1850 May 9, 1850 Ruth Knowles Ruth Philbrick housewife 63 Jonathan Knowles Consumption Epsom Epsom Knowles ETR
May 12, 1850 Israel Daniels Israel Daniels laborer 70 unknown Consumption Madbury Barrington unknown ETR
June 12, 1850 Mrs. Workman unknown 72 unknown unknown DDR
June 30, 1850 Eliza Haynes Eliza T. Goss housewife 27 Ambrose D. Haynes Convultions Allenstown Epsom Haines ETR
June 30, 1850 Charles K. Hoyt Charles K. Hoyt 19 McClary Grave Stone
July 4, 1850 the wife of John Sherburne unknown 56 John Sherburne unknown DDR
Aug. 6, 1850 a child of George W. Swain unknown unknown DDR
Aug. 22, 1850 Ellen Chesley Ellen Frances Chesley 4 choked on plum Epsom Epsom McClary John Chesley DDR/ETR
Aug. 28, 1850 John S. Haynes John Sherburne Haynes farmer 62 Lucy Libbey Dropsy Epsom Epsom Haines DDR/ETR
Sept. 1, 1850 Rosetta Yeaton Rosettta Amanda Yeaton 2 B. Fever Northwood Deerfield unknown ETR
Sept. 15, 1850 Sally Yeaton Sally Pettingill 86 William Yeaton McClary Grave Stone
Sept. 17, 1850 George Haynes George S. Haynes farmer 25 Consumption Epsom Epsom Haines ETR
Sept. 23, 1850 Levi Locke Levi Locke 81 Hannah Prescott Locke DDR 
Dec. 4, 1850 James G. Rand James Gray Rand 30 Hannah Spofford Gossville DDR
Dec. 15, 1850 the wife of James Dickey unknown 78 James Dickey unknown DDR
1851 Jan. 30, 1851 Mrs. R. Tripp Sarah Critchett housewife 76 Richard Tripp Paralysis Epsom Epsom Short Falls DDR/ETR
Feb. 5, 1851 a child of Benjamin Towle Jr George Benjamin Towle Gossville DDR
Feb. 15, 1851 the wife of Jonathan Prescott Helen Mansor 42 Jonathan Leavitt Prescott unknown DDR
Mar. 19, 1851 the wife of Moses Critchet Almira Haskell 38 Moses Critchett Short Falls DDR
Apr. 9, 1851 the widow of Samuel Libbey Mehitable Seavey 93 Samuel Libbey Brown-Davis DDR
Apr. 12, 1851 Thomas D. Merrill Thomas Douglas Merrill 75 Ann Green Concord DDR
Apr. 21, 1851 Jeremiah Burnham Jeremiah Gorden Burnham farmer 64 Sarah  Worth Epsom Epsom Short Falls DDR
May 6, 1851 the widow of William Barton Miriam Jones pauper 99 William Barton old age Epsom unknown DDR
June 5, 1851 Benja Towle Benjamin Towle farmer 82 Betsey  E. Wood Apoplexy Epsom Chichester ETR
June 17, 1851 Mrs. Daniel Ladd Rebecca E. Dearborn 25 Daniel B. Ladd Epsom Epping Deerfield ETR
June 26, 1851 Abigail Towle Abigail Towle pauper 75 liver complaint Epsom Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
July 26, 1851 infant of Nathan Marden George E. Marden 17d infantile Epsom Epsom Short Falls DDR
Aug. 24, 1851 Reuben Sanborn Reuben Sanborn 57 Lucretia Tarlton unknown DDR
Oct. 11, 1851 infant child of David M Philbrick unknown Philbrick No. 2 ETR
Oct. 31, 1851 James Sherburne James Sherburne 60 Sally Prescott Jos Sherburne DDR
Nov. 3, 1851 William Robinson, colored William Robinson 55 unknown DDR
1852 Feb. 1852 a daughter of Joseph Emerson unknown unknown DDR
Feb. 9, 1852 infant daughter of John R Rand unknown 8w influenza Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
Feb. 1851 a child of Mrs. M. Marden unknown unknown DDR
March 1851 a child of Mrs. M. Marden unknown unknown DDR
Mar. 23, 1851 a child of Levi Robinson Betsey Jane Robinson 3m Short Falls DDR
Apr. 5, 1852 Geo. B. Ham George Benson Ham Wheel Wright 45 Olive Ann Bickford Epsom Epsom McClary ETR
Apr. 6, 1852 a child of Abraham D. Swain unknown unknown DDR
Apr. 20, 1852 Sarah L. Haynes Sarah L. Haynes 17 Consumption Epsom Epsom Haines DDR
May 3, 1852 a child of H.H. Randall unknown 3w Epsom unknown ETR
May 23, 1852 Statira Babb Statira Babb McClary Grave Stone
July 7, 1852 Elizabeth Bennett 57 Palsy ))))) Epsom unknown ETR
Aug. 1, 1852 Mrs. John Wallace Nancy Sanders 39 John Wallace }}}} Epsom McClary ETR
Aug. 22, 1853 Alice C. Goss Alice C. Goss 37 McClary Grave Stone
Aug. 24, 1852 the widow of B.O. Bartlett Polly Ladd 58 Benjamin Ordway Bartlett unknown DDR
Sept. 2, 1852 John Dickey John Dickey farmer 87 Betsey Patten Dysentary Epsom unknown ETR
Sept. 10, 1852 Jason Sherburne Alvah Jason Sherburne 26 Jos Sherburne DDR
Sept. 14, 1852 Jesse Emerson Jesse Emerson farmer 55 Betsey L. Dickey Syphilus Epsom unknown ETR
Sept. 21, 1852 Cyrus Wells Cyrus Wells 19 McClary DDR
Sept. 28, 1852 Mrs. Widow Rand Anna Lake 80 Richard Rand old age Epsom McClary ETR
Sept. 28, 1852 Mrs. Sally Sherburne Sally Prescott 53 James Sherburne Dysentary Epsom Jos Sherburne ETR
Oct. 26, 1852 a child of Levi Wiggin Mary Frances. Wiggin 6m McClary DDR
Oct. 30, 1852 Hannah J. Dickey Hannah J. Dickey 18 unknown DDR
Nov. 2, 1852 William Marden William Marden 92 Mary Norris Marden DDR
1853 Feb. 20, 1853 Emeline Sherburne Emeline Prescott Shierburne 9 Apoplexy Epsom Epsom Jas Sherburne ETR
March 1, 1853 the wife of Samuel Weeks Betsey Heath 54 ]]]] Epsom Epsom McClary DDR
Mar. 24, 1853 Charles Lear Charles Lear farmer 15 brain fever Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
April 3, 1853 Maria Lawrence Elizabeth Maria Lawrence 46 unknown DDR
Apr, 15, 1853 Wm Robinson William Robinson farmer 18 Consumption Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
May 2, 1853 infant of J.M. Steele Frank Hubon Steele 2d hemorage Epsom Epsom McClary ETR
June 10, 1853 the wife of Samuel R Marden unknown unknown DDR
July 2, 1853 Chas Goodhue Charles C. Goodhue 5 croup Epsom Epsom McClary ETR
July 15, 1853 Sarah Sherburne Sarah Sherburne 1 Epsom unknown ETR
July 16, 1853 Mary Esther Sherburne Mary Esther Sherburne Jas Sherburne Grave Stone
Aug. 9, 1853 Lucius Hamlet Lucius Hamlet farmer 17 Apoplexy Epsom unknown ETR
Aug. 22, 1853 Daniel Cass Daniel Cass 31 Lydia Ann Marden unknown DDR
Aug. 23, 1853 William Marden William Marden 64 Elizabeth Ellsworth unknown DDR
Sept. 4, 1853 Wid of J. Critchett Sally Green 62 James Critchett cancer Epsom Short Falls ETR
Sept. 7, 1853 Clarence Burnham Clarence J. Burnham 1 cholera unknown ETR
Sept. 14, 1853 a child of John Dennett unknown 1 unknown DDR
Sept. 14, 1853 Mary Critchett McMurphy Mary Critchett McMurphy 35 George Benjamin Wallace McClary Grave Stone
Sept. 20, 1853 Margaret Philbrick Margaret Philbrick 74 Barton-Philbrick DDR
Sept. 26, 1853 Elvira Moses Elvira L. M. Dolbeer 38 Mark Sherburne Moses cancer Epsom Gossville ETR
Sept. 28, 1853 Thedate Brown Susan T (Theodate) Brown 20 Epsom Brown No. 2 DDR
Nov. 2, 1853 Cyrus P. Morrill Cyrus Peverly Morrill farmer 35 Consumption Chester, NH Conn Chichester ETR
Nov. 10, 1853 Mrs. Jas Marden Dorcas Savory Pattee 40 James Marden typhoid fever Epsom Short Falls ETR
