Epsom Early Church Records - Members of the Original Church



Rev. John Tuck 1761-1774



Those signing the original Covenant:

Jno Tucke

Jno Blake

Mary, wife of Jno Blake

Margaret, wife of Reuben Sanborn

Sarah Nason, Widow

William Wallace

Mary, wife of Wm Wallace

Abraham Libbe

Nathan Marden (1st Deacon)

Isaac Libbe Junr

Reuben Libbe

* * *
* * *

Added in 1761:

The wife of Mr. Isaac Libbe and their daughter Joanna

The Wife of Mr. Isaac Libbe Junr

The above considered the original members of the Epsom Church


Novr. 28, 1762 Elizabeth Sanborn, wife of R. Sanborn by a Dismission from ye Church of Christ in Hampton

Novr 27 (1767?) Nathl Morrill & Wife from a Dismission from the Church of Christ in South Hampton

Apr. 3, 1768 Anna the Wife of John Cass from a Dismission from ye Ch of Epping

Mar. 31, 1769 Voted George Wallace the 3rd Deacon

March 29, 1770 Joseph Worth & Anna his wife from a Dismission from the Ch in Hawk

June 22, 1762 Widow Love Wormwood and John McClary chosen Deacon

Decr 5, 1766 Voted John Worth & his Wife

Hannah, ye Wife of Samll Davis

Novr. 29, (1767?) Jeremiah Eastman & Wife from Dismission of Ch of Christ in Kensington

Samll Perkins of Deerfield admitted by a Dismission from ye Ch of Christ in Hampton


List of Church Members from the records of Rev. John Tuck:

John Blake & Wife

Thos Blake & Wife

John McGoffy & Wife

Samll Marston

Ephm Locke

Isaac Libbee Junr & Wife

Hephzibah Blake

Elizabeth Sanborn

Wido Nason

Nanny Trep (Tripp), wife of R. Tripp

Jeremy Eastman & Wife

John Worth & Wife

John Mason

Jonathan Lovit & wife

James Marden & Wife

Benja Goodwin & Wife

Enoch Robie

Agnes McClary (Wido)

Hannah, wife of Robert Mason

Mary, wife of Thomas Bickford

Nathan Marden & Wife

John McClary & Wife

George Wallace & Wife

Wm Blake & Wife

Andrew McClary (Occasional)

Eunice Jackson

Isaac Libbee & Wife

Samll Blake & Wife

Sarah Marden

Margaret Sanborn

Jona Chapman & Wife

Joseph Chapman

Elizabeth Sanborn

Hannah Davis

Nathll Morrill & Wife

Anna Cass

Joseph Worth & Wife

James Gray & Wife

Moses Locke & Wife

Samuel Bickford & Wife

Sarah, wife of Reuben Libbee


Willm Wallace & wife

Reuben Libbe & Wife

Wido Wormwood

Wido Nason

Wm Blake & Wife

Ann Libbee Dead

Decr 5, 1766 Voted yt Joanna Blazo & Jona chapman be suspended out of ye Ch of Christ here for ye Unchristian Conduct & Behavior.

Novr 1, 1772 Jeremiah Eastman & Wife, Samll Perkins & Enoch Robie be dismissed to ye Ch in Deerfield. Novr. 8, Hannah ye Wife of Robt Mason to ye Ch in Deerfield