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Articles on Epsom History - PDF format

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Dolbeer History of Epsom from Merrimack County History. 35 pages

Early Settlers of Epsom by John Mark Moses from the Granite Monthly Magazine 1909-1910. 17 pages

Historical Sketch of Epsom NH and pageant written by Loella Marden Bunker for the 200th Anniversry of the Town of Epsom in 1927. 30 pages

History and Topography, Historical Sketch of Epsom, N.H. by Rev. Jonathan Curtis . . . Printed Nov. 1823 - view and read original scans of the publication. 25 pages

East Street - Road to Settle Epsom, NH . How the town was formed and info on the original home lots.Includes Nutter description of old Blake-Chesley house. Photos. 35 pages

First Church of Epsom by John Mark Moses from the Granite Monthly Magazine. 4 pages

First Minister of Epsom - the grandson of Rev. John Tuck takes issue with how his grandfather was dismissed and how history treats Capt. Andrew McClary. 3 pages

200 Years of Congregationalism in Epsom by Gilbert Knowles - history of the Congregational Church in Epsom.Includes Mary Cass description of old Meeting House. 8 pages

Early Records of the Congregatonal Church and Rev. John Tucke in Epsom with additional membership records through 1882. 50 pages

FUNERAL SERMON for Rev. Ebenezer Hazeltine, delivered by Isaac Smith, A.M. at Epsom, NH Nov. 12, 1813.

History of the Epsom Baptist Church on its 100th Anniversary by Rev. Donald Macomber and more. 7 pages

Early Epsom Baptist Church Records from its beginnings in 1824. Some of the manuscript illegible, includes membership. 56 pages

History of the Christian Church at New Rye and Allenstown Meeting House with a membership list. 17 pages

Inscriptions of Epsom Cemeteries and Dolbeer Death Records by Cemetery. See seperate index for alpha listing. 135 pages

Warrants and Records of the Marden School District 1851-1885. 27 pages

Epsom Town Pound & Tramp House How their histories collide. 2 pages

Articles on the Short Falls Bridge and Grist Mill, including by Russell Yeaton - Hiram Holmes articles on old water mills - Hattie Heath on the Barmer Narrow Fabric Company and on the growing of the Epsom Poultry industry. 18 pages

The Epsom Shoe Factory history and minutes of meetings. 19 pages

The Capture of Isabella McCoy by the Indians in 1747 from Potter's "History of Manchester". 2 pages

Revolutionary War Soldiers of Epsom, Grave Photos and Association Test signers. 23 pages

Early Town Vital Records from the old town books at NH Archives. 26 pages

James M Sherburne 1859 Diary with day to day activities, day book entries, company and more. 39 pages

John Crockett Yeaton 1886-1887 Diaries written around age 12, these two diaries document life for a young boy growing up on a rural farm - from chores to playing ball. 85 pages

Catherine A Yeaton Diaries 1882, 1885, 1886 and 1887, Catherine A Yeaton, (1820-1900) wife of Warren Yeaton who lived at the Yeaton Tavern on North Road. Info on the weather, visitors, work around the farm and some local deaths and information. 295 pages

McClary Family History a collection of articles on the family and biographies of Maj. Andrew, Esquire John and General Michael McClary by authors Gilbert Knowles, Warren Tripp and John French. Includes Michael McClary's wife's widow's pension and Funeral Sermon for John McClary, son of Michael by Rev. Mr. Jonathan Curtis. Photos. 25 pages

McClary Family - Andrew McClary and extensive account of NH Militia at Bunker Hill. From ValleyTimes Newspaper. 9 pages.

The McClary Homestead from an 1893 Manchester Newspaper Article with original artwork. 5 pages

One of the Oldest Houses in one of the Oldest Towns - an article on the McClary House from Granite Monthly 1925. 5 pages

HISTORY of the McCLARY CEMETERY and the early settlement of Epsom Center, from a program presented by the Epsom Historical Association Sept. 2006. 14 pages

Newspaper Articles of Old Epsom 1780-1931. Includes a must read letter to the editor at the end by Enoch Worthen Eastman from 1869. 25 pages

Newspaper Articles Second Edition of Old Epsom 1760-18511. Includes deaths, marriages, ads, articles and fires - alot of new & interesting info. 72 pages

The Epsom Public Library by Peg Daniels & the Epsom Social Library with scan of the original pamplet. 15 pages

Stroll down New Orchard Road as George H. Yeaton recollects the old homes and families living there in 1892. Includes many photos. 7 pages

Benjamin M. Towle recollects the old homes and families of Black Hall Road and Goboro Road. Dictated in 1936, includes many photos. 10 pages

Memoirs of George H. Yeaton who wrote down many of his memories of growing up in Epsom - and many of these are available in the Historical Association files. Not available in any other format on the website. 97 pages.

Memoirs II - Still more memories of Epsom, NH in this second volume. Includes Baptist Church History and winter roads.Only available in this format. 67 pages

Charles J. Brown's 1863 Diary while near Washington DC in the Civil War and an Addendum, 52 pages,.. The 1860-1861 Diaries 68 pages

The Civil War Diary of Andrew J. Hall 1823-1873. Born in Epsom, he moved to Illinois where he married and started a family. He joined Co. E 2nd Cavalry of Illinois, and after the war, came back to Epsom with his family where he died. The diary covers his experience during the civil war.. 32 pages

The Diary of James Babb 1819-1823. Fascinating reading of this store owner and town clerk. Includes some vital records and many town events. 131 pages

The Epsom Portion of the Diary of Rev. Moses Quimby from 1850-1886. Minister for the Baptist Church 4 times, including when the Church was built. 34 pages

Short Falls Cemetery Association records, bylaws and minutes 1864-1925. 24 pages

Epsom Cemetery Book Index - combine this with the Inscriptions of Epsom Cemeteries pdf file to have a complete cemetery book. This is the INDEX only - names and maiden names when known with corresponding page in the Inscriptions portion. 106 pages

Epsom Civil War Soldiers includes men with ties to Epsom, those buried in Epsom, Regiment, Service and Photos. Also GAR info. 16 pages

Biographies of 18 Notable Epsom Citizens: Bickford, Goss, Cate, Clark, Doe, Dolbeer, Gray, Locke, Martin, Philbrick, Sanders, Wallace, Webster, Wells, Chesley, Tennant & Yeaton. Some photos. 38 pages

William Goss Day Book from 1855 as he sets out running the Suncook Valley House and begin moving and building 'Gossville'