Nov. 15, 1853 Sarah E. Marden Sarah Elizabeth Marden 16 typhoid fever Epsom Short Falls ETR
Nov. 18, 1853 Mrs. F.J. Smith unknown 35 Franklin Smith Apoplexy unknown ETR
Nov. 27, 1853 Dorcas Marden Dorcas Marden 9 typhoid fever Epsom Short Falls ETR
Dec. 11, 1853 the widow of John Philbrick Abihal Green 96 John Philbrick Pittsfield DDR
Dec. 25, 1853 Mrs. Chas Norris unknown 28 Consumption unknown ETR
1854 Jan. 24, 1854 Mrs. Alonzo Wallace Mary Griffin 23 Alonzo Wallace ]]]] Epsom Deerfield ETR
Feb. 18, 1854 Wid Danl Wells Lucy Emerson 73 Daniel Wells lung fever Epsom unknown ETR
Feb. 23, 1854 Hollis Hall Hollis Hall shoe maker 17 ]]]] Epsom McClary ETR
Mar. 5 (20), 1854 Mary Helen Spaulding Mary Helen  (E) Spaulding Gossville Grave Stone
Apr. 15, 1854 Wm Haynes William Haynes shoe maker 43 Maria Perley dellirium Epsom unknown ETR
Apr. 20, 1854 Mrs. J. M. Sherburne Betsey Chesley Blake 41 Jams Moses Sherburne Consumption Epsom Jas Sherburne ETR
Apr. 22, 1854 Wid. David Libbey Martha Dolbeer 73 David Libbey ]]] Epsom Brackett-Libbey ETR
June 20, 1854 a child of A.B. Sanders unknown 1 Charlestown, Ms unknown DDR
July 23,1854 Mrs. M. M. Libbey Mary Moulton 51 Michael M. Libbey cancer of breast Epsom Brackett-Libbey ETR
Aug. 9, 1854 Charles H. Sherburne Charles H. Sherburne 4m Jas Sherburne Grave Stone
Aug. 25, 1854 Samuel Whitney Samuel Whitney farmer 70 Abigail Goss typhoid fever Epsom unknown ETR
Oct. 30, 1854 Mrs. Jon. Brown Maria Libbey 50 Jonathan Brown Dropsy Epsom Brown-Davis ETR
Nov. 20, 1854 Perkins Philbrick Perkins Philbrick carpenter 62 Lucy Ham ]]]] Epsom McClary ETR
Dec. 2, 1854 Mary Wiggin Mary Wiggin 20 unknown DDR
Dec. 14, 1854 child of Benj. Bickford Lewis L. Bickford 7m Epsom Bickford Benjamin Bickford ETR
Dec. 25, 1854 the widow of Benjamin Towle Betsey E. Wood 81 Benjamin Towle Chichester DDR
1855 Jan. 9, 1855 Oscar Haynes Oscar B. Haynes 4 croup Epsom Ambrose D. Haynes ETR
Jan. 13, 1855 E---? Wiggin unknown 18 Consumption unknown ETR
Jan. 19, 1855 Lydia Marden Lydia Marden 69 Short Falls DDR
Jan. 25, 1855 John Gordon John Gordon farmer 60 Polly Unknown disease of heart unknown ETR
Feb. 19 (11), 1855 John S. Brown John Smith Brown 72 Rachel Philbrick Gossville DDR
Feb. 23, 1855 William Sherburne William Sherburne 31 Sarah Jane Prescott Jos Sherburne Grave Stone
Mar. 2, 1855 Ruth Philbrick Ruth  M. Philbrick 14 Barton-Philbrick DDR
Mar. 30, 1855 the widow of Perkins Philbrick Hannah Furnald (Fernald) 87 Perkins Philbrick unknown DDR
Apr. 13, 1855 Miss Elizabeth Ames Elizabeth Ames pauper 65 Epsom unknown ETR
Apr. 14, 1855 Ephraim Locke Ephraim Locke 71 Deborah Wells (1) delirious/drown McClary DDE
May 28, 1855 Mrs. Judith Rand Judith Parsons Gray 66 John Rand typhoid fever Epsom Gossville ETR
May 30, 1855 Miss Arianna Brown Arianna T. Brown operator in factory 24 Consumption Epsom Brown-Davis ETR
July 19, 1855 Mary B. McMurphy Mary B. McMurphy 2 McClary Grave Stone
July 26, 1855 Sarah E. Locke Sarah E. Locke 20m McClary Grave Stone
Aug. 6, 1855 Newell Rand Newell C. Rand 34 Mary Howe Gossville DDR
Aug. 25, 1855 Mrs. Francis Locke Mary Philbrick 64 Francis T. Locke ]]]] Epsom McClary ETR
Aug. 25, 1855 Mrs. Emeline Morrill Emeline Morrill 24 unknown unknown ETR
Aug. 31, 1855 Harriet Abigail Weeks Harriet Abigail Weeks 21 McClary Grave Stone
Sept. 5, 1855 Lydia I. Whitney Lydia I. Marden 55 Israel Whitney Marden Grave Stone
Sept. 14, 1855 Charles Sherburne Charles Henry Sherburne 9 Epsom Jas Sherburne James M. Sherburne ETR
Oct. 22, 1855 Mr. Samuel Wells Samuel Wells yeoman 79 Hannah Brown (1) Dropsy Epsom Wells-Brown ETR
Oct. 22, 1855 Mrs. Benjamin Cate Mary Margaret Wallace 69 Benjamin Cate typhoid fever Epsom unknown ETR
Oct. 23, 1855 Mrs. Abigail Libbey Abigail Farrington 70 Levi Libbey cancer Epsom unknown ETR
Oct. 23 (8), 1855 Mrs. Samuel Bickford Polly Blaisdell 68 Samuel Bickford Apoplexy Epsom Bickford ETR
Nov. 17, 1855 a child of Benjamin Hall Caroline L. Hall 2m unknown ETR
Dec. 21, 1855 the wife of George Grant Sally Foss McClary ETR
1856 Jan. 4, 1856 John Bartlett John Bartlett 60 Abigail Smith Bartlett Red School DDR
Jan. 12, 1856 the widow of Amos Davis Nancy Griffith Libbey 66 Amos Davis Brown-Davis DDR
Feb. 5, 1856 a child of Simeon Sanders Nancy L. Sanders 1 New Rye DDR
Feb. 12, 1856 Thomas Moses Thomas Moses 20 unknown DDR
Feb. 24, 1856 a child of Ambrose D. Haynes Charles A. Haynes 6m brain fever Epsom Haines DDR
Apr. 2, 1856 Deacon David Locke David Locke 90 Anna Towle Locke DDR
Apr. 6, 1856 a child of Mrs. Abgial Healy Emma E. Healey 11 Apoplexy Epsom unknown ETR
May 27, 1856 Widow John Cate Mary Towle 83 John Cate dropsy Epsom McClary ETR
Aug. 13, 1856 George C. Young George C. Young blacksmith 80 Abigail Seavey disease of heart Epsom Short Falls ETR
Aug. 15 (18), 1856 David Sherburne David Sherburne farmer 76 Betsey Sherburne Moses injury of the spine Epsom Jos Sherburne DDR/ETR
Aug. 24, 1856 Levi Haines Levi Haynes mason 77 Polly Dolbeer Consumption Epsom New Rye ETR
Sept. 22, 1856 Benj. Sargent Benjamin Sargent Auburn clergyman 70 Apoplexy Epsom unknown ETR
Dec. 18, 1856 Uriah Fogg Uriah Fogg carpenter 51 Louisa C. Manson (2) typhoid fever Epsom McClary ETR
Dec. 28, 1856 Wid David Howe Sally Knowles 85 David How Apoplexy Epsom unknown ETR
1857 Jan. 2, 1857 Mrs. George unknown unknown DDR
Jan. 5, 1857 Charles A. Swain Charles A. Swain 2 Gossville Grave Stone
Jan. 24, 1857 Samuel Libey Samuel Libbey 74 Brown-Davis DDR
Jan. 24, 1857 the widow of Samuel Goss Elizabeth Gordon 96 Benjamin Burnham (1) Short Falls DDF
Feb. 14, 1857 John Clark John Clark 44 Rebecca Withee Short Falls DDF
Apr. 5, 1857 John McClary Steele John McClary Steele 34 Annie E. Burnham McClary Grave Stone
April 28, 1857 James W. Towle James Wood Towle carpenter 57 Sally Lake abcess Epsom Chichester ETR
April 1857 Widow Samuel Marden unknown 85 Samuel Marden Epsom unknown ETR
May 10, 1857 the widow of Samuel Marden unknown 83 Samuel Marden unknown DDR
June 11, 1857 Abby Lear Abigail Lear 16 Consumption Epsom unknown ETR
June 26, 1857 the wife of Charles Emerson Eliza Bunker 60 unknown DDR
July 15, 1857 a child of John Lear unknown 6m brain fever Epsom unknown ETR
July 25, 1857 Daniel Durgin Daniel Durgin 44 Sally Philbrick Barton-Philbrick Grave Stone
Aug. 25, 1857 Jonathan Dolbeer Jonathan Dolbeer 84 Rachel Cass McClary DDR
Sept. 30, 1857 Richard Tripp Richard Tripp 77 Sarah Critchett Short Falls ETR
Oct. 1, 1857 a child of William Yeaton Ida L. Yeaton 2 Yeaton DDR
