Epsom Early Church Records - Rev. John Tuck



Rev. John Tuck 1761-1774

Admission of Communicants


October 18th Sarah the wife of Mr. Reuben Libbee, Esqr, John McClary & his Wife Elizabeth, Thomas Blake & his Wife Hannah, Were admitted Into Full Communion

Novr 15th George Wallis & Wife, the Wife of Deacon Marden, & Mr. Ephraim Lock, were Admitted into Full Communion


March 20th Samuel Blake & His Wife were admitted Into Full Communion.

27 Eunice Jackson the Wife of Samll Jackson was admitted into Full Communion & Baptized

April 3rd John McGoffy (McGaffey) & Wife & the Wife of Jona Chapman were Admitted Into Full Communion

24 Samuel Marston By a Dismission From North Hampton Ch was Asmitted Into Full Communion

May 1st Mary the Wife of Thos Bickford was Admitted into Full Communion

8th Jonathan Champman & Nanny the Wife of Richard Trep (Tripp), were Admitted into Full Communion


Septr 2 William Blake & Sarah his Wife were Admitted into Full Communion

Decr 2 Sarah Marden & Hepzibah Blake were Admitted into Full Communion

Septr 7 Widdo Agnes McClary was Admitted into Full Communion


April 2 Samuell Bickford & Wife wr Admitted into full Communion


Aug. 26 Benjamin Goodwin & Lydia his wife wr admitted Into full Comn.

Novr 4 Hannah ye Wife of Robt Mason ws Admittd into full Comn in Deerfield

Decr 23 Enoch Robie Living in Deerfield ws Admitted into full Comn, Jos 42, 6.

(Year ?)

Sept 1 Moses Locke & his Wife wr Voted into this Ch By Virtue of a Dismission from the Ch of Kensington

Novr 3 James Gray & Jane his Wife wr Admitted into full Comn Confessing yr Breach of ye 7 Comt.


Oct. 3 Mary the Wife of John Worth Junr was Admitted into full Communion



October 11 Mr. James Wood & his Wife renewed there Baptizmal Covenant


(no date) Andrew McClary & Elizabeth his Wife Renewed there Baptizmal Covenant,


June 12 Eliphalet Sanborn & Margaret his Wife Renewed there Baptizmal Covenant

Octobr 16 Bridget the Wife of Samll Moses Renewed Her Baptizmal Covenant & Confesed her Breach of Gods Holy Seventh Comand.

Decr 18 Jenny Moses Own'd Her Baptizmal Covenant.


June 23 Jeremiah Prescott & Jenny His Wife Renewed yr Baptizmal Covenant

Decr 8 Abram Wallace Renew'd his Baptizmal Covenant


Septr 28 Ithiel Clifford Confesd his Breach of Gods Seventh Command & Renewd his Baptizmal Covenant

Octr 25 Betty ye Wife of Bejn Hill Recognizd her Baptismal Covenant


July 17 William Moses son of Mark Moses Ownd his B: Covenant

Decr 11 Josiah Sanborn Renewd his Baptismal Covt.


July 22 Simeon Chapman & Mary his Wife Renewd ye Baptizmll Covt. Edmund Rand & Abigail his WIfe Renewd ye Baptismll Covent.

Sept. 13 Reuben Libbee & his Wife renewd yr Baptizmall Covt at Wolfborough

Decr 2 Ebenezer Wallace & Sarah his Wife Renewd yr Baptismall Covenant,


Jany 20 Edmund Leavett & Mehetable his Wife Renewd yr Baptis: Covt.


Feby 23 Samuell Moses Ownd his Baptismall Covt & ws Baptiz'd.

July 5th Daniel Page & Wife Renewd yr Baptismall Covt.