro, Thompson's little girl at Northwood Narrows.

Oct. 3. Attended the funeral of sister Nina Philbrick of this town.

Oct. 9. Joined in marriage Mr. Frank H. Upton of Concord and Miss Anna M. Chapman of Epsom.

The 22. Married Charles W. Brackett of this town and Ada L. Baker of Deerfield.

Dec. 25. Sara A. Longley died age 2 years and 8 months.


Attended the funeral of Mrs. Naomi B. Merriam. She was a worthy sister and has gone to rest in peace.

Feb. 9. Joined in marriage Mr. Andrew S. Evans of Allenstwn and Mrs. Mary A. Morrill of Epsom.

March 5. Married Mr. Eben R. Richardson of Northwood and Mrs. Levina L. Meserve of Pittsfield.

The 10th. Attended the funeral of Dea. Thomas Tripp aged 62. A good man has gone to his rest. Text John 20:29

May 9th. The eve joined in marriage Mr. Alonzo Marden and Miss Annie Fowler both of this town.

Aug. 29. Attended the funeral of sister Lucy Dow of Northwood aged 34.

Sept. 2, 1871. In monthly meeting Bro. Charles A. Yeaton and sister Ann M. Yeaton his wife related their experiences for baptism.

Sept. 3. Married Sabbath noon Mr. Cyrus N. Barton and Ellen C. Leighton both of Concord city.

Sept. 17. Baptized Charles A. Yeaton and Ann M. his wife and Ann Lydia Fowler. Plelasant September Sabbath and I enjoyed the baptism of these candidates very much.

Oct. 2. Left home to attend Gen. Con. at Hillsdale, Mich. Went by way of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Fort Wayne.

The 5th. Arrived at Hillsdale today.

Thursday,a t noon. 50 years old. Made my home while at the Con. with Bro. Samuel Dyer's family. All very pleasant.

October 13, 1871. Today walked over the burnt district in Chicago and witnessed the ruins of the great fire. Left for home in the evening. Spent the Sabbath at Harrisburg, PA> Preached in our church form 1 John 4:16. Arrived home Thursday the 19th.

Nov. 4th. Attended the funeral of Mrs. Mary J. Lamprey, aged 37 years.

The 23rd.Attended the funeral of Ruth E. and Augusta L. daughters of C.O. (Cyrus O.) and M.E. Brown aged 8 and 4. Three hours difference in their deaths. Both buried in one coffin. Sister Julia and Emeline came last eve on a short visit.

Dec. 3rd. Baptized sister Anna Blaza of Parsonfield, ME. She is teaching in the district.

The 16th. Funeral of John Page aged 92. Text "To die is gain" Phil. 1:21

Dec. 31, 1871. Today I close my labors with the church of Epsom. Ihave been here this the third time 2 years and 2 months. Have baptized and added to the church nearly 40. I leave of my own free will. I have preached to these people of Epsom in all between 12 and 13 years. I never expect to be settled there again.


Jan. 7, 1872 Barnstead Center. Today I begin my ministerial labors in this place.

Feb. 11th. Sabbath. At Epsom to attend the funeral of Wm. Ham Esq.

May 27. We have been to Epsom today to attend the funeral of sister Annie F. Marden. Married a little more than a year.

Nov. 28. Thanksgiving. Went to Epsom and attended wedding of Mr. Joseph G. Whidden of Boston, Mass and Miss Abbie Fowler of Epsom.


The first of May 1873. I closed my labors with the people of Barnstead and moved to Meredith Centre, some 7 miles form New Hampton, desiring a nearer location to that place, in view of school privileges for Alida.




Sunday Nov. 12, 1876. Today I have preached my first discourse at Belmont. We moved here the tenth. The last 18 months we have lived at New Hampton and I have supplied at Alexandria. I find more pleasant to have my family with me.




June 15. Preached the funeral sermon of Mary A. Brown wife of Newell Brown of Epsom. Funeral at her residence.



Gilmanton I.W. May 15, 1881. today I find myself back to the Iron Works again after an absence of nearly 15 years.


May 1. Went to Epsom to attend the funeral of Mrs. Louisa B. wife of Philip C. marden, who died April 29 at Plaistow. Her age was 62.

Oct. 23. Married Samuel R. Yeaton and Miss Evie Stewart both of Epsom. The wedding was at Mrs. Stewarts, Epsom.

Dec. 7, 1882. Today I have been to Epsom to attend the funeral of Mrs. Betsy R. Bickford (wife of Eben) Dutton aged nearly 55 years. Leaves a husband and five children, the youngest 12 years. Large gathering at the funeral.


May 13, 1882. Today I have closed my two years pastorate with the church at Gilmanton Iron works.

The 16th. We came to New Durham to become pastor of this church.

August - I also attended the funeral of Mr. John F. Hopkinson at Epsom, who died Aug. 23, at Claremont very suddenly aged 58. He took a ride with his wife in the AM, ate dinner as usual and died at 3 PM.


May 12. Attended the funeral of Capt. A.C. Locke of Epsom. He died the 10th aged 59 years 6 months and 25 days. A Capt. In the 11th NH Reg. He was a good soldier of Christ as well as a worthy soldier of his country.


New Durham, April 12. Today preached at Epsom, In the PM married Charles E. Robinson and Mrs. Lizzie S. Foss both of Northwood.

Sunday May 3. Preached at Epsom.

Sunday the 8th. I preached my last discourse at New Durham form 1 Thess 5:12, 13. This closes my two year's pastorate with this dear people. God has blessed my labors, and given me the privilege of baptizing six, while some others I have seen won to Christ. I go from here to Epsom a former field of labor to preach the word and work for Christ.