Oct. 10, 1857 the wife of Joseph Whidden Almira Elizabeth Locke 27 Joseph G. Whidden McClary DDR
Nov. 15, 1857 Benj M Towle Benjamin M. Towle farmer 61 Hannah Sanborn disease of heart Epsom Gossville ETR
Nov. 26, 1857 Joseph Lawrence Joseph H. Lawrence farmer 86 Martha Ham (2) lung fever Epsom McClary ETR
Dec. 18, 1867 Elijah Gove Elijah Gove Anstiss Southwick Pittsfield Gove Hist
1858 Jan. 1, 1858 Nancy Gove Nancy Locke 56 Ebenezer Gove Locke Grave Stone
Jan. 18, 1858 John Bickford John Bickford farmer/shoemaker 67 Eliza Lane disease of heart Epsom McClary ETR
Feb. 19, 1858 Henrietta, child of Chs H Hall Henrietta Hall 3 ]]]] Epsom McClary Charles H. Hall ETR
Feb. 20, 1858 David Marsh Monroe (David?) Marsh 7 Dropsy Epsom unknown Aaron P. Marsh ETR
Feb. 1858 ? a child of A. Sherburne unknown unknown Andrew Sherburne? ETR
Mar. 9, 1858 Lucretia Sanders Lucretia E. Sanders 27 consumption Epsom McClary ETR
Apr. 10. 1858 Mary Hopkinson Mary Hopkinson 53 consumption Epsom unknown ETR
Apr. 30, 1858 Theophilus Wells Theophilus Wells shoe maker consumption Epsom Short Falls ETR
May 2, 1858 Jeremiah Brown Jeremiah Brown farmer 71 unknown lung fever Epsom unknown ETR
June 1858 a child of Aaron Marsh female 3m unknown Dropsy Epsom unknown Aaron P. Marsh ETR
June 10, 1858 Mrs. John Prescott Hannah Dickey 85 John Morrill Prescott Short Falls DDR
June 17/ 21, 1858 Susan Chapman Susan Chapman 17 brain fever Epsom Rowell DDR/ETR
June 22, 1858 Mrs. Hannah Sargent unknown 74 Consumption Epsom unknown ETR
Aug. 8, 1858 Rachel Philbrick Rachel Philbrick 75 John Smith Brown Consumption Epsom Gossville ETR
Aug. 22, 1858 James (O) D. Dow James D. Dow 2/3m? measles/bronchitis Epsom Gossville ETR
Aug. 22, 1858 a child of Alonzo Wallace Mary Ella Wallace 2 cholera Epsom McClary ETR
Sept. 12, 1858 Jonathan Steele Jonathan Steele 66 Elizabeth Harvey McClary diabetes dysentary Epsom McClary ETR
Nov. 8, 1858 Moses Gray Moses Parsons Gray 79 McClary ETR
Nov. 12, 1858 Mrs. John Dow Hannah Fogg 32 John Robinson Dow Gossville ETR
Nov. 18, 1858 a child of E.H. Goodhue William H.  Goodhue 1 congestion of brain Epsom McClary Edward Hilton Goodhue ETR
Dec. 5, 1858 Robert Lake Robert Lake 86 Hannah Blake Chichester Libbey Fam
Dec. 10, 1858 John Yeaton 2nd John Yeaton 57 Lucretia G. McDaniel organic disease of heart Epsom McClary ETR
1859 Feb. 8, 1859 Mrs. Samuel Johnson Catherine Ham 90 Samuel Johnson McClary DDR
Feb. 13, 1859 Mrs. Dearborn Batchelder Sally Nealley 77 Dearborn Batchelder McClary DDR
Feb. 16, 1859 Benjamin Haines Benjamin L. Haynes 26 Consumption Epsom Haines ETR
Feb. 24, 1859 Samuel W. Bickford Samuel Weeks Bickford 63 Lucy Coolidge Learned Consumption Epsom McClary ETR
Mar. 1, 1859 a child of Saml Weeks Eva Ann Weeks lung fever unknown ETR
Mar. 21, 1859 a child of David Dickey Son Dickey 7 unknown DDR
May 4, 1859 Elizabeth Wiggin Elizabeth Wiggin Consumption unknown ETR
1859 a child of Mr. Lakin unknown 4 unknown DDR
June 11, 1859 Martha Knowles Martha Cate 84 Josiah Knowles Dropsy LondonDerry Epsom Knowles ETR
July 1, 1859 Nancy Bickford Nancy M. Wells 42 Abraham Bickford Dropsy Epsom Bickford ETR
July 14, 1859 Phebe A. Thompson Phebe Philbrick 65 Arnold Thompson Consumption Epsom Epsom Pittsfield ETR
Sept. 8 (9), 1859 a child of Nathan Marden Sarah A. Marden unknown ETR
Sept. 8, 1859 Mrs. Sarah Wellman unknown 82 McClary DDR/ETR
Sept. 8 (9), 1859 a child of Nathan Marden Clarence H. Marden 5m Short Falls ETR
Sept. 11, 1859 a child of Levi Cass Eliza/Eugene Cass 3 unknown ETR
Sept. 12, 1859 Nellie G. Sherburne Nellie G. Sherburne 3m cholera infection Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
Sept. 12, 1859 Dolly Goss Dolly Grant 71 Nathan Goss heart disease Epsom Epsom New Rye ETR
Oct. 1, 1859 Jacob Howe Jacob How farmer 74 Martha Lake Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
Oct. 2, 1859 Levi Brown Levi Brown farmer 80 suicide Epsom unknown ETR
Oct. 15, 1859 Charles H. Griffin d. No. Leverett MA Charles H. Griffin school teacher 22 lung   Epsom Epsom McClary ETR
Oct. 24, 1859 Susan A. Davis unknown typhoid fever unknown ETR
Oct. 27, 1869 Abigail Fowler Abgail Davis 69 Winthrop Fowler Fowler-Lovejoy Grave Stone
Nov. 5, 1859 Sarah Yeaton Sarah Bickford 49 John Yeaton Dropsy Epsom Yeaton ETR
Nov. 30, 1859 Eliza S. Cass Eliza S. Cass 49 Consumption Epsom unknown ETR
Dec. 22, 1859 Franky W. Hoyt Freddie W. Hoyt 1 Dropsy Epsom Epsom Short Falls ETR
1859 Mr. John Bartlett unknown unknown DDR
1860 Jan. 1860 Sarah Robinson Sally Haynes 97 palsy Greenland Epsom unknown ETR
Jan. 20, 1860 James A. Yeaton James Albert Yeaton 1 Dropsy Short Falls ETR
Feb. 6, 1860 Dearborn Batchelder Dearborn Batchelder 82 Sally Nealley asthma Northwood Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
Feb. 26, 1860 the widow of James Clark Hannah Robinson 77 James Clark Short Falls DDR
Feb. 26, 1860 James Wiggin Jr James Wiggin farmer 55 Hannah How Consumption unknown ETR
Feb. 27, 1860 the widow of John Tripp Sally Gordon 85 John Tripp Short Falls DDR
Mar. 4, 1860 Samuel Fowler Samuel Fowler farmer 86 Betsey Davis old age Newmarket Epsom Short Falls ETR
Mar. 13, 1860 James Wiggin 3rd James Wiggin shoe maker 21 Consumption unknown ETR
Mar. 25, 1860 Emogene Potter Emogene M. Potter 1 lung fever Epsom unknown David L. Potter ETR
Apr. 9 (11), 1860 son of Horace Robinson Henry O. Robinson 2 lung fever Epsom Robinson ETR
May 20, 1860 daughter of James M. Brown Nora M. Brown 5 Dropsy Epsom Brown-Yeaton ETR
1860 a child of Samuel T. Bickford unknown unknown DDR
June 29, 1860 Mrs. Abby W. Stanley Abby J. Worth 20 Samuel Stanley consumption Epsom Short Falls ETR
Sept. 27, 1860 the wife of Worcester Preston Nancy Unknown 61 unknown DDR
Sept. 28, 1860 Edward Goodhue Edward H. Goodhue 10 dyptheria Epsom unknown ETR
Oct. 1, 1860 Charles Goodhue Charlie Goodhue 6 dyptheria Epsom McClary ETR
Oct. 1, 1860 Frank P. Goodhue Frank P. Goodhue 8 dyptheria Epsom McClary ETR
Oct. 2, 1860 Emily Libbey Emma A. Libbey 20 Mountain DDR
Oct. 11, 1860 Samuel Worth Samuel Worth 48 Sarah Fife consumption Epsom Short Falls ETR
Oct. 28, 1860 John Burnham John Dow Burnham 71 Betsy Unknown typhoid fever Epsom unknown ETR
Nov. 18, 1860 Charles C. Wallace Charles C. Wallace 6 dyptheria Epsom unknown ETR
Dec. 2, 1860 Clara A. Fogg Clara A Fogg 8 dyptheria Deerfield Epsom Deerfield ETR
Dec. 18, 1860 Minot McMurphy Minot McMurphy 3 dyptheria Epsom McClary William McMurphy DDR/ETR
