Enrollment T
ENROLLMENT of the Town of Epsom - Surnames beginning with the letter T.... M= Male.. m=minor.. S=single ..Number=age
NAME OCCUPATION 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1887 1888 1889
Tarlton, Charles W. Student/Teacher S S S S S 34-S 35-M M M 38-M 43-M 43-M 44-M
Tarlton, John B. Farmer/Architech S S S S 25-S S S
Taylor, Sullivan A. Physician 32-M 33-M 35-M 36-M
Teal, George - S S S
Tennant, James B. Merchant/Postmstr 26-S 27-M M 40-M 41-M
Tenney, E. Smith Farmer M M M M 28-M
Towle, Benjamin Farmer M M 42-M 42-M
Towle, Benjamin M. Farmer/Shoemaker S S-m 20-S 24-M 25-M 25-M
Towle, Charles C. Farmer S S 30-S 31-S 32-s 33-S S S S S S S S 34-S 38-S 37-S 38-S
Towle, Charles W. Farmer S S S S S S S S S S S S S 38-S 44-S
Towle, George C. Farmer S 19-S 21-S S S S S S S S 29-M 33-M 35-M 36-M
Towle, Harry F. Student/Teacher S 19-S 20-S 21-S 22-S S S S S
Trickey, James E. Laborer 26-M M
Trickey, Scott B. Laborer/Sect. Hand M 25-M 26-M 27-M 28-M M M 34-M 35-M M 36-M 40-M 41-M 41-M
Tripp, Florus W. Farmer 18-S 22-S 24-S 25-M
Tripp, George T. Farmer M M 23-M 24-M 25-M 26-M M M 29-S 30-S M M 34-M 38-M 37-M 38-M
Tripp, James H. Farmer M M 23-M 24-M 24-M 25-M M M 30-M 31-M 32-M M M 34-M 38-M 39-M 40-M
Tripp, Warren Farmer M M M M 34-M 35-M M M 39-M 40-M 41-M M M 44-M
Tripp, William Lumber.Box maker M M M M M M M M 42-M 43-M