Epsom Probate Records



Wills of Epsom residents come from two sources - first, Wills prior to 1823 are at the New Hampshire State Archives and are part of early Rockingham County records; second, Wills 1823 and later are housed at the Merrimack County Probate offices in Concord, NH. Wills are of interest to genealogists as family members are usually mentioned.





Lawrence, Joseph 1890

Libbey, Nathan 1813 with inventory

Locke, Francis 1781

Locke, Francis 1868

Locke, Samuel 1814

McClary, Andrew 1757

McClary, John 1792

McClary, Michael 1824

Rand, Stephen 1863

Rand, Thomas 1865

Rand, Thomas 1889

Rand, William 1829

Robinson, John 1836

Towle, Benjamin M. 1857

Wallace, George 1781

Worth, Joseph 1832

Yeaton, William 1831