Dec. 23, 1860 Grace A. Howe Grace A. How 1 dyptheria Epsom unknown Benjamin Howe DDR/ETR
Dec. 28, 1860 Sarah M. Locke Sarah Merrill Locke 17 dyptheria Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
Dec. 31, 1860 Emma McMurphy Emma McMurphy 8 dyptheria Concord Epsom McClary William McMurphy DDR/ETR
1861 Jan. 5, 1861 Anson L. Yeaton Anson L. Yeaton 2 dyptheria Epsom Epsom unknown William Yeaton DDR/ETR
Jan. 9, 1861 Mrs. Robert McDaniel Nancy Keniston 82 Robert McDaniel Consumption Epsom Epsom McClary ETR
Jan. 12, 1861 W.F.  Estes Locke William F. Estes Locke 10 dyptheria Epsom Epsom McClary ETR
Mar. 23, 1861 Widow Moulton Nancy Tilton 91 Jacob Smith Moulton Chichester DDR
Mar. 26, 1861 Mary J. Philbrick Mary J. Philbrick 23 ]]] Epsom Brown-Wallace ETR
Apr. 16, 1861 Mrs. Rachel Dolbeer Rachel Cass 81 liver complaint Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
Apr. 27(28), 1861 Moses Locke Moses Locke unknown Consumption Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
May 7, 1861 Widow Griffin Mary Gilman 86 David Griffin McClary DDR
May 12, 1861 John Yeaton  John Yeaton 82 Rebecca Bickford (1) disease of heart Epsom Yeaton DDR/ETR
May 19, 1861 Elijah Pettengill Elijah Pettingill 104 Elizabeth Lamprey old age / fracture Epsom unknown ETR
May 22, 1861 Robert McDaniel Robert McDaniel 82 Nancy Keniston old age /consumption Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
May 22, 1861 Mrs. James Towle Sally Lake 60 James Wood Towle Epsom Chichester DDR 
May 23, 1861 John Rand John Rand farmer 69 Judith Parsons Gray heart disease Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
May 28, 1861 the widow of James Dow Betsy Robinson 69 James Dow lung fever Epsom Deerfield DDR/ETR
June 8, 1861 Widow Ewer unknown 77 heart disease Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
June 1861 a child of A. Sherburne unknown unknown DDR
June 20, 1861 John A. Lane of Allenstown John A. Lane 77 unknown DDR
Aug. 4, 1861 Lovey C. Locke Lovey Chase Locke 39 consumption McClary DDR/ETR
Aug. 15, 1861 Abiel Robinson Abiel A. Hackett Thomas B. Robinson unknown Dowst Diary
Sept. 12, 1861 Mrs. Eliza Towle Eliza Ham 40 Benjamin M. Towle Epsom Gossville DDR
Oct. 4, 1861 Benj Ferrin Benjamin Ferrin 79 Polly Hardy (1) paralysis Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Oct. 7, 1861 Mrs. Margaret Marden Maargaret Bickford 76 William Marden dropsy Epsom Short Falls DDR/ETR
Oct. 15, 1861 Mrs. Thomas (John) Beals unknown John or Thomas Beals consumption Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Oct. 16 (17), 1861 child of Henry Knox Eleanor Knox inf fever/congestion lung Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
Oct. 28, 1861 Mrs. James M. Clark Mary J. Jenness 69 James M. Clark consumption Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
1862 Jan. 8, 1862 Geo. Son of Geo H Rand George N. Rand 2 scarlet fever Epsom Gossville George Rand DDR/ETR
Jan. 9 1862 Frank, child of George H. Rand Frank E. Rand 4 scarlet fever Epsom Gossville George Rand DDR/ETR
Jan. 23, 1862 Mr. Martin Allen, a soldier unknown DDR
Feb. 11, 1862 a child of Andrew Locke Flora E. Locke 3 scarlet feverv/ croup Epsom unknown ETR
Feb. 11, 1862 Olive A. Haynes Olive Ann Haynes 23 consumption Epsom Haines DDR/ETR
Feb. 12, 1862 the widow of Jeremiah Burnham Sarah Worth 62 Jeremiah Gordon Burnham lung fever Epsom Short Falls DDR/ETR
Feb. 13, 1862 a child of Andrew Locke Clara E. Locke 3 scarlet fever / croup Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Feb. 15, 1862 Mrs. George W, Ham Mary P. Marden 29 George W. Ham cancer of womb Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
Feb. 16, 1862 a child of Thomas Ames Helen E. Ames 2 Epsom Gossville DDR
Feb. 16, 1862 Lewis Thompson Lewis Thompson 42 Elizabeth Locke Pittsfield DDR
Mar. 7, 1862 a child of A Sherburne unknown unknown DDR
Mar. 11, 1862 the wife of Michael Libbey Susan Churchill Badger 60 Michael M. Libbey Brackett-Libbey DDR
Mar. 16, 1862 a child of M. Quimby Delia Quimby 8 Gossville * DDR
May 19, 1862 Joseph Marston Joseph T. Marston 4 scarlet fever Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
May 27, 1862 a child of William Babb Annette Babb 6m Epsom McClary DDR
May 29, 1862 the wife of Benvoli Sanborn Ann Lane tailoress 60 Benvolio Sanborn heart  Hampton Falls Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
June 3, 1862 Clara Langley Clara Langley 6 scarlet fever Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
June 17, 1862 Capt. William Manson William Manson Sea Capt. 88 Catherine D. Unknown bilious colick unknown Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
July 18, 1862 Mr. Samuel  Cate Samuel Cate farmer 79 Abigail Prescott heart  Epsom Epsom Cate DDR/ETR
Aug. 8, 1862 Harvey Marden Harvey Marden machinist 21 typhoid fever d. Beaufort, NC unknown ETR
Aug. 26, 1862 a child of Herbert Lovejoy Jennie Cynthia  Lovejoy 8 fever Epsom Fowler-Lovejoy DDR
Sept. 17, 1862 (Oct) James Dowst James Dowst farmer 25 killed in battle d. Antietam, VA Brackett-Libbey ETR
Sept. 29, 1862 James Martin James Martin farmer 63 Elsie Bailey heart Epsom Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Sept. 29, 1862 a child of Ozem Dowst Daniel Dowst 1 unknown DDR
Oct. 14, 1862 Sally Rand Sarah Batchelder wife 72 Thomas Rand heart Chichester Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Oct. 15, 1862 a child of Jonathan Marden Truman R. Marden 10 dyptheria Gossville DDR
Nov. 4, 1862 Michael M. Libbey Michael M. Libbey farmer 55 Mary Moulton (1) spinal Epsom Epsom Brackett-Libbey DDR/ETR
Nov. 11, 1862 Edward H. Sanders Edward H. Sanders 24 Epsom McClary DDR
Nov. 27, 1862 Lauren Leighton Lauren A. Leighton shoe maker 18 fever  Newmarket Epsom unknown ETR
Dec. 11, 1862 Jacob H. Wiggins Jacob H.  Wiggin farmer 22 Consumption Manchester Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Dec. 11 (12), 1862 Hiram B. Haynes Hiram Bartlett Hayes shoe maker 28 Abby Jane Cotton Consumption d. Washington DC unknown ETR
Dec.19, 1862 Levi G. Young Levi G. Young blacksmith 38 Mary J. Perkins Dropsy Pembroke d. Falmouth, VA Short Falls ETR
Dec. 25, 1862 William B. Perkins William B. Perkins shoe maker 29 Nancie E. Preston diarrhea Allenstown d. Falmouth, VA unknown ETR
1863 Jan. 12, 1863 Martha Cealey (Sealey) (Cilley) (Seely) Martha Philbrick 20 Joseph Seeley (Cilley) Consumption Epsom Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
