EHA Books Volume 2

EPSOM Historical Documents, Biographical Sketches and Interesting Facts

Compiled for the Epsom Historical Society by Philip S. Yeaton - 1993


1. First Proprietors of Epsom - 1732

2. Some Early Settlers of Epsom, John M. Moses. Published in issues of the Granite Monthly 1909 and 1910 in four parts

3. A Few Notes from Early Town Records - 1774-1778

4. Call to Muster - 1786

5. The Ghost Town in Epsom, NH by George H. Yeaton

6. A Visit to the New Orchard Road in the Year 1892 by George H. Yeaton

7. The Old Red House at the End of the Road by John Dowst of his home of Wing Road

8. The Up and Down Saw by Lena Skinner Wells

9. The Sherwood Inn (unsigned manuscript)

10. History of the Epsom Library: The One Hundred Years, by Peg Daniels