1893 Checklist

AN ALPHABETICAL LIST of all the legal voters in the Town of Epsom, County of Merrimack, as made out by the supervisors, the 25th day of February, 1893.

The supervisors of the Town of Epsom hereby give notice that they will be in session for the purpose of revising and correcting the above list at the town house in said Epsom on Saturday March 11 and Monday March 13, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon of each said day. Epsom, NH February 25th, 1893

James B. Tennant, Charles H. Haynes, George P. Cass, Supervisors of Epsom


Allen, Benjamin

Ames, Thomas Jr

Ames, Harry C.

Ayer, Daniel C.

Abbott, Charles P.

Baker, James

Baker, Eddie S.

Barton, Amos P.

Burton, Daniel

Barton, Lewis M.

Barton, Albert

Bickford, Harry

Bickford, Silas G.

Bickford, Samuel

Bickford, Horace

Bickford, Benjamin

Bickford, Morrill D.

Bickford, Samuel T.

Bickford, James L.

Bickford, Albert P.

Bickford, Frank A.

Bickford, Samuel W.

Bickford, Jim O.

Bickford, James H.

Bickford, Fred

Bickford, John S.

Bickford, William P.

Bixby, George S.

Babb, William P.

Brackett, John L.

Brown, Cyrus O.

Brown, William

Brown, Lowell

Brown, Stephen F.

Brown, Robert C.

Brown, George E.

Brown, Charles J.

Brown, John C.

Brown, Albert L.

Brown, Simon W.

Brown, Thomas M.

Brown, John C. II

Brown, Warren J.

Batchelder, Alonzo

Batchelder, George E.

Burnham, John C.

Burnham, George H,

Burnham, James M.

Burnham, William

Burnham, Fred W.

Burnham, Edgar L.

Burnham, Otis T.

Burnham, Moses Q.

Burnham, Jeremiah

Cass, Levi

Cass, Joseph B.

Cass, Henry O.

Cass, George P.

Cass, Anson B.

Cass, John T.

Cass, William W.

Chesley, Daniel G.

Chesley, John A.

Chesley, John E.

Chapman, Calvin A.

Cofran, Thomas M.

Cofran, Edward N.

Critcherson, George E.

Clark, James M.

Clark, Samuel L.

Cilley, Daniel T.

Cilley, Charles E.

Cotterall, John T.

Chase, Frank B.

Carter, Andrew O.

Davis, Addison S.

Doe, Charles C.

Doe, Rufus D.

Doe, Charles W.

Doe, James A.

Doe, Albert B.

Dolbeer, Calvin

Dolbeer, John H.

Dotey, Harry E.

Dowst, Calvin




Dutton, Charles R.

Dutton, George T.

Eastman, James E.

Edmunds, Jefferson A.

Edmunds, Everett B.

Edmunds, Walter H.

Edmunds, Horace W.

Elliott, William A.

Fife, John H.

Fife, Fred C.

Foss, Charles H.

Foss, Bertel R.

Fisk, James O.

Fisk, Kidder C.

Fowler, Samuel

Fowler, William

Fowler, Benjamin

Fowler, James W.

Fowler, Horace

Fowler, Blanchard H.

Fowler, Phillip F.

Fellows, Frank J.

Freeze, Benjamin

Giles, Perley C.

Giles, Herbert P.

Gordon, Charles

Gordon, Charles W.

Goss, Daniel

Goss, Nathan J.

Goss, Noah W.

Grant, William T.

Green, John S.

Griffin, Nathan

Griffin, Jacob E.

Griffin, George W.


Hall, Charles S.

Hall, Charles H.

Hall, Luther T.

Hall, Frank

Hall, Isaac

Hall, Hollis

Hall, Edward M.

Hartford, Hiram G.

Hartford, Augustus E.

Hartford, James S.

Hartford, Corridon F.

Haynes, Nathan L.

Haynes, Harry D.

Haynes, Charles F.

Haynes, Sam B.

Heath, Lucian

Heath, Christopher S.

Hildreth, William L.

Hilliard, Warren E.

Hilliard, Hosea L.

Hulbert, Willis M.

Holmes, Hiram A.

Holt, Phillip F.

Hill, Ivory B.

Hill, Roscoe

Hill, Eugen P.

Hill, Clarence J.

Jones, James

Kelley, Trueworth F.

Kelley, Edward M.

Kendall, Elmer C.

Knowles, Henry S.

Knowles, George C.

Knowles, Smith

Lane, William

Langley, Josiah D.





Lawrence, Joseph

Lawrence, Joseph Jr.

Lear, Langdon

Lear, Josiah C.

Lear, Fred C.

Leighton, Zachariah

Leighton, Charles W.

Leighton, Horace G.

Libby, Moses C.

Libby, James T.

Leaver, James F.

Locke, Albion

Locke, Joseph P.

Lovejoy, Harry C.

Lovejoy, Albert

Lewis, Daniel N.

Ladd, Andrew S.

Marden, Charles

Marden, Jonathan

Marden, Mark

Marden, George W.

Marden, Harry A.

Marden, Franklin

Marden, James W.

Marden, Freeman

Marden, Cyrus

Marden, Rufus S.

Marden, James E.

Marden, Guy C.

Marden, Joseph

Marden, Ernest R.

Martin, Samuel

Munroe, Norman H.

Mason, George W.

Mason, Charles F.

McMurphy, William

Meara, John O.

Noyes, Albert G.

Nute, Jeremiah H.

Ordway, Bert A.

Page, Silas B.

Page, Fred A.

Palmer, Charles H.

Philbrick, Daniel M.

Philbrick, Jackson C.

Philbrick, Daniel

Philbrick, Maurice C.

Philbrick, James E.

Philbrick, Augustus F.

Philbrick, George H.

Philbrick, Walter

Pickard, Walter L.

Pike, George A.

Pike, George V.

Piper, Eugene G.

Piper, George H.

Rand, Gorham P.

Rand, Walter S.

Ricker, Frank P.

Ricker, Abraham L.

Rowe, Daniel

Royal, Charles W.

Royal, Darius N.

Royal, John A.

Sanborn, Augustus L.

Sanders, George

Sanders, William A.

Sanders, Albert L.

Sanders, Perley W. T.

Seavey, Frank L.

Sherburn, Albert D.

Silver, Andrew J.

Spurlin, John

Spurlin, Lewis

Spurlin, Elbridge K.

Spurlin, Charles P.

Stanley, Samuel

Steele, Charles A.

Steele, Michael M.

Stevens, Charles T.

Straw, Ellery C.

Scribner, John W.

Sullivan, John T.

Tarleton, Joseph K.

Tennant, James B.

Trickey, Scott B.

Tilton, Aldin M.

Tripp, James

Tripp, James H.

Tripp, William

Tripp, Warren

Tripp, George T.

Tripp, Thomas W.

Tripp, John C.

Towle, Charles W.

Towle, Charles C.

Towle, George C.

Towle, Benjamin M.

Towle, Charles E.

Warren, George E.

Weeks, Waldo G.

Weeks, Frank T.

Witham, Jeremiah

Wells, Hanover O.

Wells, James L.

Wells, Edgar E.

Wells, Clarence O.

Wright, Nathaniel H.

Wood, James

Worth, Hiram C.

Winkley, Eben P.

Yeaton, James

Yeaton, Daniel

Yeaton, Samuel R.

Yeaton, Charles A.

Yeaton, Edwin R.

Yeaton, Walter H.

Yeaton, Fred W.

Yeaton, Austin J.