Jan. 1863 a child of George Ham unknown unknown DDR
Jan. 18, 1863 a child of Augustus  Leavey (Seavey) Almira L. Seavey (Leavey) 5 dyptheria Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Feb. 3, 1863 Arnold Thompson Arnold Thompson farmer 65 Phebe Philbrick Consumption Mendon, MA Epsom Pittsfield DDR/ETR
Feb. 12 (13), 1863 David Dickey David Dickey farmer 84 old age Epsom Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Feb. 15 (17) 1863 Simon Grant Simon Grant farmer 88 Hannah Babb old age Rye Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Feb. 27, 1863 Charles Lamprey, soldier Charles Lamprey 33 Mary J. Dow wounded d. Washington, DC Deerfield DDR
Feb. 1863 John Coterel   soldier John Cotterell unknown DDR
Mar. 25, 1863 Janett Fife Jennette N. Fife 3 burned Epsom New Rye DDR/ETR
Apr. 2, 1863 Mrs. William Ham Nancy Hopkinson 70 William Ham Epsom McClary DDR
April 15, 1863 Mr. Benvolio Sanborn Benvolio Sanborn 65 Ann Lane unknown DDR
Apr. 18, 1863 Mrs. Martha Philbrick Martha W. Ham 61 John H.F. Philbrick (2) consumption Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
May 7 (8), 1863 Mr. Samuel Bickford Samuel Bickford 84 Sally Pervear paralysis Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
May 26, 1863 William Yeaton, a soldier William Yeaton 32 Caroline A. Tripp d. New Orleans, LA unknown DDR
June 16, 1863 Mrs. Frederic Sanborn Lucy L. Sargent 70 Frederick Sanborn chronic diarrhea Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
July 25, 1863 Eva, child of Nancy E. Perkins Eva Perkins 2 dysentery Epsom Short Falls DDR/ETR
Aug. 14, 1863 Walter Brackett   soldier Walter Greenleaf Brackett 19 d. Mephis, TN Brackett-Libbey DDR
Aug. 23, 1863 Mr. Stephen Rand Stephen Rand 81 Betsey Wood Rand (1) Epsom Stephen Rand DDR
Sept. 3, 1863 David Brown   soldier David Brown 42 Eliza Ann Twombly d. Covington, KY Gossville DDR
Sept. 5, 1863 a child of Viola A. Doe unknown dysentery Epsom unknown DDR
Oct. 2, 1863 a child of Mrs. Charles Lamprey Ida May Lamprey 7 Epsom Deerfield DDR
Oct. 7, 1863 Thomas Appleton Thomas Appleton dropsy Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Oct. 1863 a child of Joseph Hartford unknown unknown DDR
Oct. 30, 1863 a child of John R. Dow George A. Dow 2 croup Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Oct. 31, 1863 Samuel Cass Samuel Cass 77 Mary Chesley typhoid fever Epsom Cass DDR/ETR
Dec.12, 1863 the wife of Simon Foss Sarah Blake 75 Simeon Foss unknown DDR
Dec. 28, 1863 Joel S. Goddard typhoid pneumonia Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
1864 Jan. 16, 1864 Fanny Perkins unknown unknown DDR
Jan. 25 (26). 1864 Charles, child of C.H. Hall Charlie Hall fell in tub of hot water Epsom Epsom unknown Charles H. Hall DDR/ETR
Jan. 31, 1864 Samuel Towle Yeaton Samuel Towle Yeaton 73 Sally Cochran consumption Epsom Yeaton DDR/ETR
Feb. 22 (23), 1864 Florence, child of J.A. Edmunds Florence N. Edmunds 6 dropsy and cogestion Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Feb. 25, 1864 Charles, child of Joseph Chapman Charles Chapman scarlet fever unknown DDR/ETR
Mar. 2, 1864 a child of David Marden Julaet Marden 5 dyptheria Epsom Marden David M. Marden DDR/ETR
Mar. 6, 1864 Olive Ann, child of Chas Quimby Olive Ann Quimby 2 malignant scarlet fever Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Mar. 6, 1864 a child of ?? Smith unknown unknown DDR
Mar. 21, 1864 a child of Samuel Fowler Grace Annie Fowler 4 Short Falls DDR
Apr. 5, 1864 Clarence W. Burnham Clarence W. Burnham scarlet fever Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Apr. 17, 1864 Nettie Robinson Abby J. Robinson 11 scarlet fever Epsom Short Falls DDR/ETR
Apr. 21, 1864 Andrew M. Weeks  a soldier Andrew McClary Weeks 20 unknown DDR
Apr. 30, 1864 Cyrus Moses Cyrus S. Moses 4 scarlet fever Epsom Gossville ETR
May 6, 1864 Mrs. Benjamin Bickford Sarah L. Eastman 79 Benjamin Bickford consumption Epsom Bickkford DDR/ETR
May 6, 1864 Joseph Sealey  a soldier Joseph Seeley (Cilley) 30 Martha Philbrick killed in Civil War d. Wilderness, VA unknown DDR
May 13, 1864 a child of William McMurphy Carrie McMurphy 1 scarlet fever Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
May 16, 1864 J. H.  Philbrick, soldier John H.F. Philbrick 48 Martha W. Ham d. Spotsylvannia, VA Fredericksburg VA DDR
May 19, 1864 a child of A.D. Haynes Meroa A. D. Haynes 7 scarlet fever Epsom New Rye DDR/ETR
1864 Randolph Batchelder unknown unknown DDR
May 1864 Mrs. Obidiah Lovejoy (Dyah?) (Emma Coat?) unknown DDR
July 16, 1864 a child of Josiah Batchelder unknown unknown ETR
July 1864 Mr. Chapman unknown unknown DDE
Aug. 9, 1864 a child of Jas. M. Sherburne Charles Henry Sherburne 4m congestion of lungs unknown DDR/ETR
Aug. 12, 1864 Mrs. Joseph Lawrence jr unknown Joseph Lawrence typhoid fever unknown DDR/ETR
Aug. (17) 24, 1864 Mr. John Grant John Grant 83 Hannah McGaffey (1) McClary DDR
Aug. 25, 1864 James Wiggin James Wiggin 63 Mary Unknown (1) apoplexy Red School DDR/ETR
Aug. 31, 1864 Mrs. Olive Hall Olive Rand 55 Uriah Hall heart disease - Dropsy McClary DDR/ETR
Sept. 22, 1864 Mrs. Sarah D. Whitney Sarah P. Dickey 24 Charles W. Whitney consumption Gossville DDR/ETR
Nov. 23, 1864 Thomas Bickford   soldier Thomas E. Bickford 29 Mary J. Yeaton d. Alexandria, VA Gossville DDR
Nov. 28, 1864 Mrs. Jonathan Goss Sally Yeaton 71 Jonathan Goss typhoid fever Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Dec. 1, 1864 Viola Fogg Viola E. Fogg 13 dyptheria Deerfield Enoch Fogg DDR/ETR
Dec. 8, 1864 Frank Ham Frank P. Ham unknown George W. Ham DDR/ETR
1865 Jan. 4, 1865 Mark S. Moses Mark Sherburne Moses 56 Elvira L. M. Dolbeer (1) dyptheria Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Jan. 20 (21), 1865 Clara Ham Clara Ham 10 dyptheria Epsom unknown George W. Ham DDR/ETR
Feb. 3, 1865 Mr. Hopkinson Joseph Hopkinson 34 cerebral hemorage Epsom Gossville DDR
Feb. 3 (4), 1865 child of Chas Gordon Walter H. Gordon 3 congestion of brain Epsom Gossville Charles S. Gordon DDR/ETR
Feb. 1865 John Cofran unknown DDR
Feb. 3, 1865 Walter H. Gordon Walter H. Gordon -3 Gossville Grave Stone
Feb. 19, 1865 Thomas M. Brown  soldlier Thomas M. Brown 19 diarrhea, consumption Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Mar. 18, 1865 Everett Ham Everett Elmer Ham 4 dyptheria Epsom unknown George W. Ham DDR/ETR
Apr. 6, 1865 Charles E. Marden Charles E. Marden 3 Marden Grave Stone
June 2, 1865 Eliza Jane Rand Eliza Jane Yeaton Jedidiah Rand unknown Yeaton Gen.
