Epsom Congreational Members 1828



Congregational Church Membership

1828 - 1882 Admissions and Dismissals



July 4

Mehitable Marden to Hooksett

July 6

Mary Weeks, to Concord 1830; Lorinda Lang, to Loudon, 1831 (m Prescott)


May 10

Jesse Libby, to Hopkinton, 1843; Salome Babb; Elizabeth Babb


May 7

Betsy Brown; Sally Tarlton; Emily Lambert, to Boston 1831.


May 3

Alice Lancaster to Henniker

July 14

Lucius E. Neff, to Millville, NY 1836; Wid. Elizabeth Yeaton; Daniel Goss; Abigail Goss.


David L. Lang and wife Drusilla; Joseph J. Moses; Hannah Moses his wife; Joseph S. Dolbeer; Polly Dolbeer, his wife; Jonathan Dolbeer; Mrs. Lucreita Sanborn; Rachel Wallace; Widow Babb; Wid. Polly or Mary Sanders; Mrs. Rachel Heath, to Lynn, MA 1864; Mrs. Dearborn Lord; Mrs. Eliza French of Pembroke - to Pittsfield; Miss Abigail Lang, (dau. of Bickford) dis. 1837.



David Osgood; Lydia, his wife; John Durgin; Lydia Prescott moved to Chicheser; Sister Morse to Chichester; Benjamin Towle to Chichester.


Jan. 1

William Tarlton; David Locke Jun.; Miss Betsey Sherburne; Miss Jane Moses; Miss Abigail Griffin; Miss Elvira L.M. Dolbeer (M. Moses); Miss Jemima Eastman.


July 26

Dearborn B. Moses; George A. Proctor, to Great Falls, Somersworth, 1840; Mark S. Moses; Newell H. Haynes; Nancy W. Marden, wife of Jeremiah, to Sextonville, Wis. 1858; Lydia M. Bickford, to Albany, Vt., 1842; Eliza Ann Folsom; William Marden; Jeremiah Gordon; Parma J. Towle; David Sherburne; Nicholas Dolbeer; Benj. O. Bartlett; John L. Haynes; Nancy Sanborn, wife of James, to Chichester 1841; Susan Maria Perkins; Sophia Ann Sanborn, to Chichester, 1841, now Mrs. Lane; Mary B. Carpenter, to Gilmanton Corner,1842; Caleb Haynes; Hannah, his wife (Hannah Sanborn).

Dec. 6

Polly Osgood; Joseph N. Wallace; Nancy Lawrence; Belinda Yeaton; Catherine Yeaton; James Hersey Esq.; Sally Hersey, his wife;


Feb. 7

Sally Salter; Daniel Merrill; Sally Merrill, his wife; John S. Cate; Mrs. Daniel Wells.

June 19

Mary G. Badger (now Mrs. Lancaster) to Northwood; Josiah Sanborn to Haverhill, MA


May 10

Rev. Winthrop Fifield, from Pittsfield

Nov. 5

Joseph Spaulding from Danvers, MA, dis. 1840); Mary Spaulding, his wife; Miss Lydia Dickey (Mrs. Wm H. Hayward), to Attleboro or Seekink 1841;


Jan. 7

Miss Abigail Goss,(now Mrs. Lane) to Chichester.

Feb. 4

Rebecca Yeaton Bickford; Ann Pierce Bickford (turned Baptist); Alice Chapman Goss; Mary Cate.

May 27

Jonathan Steele; Alphonzo Burnham; David Sherburne Jr., to Dracut Ma, 1870 and wife Mary; John McClary steele; John Yeaton, carried over; Samuel Weeks; Jeremiah G. Marden, 1858 to Sextonville, Wis; Ira Bartlett; Josephus Eastman; Benjamin Bickford Jr., Jonathan C?. Sanders; Abraham B?. Sanders; Owen Sanders; Simeon Towle; Elizabeth H. Steele; Betsey Weeks; Melinda Eastman; Mary W. Eastman; Mary Ann Locke; Mehitable E. Leavitt; Mary Lane Jenness; Polly Hall; Joan Chesley; Saly O. Dickey, died 1858 Lowell Ma?; Lucy Ann Lord; Sarah Wheele, 21, turned Baptist; Emeline W. Yeaton to Lowell; Jane M. Sherburne; Hanover Dickey Jun., from Dartmouth College.

