David Morrill Philbrick


David Morrill Philbrick (1823-1902)

D. M. Philbrick was born August 26, 1823, in the north part of the town of Epsom, N. H. He is the son of Daniel and Polly (Locke) Philbrick, and grandson of Daniel and Ruth (Morrill) Philbrick. His paternal grandfather was a native of Hampton, Rockingham County, N. H., and moved to Epsom when a young man, and when the virgin forest of the "Catamount" and surrounding hills was almost unbroken.
The Philbricks belong to that sturdy, self-reliant and self-contained class of men who have played so important a part in the rise and progress of civilization in New England. In the county of Rockingham, and in other parts of Eastern New Hampshire, the name is a frequent one, and all hearing it show unmistakable evidence of descent from the same common progenitors. They are calm, earnest, industrious, preserving men and women, with the reputation of being law-abiding and just, useful citizens. Daniel Philbrick, Sr., became quite a large land-holder in Epsom. He had a family of twelve children, of whom Daniel was one. Daniel settled on a part of his father's farm, where his son David M. now resides, and was a tiller of the soil all his life. He had a family of eight children, of whom David M. was the only son. The names of the children were Abigail, died in childhood. Ruth, married first a Mason; second a Merrill; has four children. Mary, unmarried, resides with David M. Asenath, unmarried, resides with David M. Abigail (2d), married E. B. Sargent; has four children. Betsy, married Stephen F. Ring; no issue. David M., subject of this biography. Peggy Almira, married George Buffum; has one child.
David M. Philbrick may be fairly said to stand as a representative farmer of his town and section. He has all his life made agriculture his chief pursuit, and by constant and intelligently directed effort he has made it a success. He owns, in various tracts, about six hundred acres of land, a very large farm for New Hampshire. He is probably the largest land-owner in town. In the winters, after work on the farm is impracticable, he has employed his time in cutting and hauling wood and lumber.
He is a man who is respected and confided in by his neighbors and townsmen, and was chosen to represent them in the Legislature in 1876 and 1877. He has been selectman of Epsom two years, and surveyor of highways twenty-five years. In politics he is a Democrat.
He married, November 27, 1850, Sarah A., daughter of John and Margaret (Wallace) Stearns, of Deerfield, N. H. Their children are: A babe (unnamed), died in infancy. Clara I., married Frank Buffum, of Berwick, Me.; has five children. Daniel. David F., died aged seventeen. Mary A., married George Giles, of Pittsfield, N. H.; no offspring. John S., Susan M., George H., and Augustus T.
Mrs. Philbrick's grandparents were John and Ruth Stearns, both natives and New Hampshire, and descended from the early Pilgrim stock.