June 9, 1865 Thomas Bickford    Thomas Bickford 80 Keziah H. Collins (1) inflamation of bowels Epsom Bickford DDR
June 17, 1865 John Sherburne John Sherburne  84 Abigail Tuttle (1) unknown DDR
June 27, 1865 Mr. Nathan Goss died Manchester Nathan Goss 83 Dolly Grant Epsom New Rye DDR
July 22, 1865 John Sanders John Sanders 21 typhoid fever Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
July 24, 1865 a child of James L. Wells suddenly in fit ETR
Aug. 8, 1865 Nettie F. Rand Nettie F. Rand 1 Gossville Grave Stone
Sept. 13, 1865 Eldora Lawrence Eldora Lawrence 15 typhoid fever Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
Sept. 15, 1865 Mrs. L. Haynes Polly Dolbeer 79 Levi Haynes cholera Epsom New Rye DDR/ETR
Sept. 25, 1865 Wm Sanders William Sanders 59 Rachel B. Wallace stragulated hemoral hernia Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Oct. 20, 1865 Ida Hall Ida May Hall 8 typhoid fever Epsom McClary Lemuel Hall DDR/ETR
Oct. 28, 1865 Anna Cate Annie Lizzie Cate 9 inflamation of bowels Epsom Cate John Sherburne Cate DDR/ETR
Oct. 1865 Ephraim George Ephraim George unknown unknown DDR
Nov. 4, 1865 a child of Mr. Page D. Harvey Page McClary DDR
Nov. 17, 1865 Hariet Cotton Harriette Cotton 32 New Rye DDR
Dec. 4, 1865 Thomas Rand Thomas Rand 77 Sarah Batchelder Gossville DDR
Dec. 7, 1865 John Dolloff John Dolloff unknown DDR
Dec. 16, 1865 Sarah Jane Griffin Sarah Jane Griffin 34 unknown DDR
1866 Jan. 17, 1866 Mr. LeRoy Fisk LaRoy Fiske typhoid fever unknown DDR/ETR
Jan. 17, 1866 child of Jona. Bennett unknown dyptheria unknown ETR
Jan. 1866 a child of Mr. Lybbey unknown unknown DDR
April 5, 1866 Asenath Evans Asenath Evans heart disease unknown DDR/ETR
April 18, 1866 Myrtie Libbey Myrtie Libbey unknown ETR
June 1866 Fanny P. Griffin Fanny P.Wiggin John Griffin McClary Grave Stone
May 16, 1866 Lucinda Martin Lucinda W. Marden 32 Daniel Sargent Marden ETR
June 18, 1866 a child of Josiah Langley Eliza J. Langley 6 McClary DDR
July 6, 1866 Caroline A. Yeaton Caroline A. Tripp 34 William Yeaton consumption Short Falls DDR/ETR
July 25, 1866 Fred H. Holmes Fred H. Holmes 14m McClary Grave Stone
July 25, 1866 a child of Michael Steele John McClary Steele 8 caused by a fall McClary DDR/ETR
July 25,  1866 child of Hiram Holmes Fred H. Holmes 1 congestion of brain McClary DDR/ETR
Aug. 11, 1866 Alice C. Dolbeer Alice C. Dolbeer 7 spinal meningitis New Rye Calvin Dolbeer DDR/ETR
Sept. 16, 1866 John, a child of True B. Marston John  J. Marston 3 typhoid dysentary unknown DDR/ETR
Sept. 16, 1866 Lemuel Hall Lemuel Hall 36 Betsey Caroline Langley diabetes - consumption McClary DDR/ETR
Oct. 2, 1866 Mrs. Hannah J. Batchelder Hannah J. Haynes 23 Josiah R. Batchelder consumption Haines DDR/ETR
Oct. 4, 1866 Symonds Fowler Symonds Fowler 61 Lucinda Holt Fowler-Lovejoy DDR
11866 a child of S.T. Bickford unknown unknown DDR
Oct. 20, 1866 Stickney Robinson Stickney Robinson 66 Miriam Ferrin Gossville DDR
Nov. 19, 1866 Mrs. Samuel Cass Mary 'Polly' Chesley 78 Samuel Cass congestion of lungs Cass DDR/ETR
Dec. 15, 1866 Horace M. Locke Horace M. Locke 26 being thrown from waggon Locke DDR/ETR
Dec. 1866 a child of Benjamin Hall unknown unknown DDR
1867 Jan. 6, 1867 the wife of Robert Dickey Hannah Osgood 83 Robert Dickey Gossville DDR
Feb. 20, 1867 Mrs. Perry unknown unknown DDR
Mar. 4, 1867 Henry Dowst Henry Dowst 83 Abigail Brown Dowst Grave Stone
March 21, 1867 Mrs. Ingalls Nancy Moulton 50 Thomas Jefferson Ingalls Chichester DDR
March (26) 27, 1867 Asa Prescott Asa Prescott 80 Polly Clark a fall producing apoplexy unknown DDR/ETR
Apr. 8, 1866 Mr. Caleb B. Haynes Caleb Bartlett Haynes 82 Hannah S. Sanborn (2) Haines DDR
June 27, 1867 John Wells John Wells laborer 60 Lovey Unknown congestion of lungs unknown DDR/ETR
July 8, 1867 Christiana M. Wiggin Christiana McPherson Sanborn 42 Samuel Wiggin apoplexy unknown DDR/ETR
Aug. 10, 1867 Mrs. Elizabeth Yeaton Elizabeth W.  Ham 79 William Yeaton dropsy Yeaton No. 2 DDR/ETR
Aug. 16, 1867 Miss Jane Moses Jane Moses 82 Jas Sherburne DDR
Sept. 24 (23), 1867 Mrs. David Locke Polly Carleton 70 David Locke liver disease unknown DDR/ETR
Sept. 1867 a child of Samuel Wiggin unknown 17 unknown DDR
Oct. 11, 1867 Mrs. Samuel Bickford unknown unknown DDR
Oct. 18, 1867 Edgar Payson Quimby Edgar Payson Quimby 9 Gossville Grave Stone
Oct. (18) 27, 1867 a child of G.H. Rand Willie B. Rand 6m Gossville ETR
Nov. 10, 1867 Capt. James Sherburne James Moses Sherburne Betsey Chelsey Blake (1) Jas Sherburne DDR
Nov. 13, 1867 Mrs. Daniel Locke Abigail Fowler 52 Daniel P. Locke Gossville DDR
Nov. 18, 1867 John D. Dow John D. Dow 21 Lizzie E. Libbey consumption Gossville DDR/ETR
Dec. 23, 1867 Alonzo Preston Alonzo Prescott 32 unknown DDR
1868 Feb. 1, 1868 Eddie P. Cass Eddie P. Cass 11m consumption Epsom Epsom unknown Levi Cass DDR/ETR
Feb. 4, 1868 Mary J. McGuire Mary J. McGuire 5 burnt Epsom Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Feb. 9, 1867 James Marden James Marden 43 Dorcas Savory Pattee Short Falls Grave Stone
Feb.  12, 1868 Hannah Smith Hannah Unknown 47 Rev. George Smith suicide England Epsom New Rye DDR/ETR
Feb. 22, 1868 Mercy Bickford Mercy Unknown 84 Thomas Bickford paralysis unknown Epsom Bickford ETR
Mar. 13, 1868 a child of H.G. Lake unknown 16d whooping cough Epsom Epsom unknown Henry Gale Lake ETR
Apr.  11, 1868 a child of James Yetton John L.  Randall Yeaton 1m Short Falls James A. Yeaton DDR
Apr. 14, 1868 Augustus T. Brown Augustus True Brown farmer 24 consumption Epsom Epsom Brown DDR/ETR
Apr. 18, 1868 Helen F. Cotton Helen F. Cotton factory operator 30 consumption Chelmsford Epsom New Rye ETR
Sept. 1, 1868 Mrs. Daniel Philbrick Mary 'Polly' Locke 80 Philbrick No. 2 DDR
Sept. 4, 1868 Mrs. Olive Derry unknown 28 typhoid fever Canada Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Sept. 11, 1868 Climenia Sanborn Clemina Unknown house wife 53 Jeremiah Blake Sanborn apoplexy unknown Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Sept. 21, 1868 John Babb John Babb farmer 66 Salome Rand inflamation of bowels Epsom Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
Oct. 2, 1868 a child of Life Wiggin unknown 1d premature birth Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
Oct. 22, 1868 a child of John T. Coterel James Malvern Cotterell 8m bowel complaint Epsom Epsom Gossville James T. Cotterell DDR
Oct. 31, 1868 Mason Dickey Mason F. Dickey farmer 22 typhoid fever Thornton Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Nov. 20, 1868 Sophrona Prescott Sophronia Bunker house wife 62 Asa Prescott paralysis Barnstead Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Nov. 22, 1868 Ben G.W. Piper of Pembroke Gardiner W. Piper 52 Mariah Dustin Allenstown Allenstown unknown DDR
Dec. 25, 1868 Ephraim Gould Ephraim Gould unknown DDR