July 18

Mrs. J.O. Brown and sisters; Anigail marden to West Parish, Concord.


Mar. 2

Henry F. Sanborn

May 5

Emily Dolbeer; Thomas S. Tarlton united with a Church in Cal.

June 9

Prudence Drake

July 7

Sarah Towle


Feb. 9

Elizabeth Locke; Sarah D. Locke; Ann L. grfeen, 1841 to Lowell; Phebe Griffin


July 4

Richard C. Dearborn


July 3

Sarah A.O. Fifield from Epping



Oct. 23 (1842)

Samuel Bickford, his mother Abigail and dau. Lydia to Albany, Vt



Rev. Rufus A. Putnam, to Pembroke; Frances H. Putnam, his wife; Arianna Brown; Moses W. Perkins, from Derry; Ann R., his wife;


Eunice Sanborn of Princeton, Ma


May 2

Abigail Griffin; Susan Dolbeer.


Jan. 8.

Frances M.F. Perkins (now Mrs. Quimby); Olive Ann Haynes; Hannah J. Haynes; Mrs. Abby J?. Dolbeer.

July 2

Charles Augustus Towle; Harriet A. Weeks; Elizabeth S. Moses (now Mrs. Cass) to Manchester; Leonard Peabody, to Henniker; Louisa L.K. Peabody; Mrs. Mark Moses (Martha A. Towle); Martha Ann Sanders.


Jan. 3

Mrs. Sarah M.S. McMurphy; Catherine Towle; Mrs. Angelina H. Burnham from Concord.

July 2

Mrs. Emily Bickford from Lawrence Ma.; Mrs. Matlida Cass form Lawrence.

Aug. 2

Daniel Goss; Helen Jane Healey

May 2

John Eastman from Deerfield; Mrs. Charlotte Goss from Northwood.


Nov. 2

Mrs. Cornelia P. Peffers from Fairfield, CT to No. Wrentham Ma, 1866


Nov. 1

Mrs. Abigail Griffin from Lowell


July 6

John M. Heath, to Lynn Ma 1864;Nancy W. Heath; Samuel Bickford Jr.; Elizabeth K. Peabody, to Oxford, OH, 1870


May 6

Mrs. Samuel Cate from Northwood

Oct. 31

Rev. Aaron B. Peffers from Greens Farm, CT - 1866 to No. Wrentham, MA


Jan. 1

Almon F. Cass

Mar. 2

Mrs. Nancy F. Bickford form Lowell

Mar. 5

Mrs. Jennie L. Rand


Sept. 2

James D. Page, to Concord; Mrs. Elizabeth Page; Benjamin Towle; Mrs. Harriet Towle.


Jan. 6

Rev. George Smith form East Burke, Vt.; Mrs. Hannah Smith.

May 7

Mrs. John M. Smith from Loudon; Mrs. John M Smith form Loudon; Miss Lizzie M. Heath from Loudon.


May 2

Mrs. Caroline Fogg toNorthwood

July 4

Emma L. Cate, to Manchester; Sarah M. Peabody,to Henniker.

Sept. 30

Mrs. Emily S. Peabody from Less Ma.; Mrs. Laura J. Haynes from E. Rutland, Vt.


Aug. 19

David Sherburne & wife Mary to Dracut, MA

Sept. 4

Mrs. Lavina J. bickford; Martha Perkins


May 7

Miss Emma M. Brown from Madison, Wis.



Mrs. Susan M. Perkins from Chichester



Miss Hattie A. Sanborn from Northwood; Mrs. Eveline Foss



Mr. A.W. Perkins from Chichester (Albon W.)


Sept. 10

Mrs. Lowell Eastman; Sarah N. Wallace (m. Holmes); Frank Seavey; Mrs. Abby G. Seavey; Miss Mary L. Wallace.


1819 - Jan. 6, Elisha Haynes, husband of Sally

1820 - Apr. 23, Mr. Levi Locke

1820 - June 1, John Wallace

1823 - Apr. 3, Samuel Blake