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EHA 1982 Old Homes Project

Edgerly-Towle Family Portraits

Gallery 1 - Misc. People & Portraits

Gallery 2 - Kids and Babies




Women's Club scrapbook pictures

Walter Wells Post Card Collection

Walter Wells Road Construction Photos

Phil Yeaton Collection

George H. Yeaton Album

Wm. Haslet Jones Picts

Emery Dowst Photos

Yeaton/Towle Family Album

Mickey Yeaton Picts

A.J. Yeaton Jr. Picts

Roland Garland donated photos

Kitson Demolition Photos

Elsie Fife Photos

Rand Postcard Collection

Al Bickford Collection

Bob Yeaton Postcard Collection

Henry Dowst Collection

Cora Eddy Collection

Susan Yonkers Photos

Wells and related Families

C.T. Rand Cards/Photos

Stephen B. Bartlett Family Photos

Oscar Henricksen Photos

Emilou Norris Photos

Eris Lombard Tirrell Album

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