Dec. 28, 1868 Mrs. John Chesley Charlotte Unknown 83 John Chesley McClary DDR
Dec. 1868 Miss Cofran unknown unknown DDR
1869 Feb. 7, 1869 William M. Baker William M.  Baker 59 Sally Tripp apoplexy Loudon Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Mar. 4, 1869 George W. Swain George W. Swain 43 Mary C. Sanders Gossville Grave Stone
Mar. 10, 1869 Abigail Griffin Abigail Griffin 71 McClary NHVR
Mar. 16, 1869 Mary Dora Goodhue Mary Dora Goodhue 9 McClary Grave Stone
Mar. 24, 1869 Polly Haynes Mary Haynes 84 Haines DDR
Apr. 8 (9), 1869 Stella Shurbounre died at Chicago Adele Sherburne 19 Jas Sherburne DDR
Apr. 10  (11), 1869 Edeth Sanders Edith Sanders 8m spina bifida from birth Epsom Epsom McClary William T. Sanders DDR/ETR
Apr. 17, 1869 Mr. Nathan Griffin Nathan Griffin farmer 72 Mary Cate Pneumonia Deerfield Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
Apr. 28, 1869 Mrs. Mary E. Dolbeer Mary E. Sherburne house wife 33 John Henry Dolbeer fever Northwood Epsom New Rye DDR/ETR
Apr. 28, 1869 Mrs. Betsey Sherburne Betsey Sherburne Moses house wife 82 David Sherburne lung fever Epsom Epsom Jos Sherburne DDR/ETR
May 10 (11), 1869 Miss Abigail Griffin Abigail Griffin 71 lung fever Deerfield Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
May 30, 1869 Mr. Stephen Baker Stephen Baker 72 Hepzibah Kelley Short Falls DDR
June 2, 1869 Miss Elizabeth Dowst Mary Elizabeth Dowst 42 apoplexy Epsom Epsom Dowst DDR/ETR
July 1869 Robert Dickey Robert Dickey 85 Hannah Osgood Gossville DDR
Aug. 4 (5), 1869 Martha A. Yeaton Martha A. Randall house wife 37 James A. Yeaton heart disease Deerfield Epsom Short Falls DDR/ETR
Aug. 20, 1869 Mrs. John C. Hall Martha E. Rand house wife 55 John C. Hall McClary DDR
Aug. 24, 1869 Lydia Allen Lydia Allen 81 paralysis Epsom Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Sept. 17, 1869 Mrs. William McMurphy Sarah Critchett house wife 73 William McMurphy cholera Epsom Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
Sept. 25, 1869 Mrs. Nancy Brown died Chichester Nancy B. Robinson house wife 64 James Brown Brown-Wallace DDR
Nov. 21, 1869 Mrs. John Yetton (Yeaton) Lucretia G. McDaniel house wife 68 John Yeaton softening of brain Deerfield Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Nov. 21, 1869 Lovina Andrews died at Londonderry Lovina W. Haynes 52 Levi Andrews New Rye DDR
Dec. 31, 1869 Mr. Francis Locke Francis T. Locke 78 Mary Philbrick McClary DDR
1870 Jan. 18, 1870 Mrs. Leroy Fiske Jerusha Unknown operative 33 Leroy Fiske consumption Holderness Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
Feb. 7, 1870 William Henry Yeaton, killed Manchester William Henry Yeaton 27 Yeaton No. 2 DDR
Feb. 20, 1870 Widow Mary  Rollins Mary Allen house wife 87 Nathaniel Rollins paralysis Epsom Epsom Dowst DDR/ETR
Feb. 20, 1870 Mrs. Ann G. Merrill died Concord Ann Green 78 Thomas D. Merrill Concord DDR
Feb. 27, 1870 John W. Trickey John W. Trickey 8m unknown Scott B. Trickey DDR/ETR
Mar. 14, 1870 Samuel Wells Jr. Samuel Wells 60 Harriet Wicome unknown DDR
Mar. 24, 1870 Chloe Tripp Chloe T. Prescott house wife 70 Jeremiah Tripp apoplexy Deerfield Epsom Short Falls DDR/ETR
Apr. 1, 1870 a child of B.R. Fife Ella M. Fife 4 New Rye DDR
May 7, 1870 the widow of John Babb Salome Rand house wife 65 dropsy Chichester Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
May 19, 1870 Dorothy W. Brown Dorothy Unknown Jacob O, Brown Brown-Wallace Cem. Rec.
June 3, 1870 Minett W. Cotterell Minett Wallace Cotterell 4 consumption Epsom Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
June 11, 1870 George W. Sherburne George Washington Sherburne 53 Mary Jane Young unknown DDR
July 21, 1870 Margaret A. Yeaton Margaret Ann Chesley house wife 29 Daniel Towle Yeaton apoplexy Epsom Epsom Gossville ETR
July 23, 1870 the Widow of Richard Libbey Abigail Chase 80 Richard Libbey unknown DDR
Aug. 12, 1870 Samuel Chapman Samuel T. Chapman laborer 73 Deborah Dow cancer of bladder Epsom Epsom New Rye DDR/ETR
Sept. 26, 1870 Addie B. Marden Addie B. Marden operative 13 typhoid fever Holderness Epsom Gossville George W. Marden ETR
Oct. 1, 1870 Eunice Philbrick Eunice Tilton 74 David Philbrick Barton-Philbrick Grave Stone
Oct. 29, 1870 E.H. Goodhue at Contoocookville Edward Hilton Goodhue 49 Mary H am (2) McClary DDR
Dec. (8) 9, 1870 Louisa Brackett,  child of John L. Louisa Augusta Brackett 10 dropsy of the scarlet fever Epsom Epsom Brackett-Libbey DDR/ETR
1871 Feb. 24, 1871 Mrs. Josiah Page Hannah Marston 68 Josiah Page unknown DDR
Mar. 8, 1871 Mr. Thomas Tripp Thomas Tripp 62 Mary S. George Short Falls DDR
Mar. 26, 1871 Anna C. Marden Anna C. Marden factory operator 32 apoplexy Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
Mar. 26, 1871 Mrs. John Perkins of Allenstown Harriet F. Brown 30 John Perkins New Rye DDR
Mar. 27, 1871 Mrs. William Brackett Betsey C. Morey 51 William Brackett Gossville DDR
May 4, 1871 a child of Thomas Robinson Elmer C. Robinson 6 Gossville Thomas B. Robinson DDR/ETR
Oct. 19, 1871 Levi Andrews of Candia Levi Andrews 50 Lovina W. Haynes New Rye DDR
Oct. 25, 1871 a son of Mark Marden Clifton L. Marden 19 Marden DDR
Nov. 15, 1871 Mary Emma Chase of Auburn unknown unknown DDR
Nov. 20, 1871 children of Cyrus O. Brown Ruth E. Brown 18 Brown DDR
Nov. 20, 1871 children of Cyrus O. Brown Augusta T. Brown 4 Brown DDR
Dec. 5, 1871 Mrs. James Fisk Mary J. Unknown Gossville DDR
Dec. 13, 1871 Mr. John Page John Page 92 Hannah Lamprey Brown No. 2 DDR
Dec. 14, 1871 Calvin D. Johnson Calvin D. Johnson 32 Augusta A. Wiggin New Rye DDR
1872 Jan. 29, 1872 Deacon David Locke David Locke 82 Polly Carleton unknown DDR
Feb. 8, 1872 William Ham William Ham 80 Mary Cochran Gossville DDR
Feb. 16, 1872 Mrs. William Ham Mary Cochran 76 William Ham Gossville DDR
Feb. 18, 1872 Mr. Jonathan Stuk (?) unknown unknown DDR
Feb. 18, 1872 Elizabeth H. Steele Elizabeth Harvey McClary Jonathan Steele McClary Grave Stone
Mar. 7, 1872 a child of John T. Coterel Myra A. Cotterell 1 Gossville John T. Cotterell DDR
Apr. 3, 1872 Simeon Towle Simeon Towle 72 Hannah Yeaton Yeaton DDR
Apr. 9, 1872 Willie C. Haynes Charles Willey Haynes 10 Haines DDR
Apr. 26, 1872 Mrs. Orlando Hinds unknown unknown DDR
May 7, 1872 Charles Marsh Charles T. Marsh 41 Judith C. Bickford Gossville DDR
May 25, 1872 John Wm Bickford John W. Bickford 21 unknown DDR
May 25, 1872 Ann Marden Ann Fowler 34 Alonzo D. Marden Fowler-Lovejoy Grave Stone
June 18, 1872 Mr. Jonathan Goss Jonathan Goss 78 Sally Yeaton (1) Gossville DDR
July 19, 1872 Mrs. William Marden unknown unknown DDR
Aug. 16, 1872 Mrs. James Clark Martha E. Unknown 47 James M. Clark Gossville DDR
Sept. 2, 1872 Mr. Elleck Brown Eleck Brown 85 Mary E. Dalton New Rye DDR
Nov. 4, 1872 Nettie C. Ham Nettie C. Ham 3 Gossville Cem. Rec.
Nov. 4, 1872 Mrs. Eliza Gove Elijah Anstiss Southwick 72 Pittsfield DDR
Nov. 17, 1872 Elizabeth M. Gove Elizabeth M. Gove 35 Gove Book
Nov. 18, 1872 Eliza Bickford Eliza Lane 83 John Bickford McClary Grave Stone
Dec. 17, 1872 Mr. Rice Rand Rice H. Rand 55 unknown DDR
Dec. 23, 1872 Mrs. Joseph Worth Mary Unknown 87 unknown DDR
1873 Jan. 3, 1873 Augusta Sargent Augusta Lawrence 25 John W. Sargent McClary DDR
Jan. 23, 1873 Mrs. Worcester Preston Annah Colburn 62 Worcester Preston Short Falls DDR
Jan. 28, 1873 Deborah Colby unknown 81 unknown DDR
Feb. 24, 1873 Mrs. Twombly unknown unknown DDR
Feb. 15, 1873 Morrill Hoit Morrill Hoyt 69 Ruth Sargent McClary DDR
Mar. 21, 1873 Mrs. Samuel T. Yetton (Yeaton) Sally Cochran 79 Samuel Towle Yeaton Yeaton DDR
April 1873 Fred Hoit Fred Hoyt unknown DDR
Apr. 11, 1873 Mrs. Stephen Rand (Rebecca  Turner) 82 Stephen Rand unknown DDR
Apr. 12, 1873 Mrs. Varnum Fisk Dolly Cloudman Varnum Fisk unknown DDR
May (3) 5, 1873 Mrs. William Goss Maryetta Abbott 50 William Goss Gossville DDR
May 17, 1873 Mrs. John Dow Lucinda Hall 31 John Robinson Dow Gossville DDR
May 23, 1873 a child of Samuel Holt unknown 6 unknown DDR
June 23, 1873 Mrs. Lucy Haynes Lucy Libbey 81 John Sherburne Haynes Haines DDR
July 13, 1873 James Morrill James B. Morrill 17 Gossville DDR
July 1873 Mrs. Jeremiah Bennett Betsey Marden abt 68 Jeremiah Bennett unknown DDR
Aug. 4, 1873 Stella L. Fiske Stella L. Fiske 17 Gossville Grave Stone
Sept.  27, 1873 Henry Dow Henry Dow unknown DDR
Oct. 4, 1873 Mrs. Moses Perkins Ann R. Unknown 80 Moses W. Perkins unknown DDR
Oct. 1873 Abbott, a child of Charles(?) unknown unknown DDR
Oct. 28, 1873 Daniel A. Clough Daniel Ansel Clough 31 Emmi I White Gossville DDR
Oct. 31, 1873 Andrew J. Hall Andrew J. Hall 39 Sarah Poynter McClary DDR
Nov. 1, 1873 David Philbrick David F. Philbrick 14 Philbrick No. 2 DDR
Nov. 1873 Mrs. Reuben Heath Mary Sanborn 79 Reuben Heath unknown DDR
Nov. 1873 Mark Marden Mark Marden unknown DDR
Dec. 19, 1873 Sarah Jane Marden Sarah Jane Marden 48 Mark Marden Marden Grave Stone
Dec. 18, 1873 Susan Goss Susan G. Towle 78 Samuel Goss Poor Farm Grave Stone
Dec. 25, 1873 Mrs. Levi Cass Mehitable Osgood 89 Levi O. Cass McClary DDR
1874 Jan. 11, 1874 Mrs. Jonathan Marden Lydia H. Drake 86 Jonathan Marden old age Gossville DDR/ETR
Jan. 1874 Mr. Life Wiggin Eliphalet Wiggin 34 Abby J. Saturley Wiggin DDR
Jan. 24, 1874 Reuben White Reuben White unknown DDR
Jan. 30, 1874 Mrs. Simeon Towle Hannah Yeaton 70 Simeon Towle Yeaton DDR/ETR
Feb. 6, 1874 Alice Goss Alice L. Chapman 91 Daniel Goss McClary Grave Stone
Mar. 10, 1874 Mr. Joseph Worth Joseph Worth Hannah Tripp (2) unknown DDR
April 21, 1874 Mr. Jonathan Marden Jonathan Marden 76 Sally Moulton (1) Marden DDR
May 19, 1874 Mrs. James Brown Mary W. (Goodwin) 58 James M. Brown Brown-Yeaton DDR
May 31, 1874 Charles B. Marden Charles B. Marden 23 Tryphena Leighton Gossville Grave Stone
June 1874 Dr. S. O.  Griffin Samuel O. Griffin physician 48 heart disease Epsom Epsom unknown DDR/ETR
June 14, 1874 John Gordon (or Mrs ?) unknown unknown DDR
June 25, 1874 Mr. John Wiggin John Wiggin 69 Esther Langley Deerfield DDR
June 28, 1874 Mrs. Rufus Doe Viola A. Abbott house wife 38 Rufus D. Doe consumption Epsom Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
June 1874 Ernest E. Cleverly (?) unknown 10 unknown DDR
July 2, 1874 David Philbrick David Philbrick farmer 77 Eunice Tilton Epsom Epsom Barton-Philbrick DDR/ETR
July 2, 1874 Daniel Philbrick Daniel Philbrick 88 Mary Locke Philbrick No. 2 DDR
July 28, 1874 Mrs. Samuel Kenison Betsey Philbrick 75 Samuel Keniston unknown DDR
Aug. 9, 1874 Mr. James Spurling James Spurlin farmer 44 Sarah Fife heart disease Epsom Short Falls DDR/ETR
Sept. 9, 1874 Estella Fisk Stella L. Fiske 17 consumption Epsom Epsom Gossville DDR/ETR
Nov. 9, 1874 Annie M. Green Annie M. Green 31 Short Falls Grave Stone
Nov. 25, 1874 Mrs. John C. Burnham Angeline Follansbee house wife 65 John C. Burnham paralysis Short Falls DDR/ETR
Dec. 3, 1874 Mr. Frank Preston Franklin Preston shoe maker 35 consumption unknown DDR/ETR
Dec. 23, 1874 Betsey Marden Betsey Emerson 87 Samuel Marden Gossville Grave Stone
Dec. 28, 1874 Capt. Samuel Wells Samuel Wells farmer 73 Eleanor M. Dickey (1) paralysis Epsom Epsom McClary DDR/ETR
1874/5 ? Ada Burnham 25 unknown ETR
1875 1875 Uriah Hall Uriah Hall 87 Olive Rand McClary Grave Stone
Mar. 1, 1875 Lydia Ann Gove Lydia Ann Gove 36 Pittsfield Grave Stone
Apr. 25, 1875 Ada H. Haynes Ada H. Haynes sb Haines Grave Stone
May 12, 1875 Lucretia Brown Lucretia Billings Gray 90 William Brown McClary Grave Stone
June 21, 1875 Hannah Cilley Hannah W. Critchett 73 Samuel Plumer Cilley Gossville Grave Stone
July 24, 1875 James Worth James Worth 30 Emily Jane Baker Short Falls Grave Stone
1876 Mar. 1, 1876 John M. Weeks John M. Weeks Abby M. Chapman New Rye Grave Stone
Mar. 25, 1876 Norris G. Dickey Norris G. Dickey New Rye Grave Stone
Apr. 8, 1876 Betsey Brown Betsey Page 70 Samuel Brown Brown No. 2 Grave Stone
Apr. 10, 1876 John Smith John Smith  80 Rachel H. Prescott fractured hip Epsom unknown ETR
May 2, 1876 Albert C. Brown ? unknown railroad man 19 Pneumonia Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
May 2, 1876 Nathaniel Marden Nathaniel Marden laborer 90 Mary E. Ewer old age Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
May  (9) 13, 1876 Ruth Bickford Ruth B. Buzzell Abraham Bickford Bickford Grave Stone
May 19, 1876 Abigail Bartlett Abigail Smith Bartlett John Bartlett Red School Grave Stone
1876 Cobb unknown unknown ETR
June 3, 1876 Ruth Hoyt Ruth Sargent house wife 70 Morrill Hoyt heart disease Gilmanton Epsom McClary ETR
July 23, 1876 Levina Marden Levina Marden 23 consumption Epsom Epsom Marden ETR
Aug. 6, 1876 Scott Trickey Scott Trickey teamster 70 unknown hip joint Allenstown Epsom unknown ETR
Aug. 22, 1876 Ernest M. Tripp (May 22?) Ernest M. Tripp 8m Epsom Short Falls ETR
Nov. 28, 1876 Esther Dolbeer Esther Chase 84 Nicholas Dolbeer heart disease Litchfield, NH Epsom New Rye ETR
Nov. 29, 1876 Cynthia Marshall Charlotte Room house wife 49 George Marshall paralysis Portland, Maine Epsom unknown add to data ETR
Dec. 14, 1876 John Wallace John Wallace farmer 69 Nancy Sanders heart disease Epsom Epsom McClary ETR
1877 Jan. 28, 1877 Daniel C. Bickford Daniel C. Bickford farmer 77 Jane Staples heart disease Epsom Epsom Gossville ETR
Feb. 8, 1877 George W. Marshall George W. Marshall farmer 50 Charlotte Room consumption Portland, Maine Epsom unknown ETR
Feb. 19, 1877 Morrill Dickey Morrill Dickey farmer 72 Betsy Tuttle (2) rheumatism Epsom Epsom Gossville ETR
Feb. 14, 1877 Joseph Dolbeer Joseph Sherburne Dolbeer farmer 72 Polly Cate jaundis Epsom Epsom New Rye ETR
Feb. 25, 1877 Sadie B. Otis Sadie B. Otis 9m Epsom Epsom unknown ETR
Mar. 21, 1877 Hannah S. Towle Hannah Sanborn house wife 79 Benjamin M. Towle Pneumonia Epsom Epsom Gossville ETR